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Central Working Committee (CWC) meeting of SNEA will be held at Kolkata on 08th and 09th February, 2016


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(Specially designed for Executives of Bihar Circle) is available at Rs.130/- only .
Immediate place order for purchasing of Diary to – Com. Vivekanand Kumar
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The salient features of  BSNL EXECUTIVES DIARY-2016 as below:
1.Technical Literature on latest technology.
2.Holiday List of BSNL Bihar Circle.

4th Feb 2016 BSNL Corporate Office issue a letter to All CGM for Holding of Limited Departmental Competitive Examination (LICE) for promotion to the post of Junior Telecom Officer (Telecom) JTO (T) in BSNL.Also instruct the circles strictly adhere to the time schedule mentioned for the aforsaid LDCE.
Starting date of online registration- 22.02.2016
Closing date of online registration- 22.03.2016
Date of LDCE for Promotion to JTO(T)- 08.05.2016

<<< Letter issued by BSNL Corporate Office >>>

<<< Annexure A - RR of JTO (Telecom) >>>

<<< Annexure B ( Syllabus of JTO Telecom) >>>

<<< Annexure C ( Exam Centre List) >>>
16th Dec 2015 IMPORTANT NEWS:
The Circle Conference of SNEA Bihar circle will be held at PATNA in the Last week of February 2016 as decided in the Circle Office Bearers Meeting was held on 16.12.2015 at Patna.
Exact date will be announced later.

13th May 2015 Application called for Incentive for meritorious children of Circle office staff who are topper in the Class/Board/University examinations for the year 2014-15.
<<< Click here for letter >>>
13th May 2015 Application called for Grant of Book Award to outstanding School going children of the employees for the year 2014-15.
<<< Click here for letter >>>
13th May 2015 Application called for Award of Scholarship to the wards of the employees of BSNL for the year 2015-16.
<<< Click here for letter >>>
13th May 2015 SNEA(I) CHQ  warns BSNL management to immediate stop the recruitment of External MT:  Association  warns BSNL management of serious and dire consequences if it goes ahead with preposterous and retrograde  recruitment of MTs  from outside. Seeks immediate intervention of CMD to put on hold the sinister move to avert  widespread  and  unavoidable  industrial unrest.
<<<View copy of the letter written by GS to CMD>>>
13th May 2015 GS writes to Dir HR regarding DE promotion to about 85 SDEs remaining in the seniority list No 5 whose DPC is already completed and panel is prepared.
 <<<View Copy of the letter>>>
1st May 2015 UNITED FORUM OF BSNL EXECUTIVES ASSOCIATION [ AIGETOA+AIBSNLEA +SNEA (I)] WRITTEN A LETTER TO CGM ETR KOLKATA REGARDING - Unruly and arrogant behaviour  & Involvement of Financial irregularities of Sri  S. K. Gupta, DGM (M), ETR, Patna continuously worked in Patna more than 10 years in same post-Immediate transfer from Patna to save ETR Region       Patna in the interest of BSNL Bihar Circle.
<<< Click here for Letter >>>
1st May 2015 BSNL notified Recruitment of Management Trainee(Telecom Operations/Telecom Finance) in BSNL from Internal candidates.
Online registration Starts from- 25.05.2015
Last date online registration-14.06.2015
MT(Telecom)-150 MT(Finance)-50
Scale of Pay - E3(Rs.24900 -3%-50500)
Age- 50 Years as on 1st August 2015

<<< Click here for details>>>
1st May 2015 Recruitment of Management Trainee(Telecom Operations/Telecom Finance) in BSNL from External candidates.
<<< Click here for details>>>
1st May 2015 Note on talks held between the Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations and the Secretary, DoT, on 01-05-2015, on the demands of the 2 days strike, held on 21st and 22nd April, 2015.

All the Unions and Associations that took part in the 2 day strike participated in the talks. Com.P.Abhimanyu, GS, represented BSNLEU.  Shri Rakesh Garg, Secretary, DoT, Ms.Reeta Teotia, Special Secretary, DoT, shri Uma Shankar, Joint Secretary, DoT, Ms.Annie Moress, Member (Finance) and shri N.K.Gupta, Member (Services) participated from the DoT. BSNL Management was represented by shri Anupam Srivastava, CMD BSNL, Ms.Sujatha Ray, Executive Director (Finance) and shri Shameem Akhtar Sr.GM(SR). The following are the important issues that were discussed. It was very evident from the discussion, that our 2 day strike has created very good impact on the government.
<<< Click here for details>>>

1st May2015 Correction: Next All India Conference will be held at Jaipur, Rajasthan on 29th, 30th and 31st August, 2015. Pre-AIC CWC will be on 28th August, 2015
20th April 2015 MAKE TWO DAYS STRIKE ON 21.04.2015 AND 22.04.2015, 100% SUCCESS:
Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations & other Unions/Associations met today morning and after analysing the CMD's meeting held on Friday, 17.04.2015 and unanimously decided to make 100% success of two days nation wide strike on 21.04.2015 and 22.04.2015. Since, most of the demands pertains to DoT/Govt. and till date no initiative has been taken by DoT to hold the meeting with the Forum or to take some initiative for resolution of the demands. All the District Secretaries Secretaries and activists of SNEA(I) are requested to ensure 100% participation in the strike call.
20th April 2015 D.O. Letter from CMD to CGMT BIHAR regarding Targets for FY2015-16.
<<< Click Here for Letter >>>
20th April 2015 Circle Office issued letter regarding submission of 15 column Vigilance proforma for the purpose of renewal Look after arrangement of 41 Executives (Already working in L/A DET) from SDET to DET cadre on local basis for the period of not exceed 180 days.
<<< Click Here for Letter >>>
20th April 2015 Circle Office issued letter regarding submission of 15 column Vigilance proforma for the purpose of fresh Look after arrangement of 31 Executives from SDET to DET cadre on local basis for the period of not exceed 180 days.
<<< Click Here for Letter >>>
18th April 2015 Circle Office issued provisional Seniority of SDE(T) for lookafter arrangement in the cadre of DE(T)/AGM on the basis of criteria adopted by BSNL Corporate Office New Delhi while preparing a lists 6 & 7:
List of such 31 executives is attached in ANNEXURE-I and the objection/Errors/Ommission if any found in the list the same may be forwarded to Circle office before 25.04.2015 otherwise list will be treated as final for the purpose of giving look after arrangement in the grade of DE(T)/AGM.
<<< Click Here for Letter >>>
18th April 2015

Strike on 21st, 22nd April, 2015.

Make extensive preparations. Success of the strike going to decide the future of BSNL and the future of the employees.

18th April 2015 Action taken report provided by the BSNL Management, in the meeting held on 17.04.2015, between the Forum and the CMD BSNL in persuance of Chief Labour Commissioner (CLC) on strike issue on 21st & 22nd April 2015.
<<< Click Here for Reply of BSNL management >>>
18th April 2015 Meeting with CMD, BSNL: CMD invited Forum leaders for a meeting to discuss on the charter of demands. A detail discussion for more than 3 hours held mainly on BSNL related issues. CMD informed that he requested DoT also to have a meeting with Forum to discuss issues related to Govt. Since Secretary, DoT is on tour along with PM, meeting may take place only after his return on Monday. Smt Sujata Ray, ED Fin, Sr GMSR, GM Pers, GM Estt and GM Admn were also present in the meeting. Comrades, since most of the issues are related to Govt which are yet to be addressed, make maximum preparations for the strike on 21, 22 April 2015.

<<< Click Here for report of CMD Meeting >>>
18th April 2015 BSNL CO published revised provisional seniority list No. 6 & 7 for SDEs, this time by giving date of joining which is taken as date of issuing SDE Regular promotion orders by BSNL. After date of joining as promotion order for all JTOs promoted as SDE in same order, then the seniority is further fixed as per the seniority in JTO cadre on the basis of marks obtained in JTO training centres.  

 <<<Revised list No. 6>>>   
 <<<Revised List No. 7>>>

             Both these lists are till provisional lists and as per this revised letter errors in name, category, HRMS No. & omissions which were to be submitted by 18/04/2015, now these details can be submitted up to 09/05/2015.

18th April 2015 BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding furnishing of ACRs and assessment report w.r.t. preparatory exercise for All India Eligibility List of JTOs (T) seniority quota for vacancies 2009-2010 onwards.
<<<Click here for letter>>>
10th April 2015 Chief Labour Commissioner (Central) conducted conciliation meeting on the demands of the 2 day strike to be held on 21st and 22nd April, 2015:

GS/SNEA(I) attended reconciliation meeting with Chief Labor Commissioner along with the leaders of Forum of BSNL Unions and Associations to discuss on the demands and notice of strike on 21st and 22nd April 2015. Officers from DoT and BSNL were also present. After detailed discussions for three hours on all the demands CLC requested forum to withdraw the strike call but, in absence of any written assurance/commitment or concrete action plan for the settlement of the demands from DoT side Forum decided to continue with the proposed agitation programs.
All the CHQ Office Bearers, Circle/District Secretaries are requested to ensure their 100% participation in the strike call on 21st and 22nd of April 2015 and make it a complete success.
 <<< Click here for Brief of meeting>>>

9th April 2015 BSNL Corporate Office issue Transfer & Posting order of DGM(T) and 6(six) DGM(T) posted in Bihar Circle From UP(E),MP & Rajsthan Circle.

<<< Click Here for Letter >>>

9th April 2015 Circle Office endorsed lette issued from Corporate Office New Delhi regarding Seniority List 6 and 7 of TES Group B equivalent to SDE (T) - Revision thereof - Implementation of judgment dated 25.08.2009 of Hon ble CAT, Chandigarh Bench in TA No. 84/HR/2009 etc:
Any error in revised seniority lists regarding Name,Category,HRMS and ommission in the lists may be brought to the notice latest by 15.04.2015 positively to Circle Office.

<<< Click Here for Letter >>>

<<< Click Here for Revised List No. 6 >>>

<<< Click Here for Revised List No. 7 >>>
9th April 2015 Circle Office issued transfer and Posting order of officers in the grade of JAG in Bihar.
<<< Click here for order >>>
9th April 2015 Circle Office issued a letter regarding furnishing of ACRs in respect of JTOs of recruitment year 2005,2007 & 2008 for the purpose of confirmation in JTO(T) cadre:

All District Secretaries may kindly pursue with SSA Head and try to arrange for sending ACR of JTOs of recruitment year 2005,2007 & 2008 to Circle Office on urgent basis.
<<< Click Here for List of JTOs >>>
6th April 2015

Agitation on HR issues from 07.04.2015

Circle/SSA/Branch Secretaries are requested send the charter of demands through Fax to CMD/BSNL, DIR(HR)/BSNL and DIR(CFA)/ BSNL on 07.04.2015.In case FAX is not able to send,then mail should be send to the respective Email IDs with copy to SNEA(I),CHQ:

1. CMD/ BSNL:  Fax No: 011-23371444, email id:cmdbsnl@bsnl.co.in

2. DIR HR: Fax No: 011-23734072, email id: dirhrd@bsnl.co.in

3. DIR(CFA): Fax No:  011-23734242, email id: diro@bsnl.co.in

4. SNEA(I), CHQ : email id: sneachq@yahoo.com

FAX or Email Message to CMD, DIR(HR) and DIR(CFA) on 07.04.2015<<< Click Here >>>

Lunch hour demonstration on 15.04.2015 observing it as “DEMAND DAY” wearing badges:

The badges are to be printed by the respective SSA/Circles well in advance as per the sample given in the website.

 Sample of Badges to be printed for 15.04.2015<<< Click Here >>>
6th April 2015 Seniority List 6 and 7 of TES Group B equivalent to SDE (T) Revised : Judgment dated 25.08.2009 of Hon ble CAT, Chandigarh Bench in TA No. 84/HR/2009 is implemented.

View Corporate office order

View List 6 in PDF Format,              In Excel Format.

View List 7 in PDF Format,              In Excel Format.
6th April 2015 JTO to SDE promotion case at Hon. High court of Kerala : The case is posted in June - 2015, Since the court vacation starts from 10-April.
Since the Hon. High Court not lifted the interim stay on promotions, SNEA(I) will be filing SLP in the Hon. Supreme Court against the interim stay order. We already completed the work on SLP in advance and will be filed in a few days and fight to get the stay vacated at the earliest.
24th March 2015 SNEA(I) served notice for trade union actions for settlement of legitimate and just HR issues pending for years together.

Charter of Demands:

1) Finalization of pay scales of JAO/JAOs, SDE/AOs and equivalent cadres w.e.f 01.01.2007 by replacing the intermediary pay scales of E1A, E2A with standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc up to SGJAG.  No demotion of the basic cadres of JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs.


2) Implementation of Time Bound Functional promotion between 4 to 6 years up to SG JAG as per the terms and conditions for absorption in BSNL and analogous to CPSU cadre hierarchy.


3) Settlement of long pending pay anomalies, i) Pay fixation as per FRSR on officiating promotion consequent upon the implementation of TBP, ii) Senior drawing less pay than Junior after functional promotions and iii) Antedating of increment.


4) First TBP uniformly after four years w.e.f 01.10.2000.


5) Implementation of upgraded pay scales of E1A and E2A notionally w.e.f 01.10.2000 for Civil/Electrical/Arch wings at par with finance wing and amendments of RRs for these streams to being them at par with Telecom/Finance wing in respect of functional promotions.

Trade Union Programmes:

07.04.2015: Sending fax to CMD and Directors by Circle/SSA/Branch Secretaries.

15.04.2015: Demand Day, wearing badges and holding Lunch Hour Demonstration at CHQ, Circle/SSA HQs.

07.05.2015: Massive one day Dharna at CHQ, Circle/SSA HQs.

19th to 21st May, 2015: Relay hunger strike at BSNLCO and Circle/SSA HQs.

Start preparations at grass root level by holding general body meetings at SSA/ Branch level and important locations alongwith the preparations for the strike on 21-22, April:   

Comrades, 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL recruited employees is another major issue to be resolved. Since Forum already given a notice for 2 days strike on the same demand in which SNEA(I) is also a signatory, that demand not included in this notice now.

We appeal to all the Executives and Executive Associations to join this struggle for the cadre.
<<<lick here for Notice for trade union actions>>>
23rd March 2015 Amendment w.r.t. reporting and reviewing structure for Architecture Wing's Executives in BSNL.
<<<Click here for letter>>>>
20th March 2015 JTO phase II training of candidates of Bihar circle: Bihar Circle issued letter for  JTO phase II training of candidates of Bihar circle for different field of specialisation.
<<< Click Here for Complete Lists >>>
13th March 2015 Forum decided to postpone the indefinite strike from 17.03.15 and decided for 2 Days Strike on 21-22 April 2015 as first phase on Revival of BSNL.
Make extensive preparations by conducting Branch /SSA and Local level meetings.

Forum of BSNL Unions  and  Associations served  Notice for two days strike  on 21 / 04 / 2015 and 22 / 04 / 2015 on  demands for Revival of BSNL. .......View notice copy.

11th March 2015 Status of Court Case against JTO(T) to SDE(T) CPC: 

The case was listed in the Hon'ble High Court Kerala today but could not be heard due to other important business in the Hon'ble Court. Now the case is posted for hearing on coming Friday i.e. on 13.03.2015.

19th Feb 2015 State Level CONVENTION of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations Bihar Telecom Circle was held on 18.02.2015(Wed) at Patna for “SAVE BSNL-SAVE NATION” :

State Level CONVENTION of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations Bihar Telecom Circle was held on 18.02.2015(Wed) at Patna for “SAVE BSNL-SAVE NATION” Campaign and successfully implementation of  the following program-

1] Parliament March by BSNL’s Employees on 25th February 2015 at New Delhi during Budget Session & hand over 1 crore signature of citizens of India in support to SAVE BSNL-SAVE NATION.
2] INDEFINITE  STRIKE from 17th March, 2015 for “SAVE BSNL-SAVE NATION
   by 2.5 Lakh BSNL’s Employees.

Com. S.K. Dubey, Joint Convener of Forum & Circle Secretary/NFTE Bihar Circle starts the program as presenter of show and introduced all dignitaries.

Com. Ratish Kumar, Convener of Forum & Circle Secretary/SNEA(I) Bihar Circle welcomed all the Central Head Quarter representatives as well as Circle Secretaries/Office Bearers and BSNL employees of Bihar Circle. He explained in details about the effort made by Forum of Bihar Circle for successful implementation of SIGNATURE CAMPAIGN in Bihar Circle and expected to fulfill the target of 3 lakhs signatures from Bihar to be submit in Parliament March on 25.02.2015 at New Delhi.
Com. Baikund Prasad Singh, Chairman of Forum & Circle Secretary/BSNLEU Bihar Circle preside over the whole convention and boost up the morale of the employees and made appeal to grand success of all program in future.

All Circle Secretaries of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations – Com. Krishna Kumar/AIBSNLEA, Com. Manoj Kumar Jha/BTEU, Com. Wasi Ahmad/AIGETOA, Com. Vijay Kumar/SNATTA were addressed in convention. Com. Ramesh Kumar/Joint Secretary(East) SNEA(I) CHQ also participated.

Representatives from Central Head Quarter New Delhi were participated in State Level Convention as keynote speakers – Com. A.P. Dahiya/AGS SNEA(I), Com.Swapan Chakraborty, Deputy General Secretary BSNLEU CHQ, Com.C. Singh, General Secretary NFTE CHQ as well as Chairman of Forum CHQ, New Delhi. All CHQ representatives addressed the convention and made appeal from BSNL Employees of Bihar Circle to grand success Save BSNL-Save Nation program.
Com. Rameshwar Prasad Sinha Circle Secretary/FNTO present vote of thanks to all CHQ representatives as well as all participants for grand success of Convention.

State Convention was conclude with assured the employees that it will make all out efforts to fight against the anti-BSNL policies and action of Government as well as BSNL management which cause loss of BSNL and also for a better future for the employees through saving and strengthening BSNL and its service because BSNL is the asset of the Nation and serve for the Nation in the interest of citizens of India.

Thousands of BSNL employees from all over Bihar including Patna were participated in the CONVENTION.
<<< Click here for Photographs >>>
9th Feb 2015

INDEFINITE STRIKE from 17th March, 2015 for

<<< Click Here for Circular of Forum BSNL Bihar Circle-English >>>

<<< Click Here for Circular of Forum BSNL Bihar Circle-Hindi >>>

<<< Click Here for 21 point agenda of Forum BSNL Unions/Associations for Revival of BSNL >>>

<<< Click Here for Appeal to Public for support "SAVE BSNL - SAVE NATION " campaign by Forum BSNL Bihar Circle >>>

<<< Click Here for format of Signature Campaign >>>

<<< Click Here for Memorandum to Hon'ble Prime Minister of India for Revival of National asset -BSNL >>>

The meeting of Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations of Non-Executives and Executives, Bihar Circle held on 29th December’2015 with reference to decision taken by Central Head Quarter to discuss the grave situation. The Joint Forum representatives of Bihar Circle seriously viewed the ongoing situation and decided to protest strongly against the wrong policies & breach of commitment of Central Government as well as inactive attitude of BSNL management which are adversely affecting the viability of BSNL.

Forum has decided to successfully implement Trade Union Action Programmes in Bihar Circle in support to “SAVE BSNL –SAVE NATION”-

    • 1. Immediate Formation of FORUM OF BSNL UNIONS/ASSOCIATION at SSA Level comprising One- Convener ,One-Chairman, One-Joint Convener & One- Treasurer and to inform Convener, Forum of BSNL Unions/Associations, Bihar Circle.
    • 2. Three Days Dharna will be organized from 6th, 7th & 8th January, 2015 at Circles/SSA Head Quarter.
    • 3. To organise a March to Parliament on 25th February 2015 at New Delhi during Budget Session.
    • 4. The Indefinite Strike will be organised from 17th March 2015.
    • 5. To organize SSAs level mass Convention between 10th January’2015 to 15th January’2015 and thereafter State level conventions are to be held in 3rd week of February’2015 at Patna in preparation for the Indefinite Strike. Massive campaign should be organised.
    • 6. At least one crore signature are to be collected (Countrywide) to the Memorandum to be submitted to the Prime Minister on the day of the March to Parliament. For this purpose, quota will be given to the circles @ 50 times of the number of staff in the circle. Hence Bihar Circle to be collect 3,00,000 (3Lakh) signature from public in support of “SAVE BSNL –SAVE NATION”.
    • 7. Memorandum, Posters (600 copies) and pamphlet (6000 copies) are to be prepared in Hindi and to  print for distribution to All SSAs.
    • 8. Public Appeal to be prepared in Hindi and to  print (3,00,000 copies)  for distribution in mass public for support of “SAVE BSNL –SAVE NATION”.
    • 9. Holding of Press Conferences at Circle levels at Patna.
    • 10. Indefinite strike with effect from 17-03-2015. SSAs/ Branches Secretaries & Office Bearers are requested to ensure successful implementation of the Joint Forum agitational Programmes.
      <<< Click Here for Circular of Forum BSNL Bihar Circle >>>
25th Nov 2014 Congratulations!!!
Corporate office has issued DGM  Regular Promotion orders for 27 Adhoc DGMs.
View Order Copy.......

It is the first time in the History of BSNL after its formation that the 27 DGM(Telecom) and 123 DGM (Finance) Regular Promotion are issued.This one the major achievment of BSNLMSRR-2009 came into existence and  on completion of required STS  ( 4 Year )service  these regular promotion  orders have been issued in Telecom Finance and Operation Streams. It is a great breakthrough in the Promotional avenues of BSNL executives.
22nd Nov 2014 VC Status of JTO(T) to SDE(T) Regular Promotion:Vigilance Clearance Report (dated 21.11.2014) for the purpose of promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) cadre against seniority cum fitness of Bihar Circle was sent to BSNL HQ on 21.11.2014.Total No. of JTOs are 92 from Bihar Circle- CS/SNEA(I) Bihar Circle.
22nd Nov 2014 BSNL required 962 Junior Account Officers:Direct Recruitment of 962 JAO Posts in BSNL. Online Registration starts on 01-12-2014.
Click here to view notification............
21st Nov 2014 GS Writes to Hon.Prime Minister of Indiaregarding filling up of CMD/BSNL and Dir(HR), DIR(Fin) posts --- Govts public posture to revive BSNL hollow and dubious. strategic and key positions like CMD/BSNL vacant for months together, Director(HR) and Director(Finance) unfilled for years together. Gigantic and strategic Company is being deliberately allowed to decay so as to help private operators and eventually justify its sale to vested interests. Present MOC&IT betraying Govts proclaimed public stand to end policy paralysis and has miserably failed to take elementary steps to revive BSNL.
Click here to view letter..........

GS Writes to Hon.MOC and IT regarding TRAI Recommendations dated October 15, 2014, titled - Valuation and Reserve Price of Spectrum: Licenses expiring in 2015-16.
Click here to view Letter...........
19th Nov 2014 Forum of BSNL Unions & Associations serves notice to Secretary, DoT and CMD, BSNL on various demands related to growth and viability of BSNL.


Programme of Action


1. “Demands Day” on 11th December 2014 with Lunch Hour Demonstrations.


2. 10 Days Campaign from 11th to 20th December 2014.


3. “March to Parliament” on 19th December 2014.


4. 3 Days Dharna at SSA/Circle/BSNL CO from 6th to 8thJanuary 2015.


5. Indefinite Strike from 3rd February 2015.


Charter of Demands:

1. Filling up the posts of CMD/BSNL and DIR(Finance) and DIR(HR) of BSNL Board:

2. Formation of subsidiary companies of BSNL.

3. Compensation for Loss on landlines for rural / remote area service.

4. Procurement of equipment for development, expansion and better service, more focus on laying OF cable to strengthen the transmission network.

5. Transfer of Assets to BSNL

6. Proposal for Merger of BSNL and MTNL.

7. Spectrum Liberalisation and Trading.

8. Pension contribution on actual basic instead of maximum of the pay scale for the employees absorbed from DoT to BSNL.

9. Reject the recommendation of TRAI to force BSNL to surrender 1.2 MHz spectrum in premium 900 MHz band.

10. Reject M/s Deloittee Consultant recommendations

11. Allotment of spectrum free to BSNL

12. Provide financial assistance to BSNL to expand the network.

13. BBNL should be merged with BSNL

14. 4G Services should be started by BSNL.

15. Refund of BWA spectrum charges by the Government for the spectrum surrendered by BSNL earlier.

16. 78.2% IDA merger fixation for pre-2007 and post-2007 Pensioners.

17. Pension Revision of BSNL Pensioners

18. Fresh Recruitment of Staff required

19. BSNL service to be mandatory to Central Government, State Government and PSUs:

20. Condition of mandatory purchase of equipments from ITI to be scrapped.

Click here for Forum notice dated 18.11.2014...............

13th Nov 2014 Option for joining in soft tenure areas of Bihar circle: Corporate Office issued order for extending the facility of hard tenure areas to soft tenure areas (6 SSAs- Gaya, Sasaram, Saharasa, Munger, Bhagalpur, Bettiah) except tenure period 3 years.
<<< Click here for order >>>
13th Nov 2014 BSNL CO issued notification for holding LDCE for JTO to SDE Regular promotions under 33% quota to fill up 3958 SDE vacancies against Year 2009-10 to 2013-14.
View Notification of Examination......

=> Examination will be held on 15/02/2015 for Total Vacancies are 3958.

=> OC 2443, SC 644 & ST 209 from Year 2010-11 to 2013-14 & total 3296 vacancies are available for four years period. 

=> Apart from this 285 SC & 377 ST Category backlog vacancies of Year 2009-10 are to be filled up from eligible candidates.

=> Examination will be OMR Based with four multiple choice answers for each question. 

=> Total Two Papers for Marks 200 and each paper will be of 100 marks.

=> Paper-I  is General Paper & Paper-II  will Advance Technical Special and Paper II will have three optional streams for 80 Marks and 20 marks will be common on IT subject.

=> Applicant has to opt for one subject for Paper II out of EB, CFA & CM & any subject once opted will be final and changes are not permissible later.

=> Negative marking is applicable & for each wrong answer 25% marks of that question will be reduced.

=> Minimum Passing is 50% for OC Candidates & 45% for SC/ST Candidates in each Paper.

=> Applications are to be submitted online on website www.ldceonline.bsnl.co.in from 0000 Hrs on 14/11/2014 and 2400 hrs on 13/12/2014. 

=> Examination Centres are to be fixed by Circles.

13th Nov 2014 JTO to SDE seniority case at Hon CAT, Ernakulam:Preliminary arguments started today. Our senior lawyer pleaded for allowing BSNL to go ahead with promotions but bench was not inclined to modify the interim order at this moment. Our senior lawyer vehemently opposed the postponement of the case to some other day and told the court that due to non-availability of division bench, our clients have suffered badly and cannot suffer further.Finally, Hon court decided to list the case for final hearing on 14.11.2014, tomorrow at 2 PM. We are keeping a close watch on the case. Senior lawyer from BSNL also pleaded.
13th Nov 2014 Holding of meeting of the Committee constituted for examining the issue of introduction of E2 & E3 IDA pay scales for JTOs / JAOs and SDEs / AOs and equivalent cadres and the Committee constituted for examining the introduction of CPSU cadre hierarchy in BSNL on 14-11-2014 is postponed to 17-11-2014.
11th Nov 2014 REVISED SCHEDULE for MEMBERSHIP VERIFICATION among Executive Associations issued by Corporate Office.


11th Nov 2014 Benefits of past services to be given to  TTAs  for fixation of pay in JTO Post -  Clarification regarding extending the benefits to  the Internal officials selected in  DR JTO 2007 and 2008 batches reg -
 View Order Copy.......
11th Nov2014 Life certificate for pensioners to go digital......View Media Report.
31st Oct2014 Congratulations!!!
Promotion to the  grade of STS (CAO) on regular basis – Orders issued for 285 Executives (OC - 261, SC-01 and ST-23).
7 (Seven) STS Ad-hoc of Telecom Finance from Bihar Circle promoted to the grade of STS (CAO/AGM) on regular basis as below details:
62 Satyender Narain Singh 88201 OC Bihar Bihar 
63 Ashutosh Kr Srivastava 88202 OC Bihar Bihar 
65 Vijay Shah 88205 OC Bihar Bihar 
114 Ajoy Kumar Tewary 88375 OC Bihar Bihar 
120 Arvind Kumar Sinha 88383 OC Bihar Bihar 
248 Bharat Singh 88713 OC Bihar Bihar 
271 Satya Narayan Sah 180596 ST Bihar Bihar
View Order Copy........
31st Oct2014 Bihar Circle issued IDA upgradation order under Time Bound Executive Promotion Policy of 13 executives on 27th Oct'2014 and the DPC work to be continue for other eligible executives and order will be issue within a week.
The time bound scale upgradation issue continuosly persued with Circle Administration by SNEA(I) and also discussed with CGMT Bihar Circle for timely issued order of TBP.
SNEA(I) Bihar Circle convey sincere thanks to Circle administration for issued IDA upgradation order and also request for early issue IDA upgradation order for rest of the eligible executives.
<<< Click here for IDA upgradation order >>>
31st Oct2014 GS writes to GM (Pers.) / Cor. Office regarding  Exploring the possibility to issue promotion order from JTO(T) to SDE(T) seeking permission from the Hon CAT, Ernakulam. .........
View Copy of the letter......
22nd Oct2014 Com Y. B. Thippesh, Ex GS/AIGETOA, Com Santhosh Gowda, Ex AGS/AIGETOA and Ex CS/AIGETOA, Punjab Circle, Com R. C. Vasanth Kumar, Ex CS/AIGETOA, KTK Circle, Com Rajkumar  and all the followers joined SNEA at Banglore on 22.10.2014 in presence of our CHQ President Com G. L. Jogi, veteran leader Com W. Seshagiri Rao, AGS Com Pandurang Nayak, CS / KTK Circle  Com S B Nagavi and others. CHQ once again welcome them into this mighty organization.
22nd Oct2014 GM(Net.Op.-CM) Bihar Circle isuued relieving order of staff of Mobile Wing to SSAs and Circle Office regarding merger in SSA w.e.f.21.10.2014.
<<click here for letter >>
22nd Oct2014 Appointment to the post of CMD/BSNL and DIR(Finance) / BSNL:

For the post of CMD / BSNL, the name of Sri Anupam Shrivastava, DIR (CM) / BSNL has gone to the ACC with the due recommendation of Hon MOC&IT. 

For DIR (Finance) / BSNL post, interview will be held within one or two weeks among the applicants who applied for the post last time when applications were called for.

22nd Oct2014 Meeting with Sri V. Umashankar, Jt Sec(T), DoT: GS Com K Sebastin met Sri V. Umashankar, JS(T) on 22.10.2014 and held discussions on the following subject:

a) Implementation of standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc:Since DPE rejected the proposal of E1A and E2A, Assn requested to implement the standard pay scales of E2 and E3. Those young JTO/JAOs joined after 01.01.2007 facing huge difference in pay comparing to their seniors and this demoralizes them at the beginning of their career. Further at the time of their recruitment, they were offered E1A pay scale which is likely to be revived upwards, but once they joined in BSNL, they were demoted to E1 scale. For the revival of BSNL, motivation of this young comrades are very much required. JS(T) concurred with our views and opined that they should not be de-motivated at all and everything possible to motivate the young recruits should be considered.
b) Status of merger of BSNL and MTNL: JS(T) informed that the issue is under the active consideration of the Govt and discussion is going on at different levels. Assn pointed out that contentious issues like market liability of MTNL, disinvestment of MTNL and HR issues are to be addressed first before taking any final decision. JS(T) informed that now the market liability of MTNL has come down to Rs 10,000 Crores after the recent financial assistance and it has to be addressed by Govt along with other issues.
c) Pension revision w.e.f 01.01.2017: GS told JS(T) that DPE is finalizing the terms of reference of 3rd PRC and the pension revision of BSNL absorbed employees also to be made part of the terms of reference as decided by the union cabinet. JS(T) directed DIR(PSU-I) to verify the cabinet decision and immediately take up with DPE for inclusion of pension revision also an item on the terms of reference.
d) Support to BSNL in lieu of VRS: The proposal of financial assistance to BSNL in lieu of VRS (50% of the salary of the targeted employees of about 70,000) for the next 10 years in a diminishing way is under the active consideration of Hon Union Finance Minister. Dept of Expenditure agreed with the proposal but Dept of Economic Affairs having reservations on the proposal. Hon Fin Minister has to take the Final decision.

22nd Oct2014 Meeting with GM(FP): GS and AGS Com Arvind Dahiya met GM(FP) on 22.10.2014 and held discussions on:

a)  JAO to AO promotion: Management is trying to find some way out to complete the DPC and issue promotion orders. The court order and the SC/ST reservation issues complicating the whole matters. Assn pleaded for considering all the vacancies so that maximum eligible JAOs can be promoted as AOs. Association requested to issue the promotion orders keeping the interest of the SC/ST comrades also.

b) CAO(Adhoc) to CAO (Regular) promotion: The DPC for around 400 vacancies completed. The minutes of the DPC will be signed most probably today. The promotion orders will be issued at the earliest after getting the approval of the DPC minutes and promotion orders from the competent authority. The promotion order will be for around 350 nos as VC for the remaining cases not yet received. Assn assured to arrange the remaining VCs at the earliest.

c) DGM(Regular) promotion: We extended our sincere gratitude for completing the DPC and issuing the DGM(Regular) promotion orders.

d) Committee meeting on extending 30% fitment to 2010 JAOs: Few meetings held but didn’t come to any conclusion on the issue. Finance wing is very positive on the issue. Assn strongly pleaded for the settlement of the issue positively by extending 30% fitment to the JAOs of 2010 batch also.

e) Extension of 5 increments for JAOs: The positive proposal is approved by BSNL Management committee along other cadres and under the consideration of BSNL Board.

22nd Oct2014 View Media Reports:

MTNL gets cabinet nod for financial support.........
BSNL again Proves its Stand for Social Responsibility by Offering Free Talktime for HudHud Cyclone Victims........

22nd Oct2014 Preparatory exercise for promotion to SDE(T) cadre under seniority quota for vacancies 2009-2010 to 2013-2014 onwards - Furnishing ACRs and assessment report -  View Reminder letter......
APAR grading for two years 2010-2011 and 2011-2012 i.r.o of JTOs of 1998 recruitment year onwards (1998,1999,2000 to 2005) are required in place of all the JTOs as asked for earlier by Cor. office letter dated 17.09.2014. Assn wrtten to BSNL on 15.10.2014 for calling the ACRs of 1998 onwards. Screening committee to be sent positively by 31-10-2014.
22nd Oct2014 Congratulations!!!
Regularisation of Deputy General Manager Ad-hoc services in Telecom Finance -
 View Promotion order to the grade of DGM Finance on regular basis.
22nd Oct2014 Meeting with Sri R. K. Goyal, GM(Estt): GS and both AGSs met GM(Estt) on 21.10.2014 and held discussions on E2, E3 pay scale. GM(Estt) informed that the informal meeting of the official members of the joint committee could not materialize last week as Sri M C Choube, ED(CN) was busy. The meeting will be held mostly next week, after Deepavali holidays.
22nd Oct2014 Convener, Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations writes to CMD regarding:

1) Strong  protest  at the  arbitrary  decision  and  demands  the Management to keep the  order  of  implementing the Deloittee consultant recommendations  in  Maharashtra  Circle  as  pilot project in abeyance till the issue is discussed with the Unions / Associations and a consensus arrived at ............View Copy of the letter by the Convener.

2)   Decline in Market share and  Telephone connections .... 
View Copy of the letter by the Convener.

22nd Oct2014 JAC / Maharashtra Circle strongly opposes the move of the management to implement the Deloittee consultant recommendations in MH Circle:
JAC / Maharashtra Circle met CGMT / MH Circle on implementation of Deloittee consultant recommendations in Maharashtra circle as Pilot project........
 Click to view details........
22nd Oct2014 Bihar Circle issued Promotion and Posting order of executives in the grade of DE-AGM on regular basis-3 (Three) Left out case....

 <<click here for letter >>
14th Oct2014 Bihar Circle issued Promotion and Posting order of executives in the grade of DE-AGM on look after arrangement for the post of DGM-TDM.
 <<click here for letter >>
13th Oct2014 BSNL endorsed the Gazatte Notification on enhancement of statutory wage ceiling to Rs.15,000/- from existing limit of Rs.6,500/-
<<BSNL notification>>  <<Gazatte notification by EPF >>
13th Oct2014 GS Com K Sebastin, AGSs Com Vivek Wankhde  and Com Arvind Dahiya met Sri Deepak Aggarwal, Addl GM/Pers and discussed:

a)Filing of MA at Hon CAT, Ernakulam on JTO to SDE case. Addl GM/Pers informed that as per the discussions held earlier the matter has been discussed by the Management on 10.10.2014 to explore the possibility to file an MA. A decision will be taken in a couple of days.

Simultaneously Association also filing an application in the Hon CAT in this regard.

b)Committee meeting on Officiating pay fixation and protection of pay. Addl GM/Pers informed that the committee is scheduled to meet on 17.10.2014.

13th Oct2014 BSNL is going to Revamp under Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad Ji guidance, Right time Right decision......
BSNL selects key areas as it prepares for Digital India.......
10th Oct2014 Corporate Office letter on vacancy position in the grade of Junior Accounts officer as on 30.09.2014.
<<click here for letter >>
10th Oct2014 BSNL Corporate office endorsed DPE letter for increase of IDA w.e.f. 01.10.2014:Revised rate 98.1% w.e.f. 01.10.2014(Increased by 6.8%).
 <<<Click here for BSNL endorsement>>>   
 <<<Click here for DPE letter>>>
9th Oct 2014 JTO to SDE promotion: As there is no Division bench in Hon CAT Ernakulam the JTO to SDE promotion case is not listed on 09-10-2014.
8thOct2014 BSNL CO issued orders for calculation of Pension contribution of absorbed employees on maximum of pay scale w.e.f. 01/10/2014.
<<< Click here for letter >>>
8th Oct2014 BSNL CO issued instructions to Circle Heads to overcome shortage of SIM Cards.
<<< Click here for letter >>>
7th Oct2014 BSNL Corporate Office issued left out promotion order in Regular DET in which 3 DET belongs to Bihar Circle and after promotion they posted in Bihar Circle.
<<< Click here for letter >>>
7th Oct2014 Bihar Circle Office issued a letter for submission of 15 column Vigilence Performa in respect of JTO(T) for the purpose of regular promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) cadre.

District Secretaries are requested to co-ordinate with SSA Administration Unit for sending the above report to Circle Office immediately.

<<< Click here for letter >>>
1st Oct 2014 Bihar Circle Office issued Promotion and Posting order of DET(Regular) who joined in Bihar Circle from outside Circle.
<<< Click here for letter P1 >>>

<<< Click here for letter P2 >>>
1st Oct 2014 Bihar Circle Office issued a list of Vishisht Sanchar Sewa Padak award-2014.
<<< Click here for letter >>>
29th Sep 2014

Bihar Circle Office issued a letter for submission of 15 column Vigilence Performa in respect of JTO(T) for the purpose of Look After Arrangement from JTO(T) to SDE(T) cadre on local basis for the period of 180 days.

District Secretaries are requested to co-ordinate with SSA Administration Unit for sending the above report to Circle Office immediately otherwise all Look After working SDE(T) will reverted in substantive cadre as JTO(T).

<<< Click here for letter >>>
29th Sep 2014 01.10.2014, BSNL Day will be observed by performing one hour additional work. Half an hour in the morning before duty hours and half an hour in the evening after the duty hours by wearing the badges. This program is announced in support of our demand for standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc, 30% superannuation benefit, JTO/JAO to SDE/AO promotion, CPSU cadre hierarchy, pay anomalies, 1st TBP after 4 years, Civil/Elect/Arch/TF issues, retention of DEs etc.

Make wide publicity among the Executives and make it a grant success.

Badge listing the demands can be printed locally as follows:  

Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association(India)

01.10.2014(BSNL DAY): One hour additional work


1.  Standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc.

2.  30% superannuation benefit.

3.  JTO/JAO to SDE/AO promotion.

4.  Implement CPSU cadre hierarchy.

5.  Settle pay anomalies.

6.  1st TBP after 4 years.

7.  Settle Civil/Elect/Arch/TF issues.

8.  Retention of DEs etc.

Dear District Secretaries,
Kindly download
Badge listing the demands and can be printed locally and distribute to all executives working in your SSA/Unit on or before 30.09.2014.So that all executives bear a badge on 01.10.2014 during duty hours.
<<< Download sample of Badge >>>

29th Sep 2014 VC for JTO to SDE promotion: VC received from the following Circles – A&N, AS, BSNLCO, CHTD, ETR, MP, NE II, QA, UP(E) and WB. CSs of all other Circles AP, BR, CHG, CTD, GUJ, HP, HR, J&K, JKD, KTK, KRL, MH, NE I, NTR, OR, PB, RAJ, TN, UKD, UP(W) to expedite the VC. The preparatory work is pending due to the non receipt of VCs from different Circles.

The missing ACR and gradation list particulars also to be send to BSNLCO immediately. Both lists published in our website and intranet also.

The additional ACRs called for considering the DPC for the next two vacancy years 2012-13 and 2013-14 also to be expedited. The additional ACRs only required for JTOs of 1998 rect onwards only. All JTOs of 1995, 1996 and 1997 rect years will be covered based on the earlier ACRs.

The case is listed for 09.10.2014 or even it will be heard before that if division bench is available.

27th Sep 2014 Our Jt Sec(West) Com M. B. Sangle lost his mother on 26.09.2014 at 11:30 Hrs due to heart attack. Com Sangle was on his way to New Delhi in train along with Com A R Manani, CHQ VP to participate in the Indefinite Fast.  Our heartfelt condolences. May the departed soul rest in peace
26th Sep 2014 Meeting with ED(Finance): GS, CHQ President and Com M. Gopinathan, CS/TN Circle met Smt Sujata Ray and discussed the following issues:

a) 30% superannuation benefits to BSNL Recruits. Assn requested Madam to finalize the proposal at the earliest keeping in mind, the welfare of the employees as this is the only social security measure for them after retirement so that Management can take a decision on the matter at the earliest.

b) DPC from JAO to AO: Assn requested to expedite the DPC for all the vacancies:

It is understood that yesterday, there was a big demand from BSNLEU and NFTE in the National Council on the issue of 30% superannuation benefit in which CMD assured them an early action. In addition to the persuasion by ourselves, we are in touch with BSNLEU and NFTE on this crucial issue.

26th Sep 2014 Congratulations to all the comrades who stood with the Association in the testing time: 

Eventhough the BSNL management was insensitive to the Indefinite fast for the first three days, all the Unions and Associations supported the agitation from day one. GSs and Presidents of BSNLEU and NFTE visited the Pandal along with other leaders. GSs of BSNLMS, AIGETOA and AIBSNLOA also visited the pandal.

We cannot forget our great supporters at the National and Circle levels, the JAC, the Samara Sahayasamithi in Kerala, BSNLEU, NFTE, FNTO, BSNLMS and a lot of others, who have steadfastly and solidly stood with us for anything and everything that means trade union fraternity and solidarity. At the same time, always there will be exceptions and that has to happen to expose themselves before the whole world because they are afraid of charge sheets and punishments to their top Circle and SSA leaders at Trivandrum on the proven charges of fraud and financial irregularities, protected and helped for years, irrespective of repeated warnings and reminders by CVC/CVO to CGMT/Kerala. Otherwise how they can manage Circle level award to an activist who is “under currency of punishment” for financial irregularities! They are bound to support each other nakedly, now the whole world knows, they exposed themselves.

I have no words to congratulate each and every SNEA comrade across the country, especially comrades of Kerala Circle who refused to bow down in the face of the worst ever and unheard of tirades on the free minds of the Executives and employees. And at CHQ, we had a minor role to play, be with them and support them, we will continue to do that with the same vigour and commitment.

26th Sep 2014 GS writes to CMD/BSNL regarding Vindictive actions taken by CGMT/Kerala and other issues which created turmoil in Kerala Circle for the last few months.
Click here to view Letter.........
22nd Sep 2014 Indefinite fast at BSNLCO by CHQ leaders and activists starts today, 22.09.2014:
SNEA forced to launch such an agitation due to the continuing harassment and the vindictive actions of CGMT/Kerala, in the form of transfer of office bearers and activists, massive victimization in the form of dies-non, charge sheet to the office bearers at Circle level for participating in the hunger strike and writing to CMD/BSNL and Hon MOC by the General Secretary demanding inquiry into the  alleged attempt by CGMT/KRL to help/bail out the vendor M/s Nortel from paying penalty and AMC charges etc continuing after the settlement reached on 01.08.2014, clearly in violation of the terms of settlement. The services are deteriorated but CGMT is not concerned about that.
Against these vindictive actions, CHQ office bearers will be starting “Indefinite Fast” at BSNLCO and Kerala comrades at Circle office, Trivandrum from 22.09.2014. “Work according to Rule” in Kerala Circle will continue.
CHQ Treasurer and three AGSs are at Trivandrum in solidarity and support to the Kerala Comrades.
22nd Sep 2014 After getting feedback from the Circles, slight changes are made in the next programmes:

01.10.2014, BSNL Day: It will be observed by performing 1 hour extra work.

14.10.2014   : Lunch / closing hour demonstration at Circle/SSA HQs.

28.10.2014   : One day Dharna at Circle/SSA HQs.

10.11.2014 to 14.11.2014: Relay hunger strike at Circle/SSA HQs.


We sincerely hope that BSNL Management will listen to the burning issues of the Executives and resolve them without further delay. If the issues are not resolved, then we have to go ahead with the agitation programmes as declared and even to further intensify the agitation by 15th December, 2014 till the issues are resolved.   

Make extensive preparations by conducting Branch/ SSA level meetings and meeting each and every Executive one by one and make them to join the struggle.

20th Sep 2014 Indefinite Hunger strike by CHQ leaders at corporate office and CHQ Treasurer, Three AGSs from CHQ and Circle Leaders at Kerala circle office w.e.f 22-09-2014


·        Stop vindictive action by the Administration.

·        Honour the commitments.

·    Withdraw all charge sheet, diesnon, vindictive transfers etc.

Click to view details........

20th Sep 2014 EPFO makes it mandatory to provide workers’ bank account numbers.. View Media report.
19th Sep 2014 Massive participation in the Dharna held on 18th Sept, 2014 across the country --- 

congratulations to one and all.

Keep the momentum and start mobilization for the next programmes from 01.10.2014 onwards. We will continue our struggle till we achieve our demands as per the assurance given in March, 2014.

Massive participation reported from Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, UP(E), Karnataka, West Bengal, Kol TD, Punjab, Bihar, Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh, Assam, NE I etc etc. Hundreds of Executives participated in the Dharna at Delhi, Chennai, Banglore, Patna, Pune, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Lucknow, Ludhiana etc.

The massive participation shows the large scale resentment among the Executives in non resolution of the crucial issues of the basic cadres, JTO/JAO, SDE/AO etc like E2, E3 pay scales, promotions, 30% superannuation benefits, CPSU cadre hierarchy etc even after the assurance from management in March, 2014.

Large no of Executives especially young comrades participated in the agitation, irrespective of membership realizing the fact that this struggle is going to decide their future. SNEA, the home of JTOs will never allow its demotion and continue the struggle for the promotion of JTO cadre by way of pay scales, promotions etc.

In TN and CHTD, the Dharna held on 19.09.2014 due to elections. J&K Circle was exempted from demonstration and Dharna as they are fully involved, round the clock, in restoration of the services in J&K.

19th Sep 2014 Indefinite fast from 22.09.2014 at BSNLCO by CHQ leaders:

BSNLCO issued instructions to Kerala Circle to implement all the commitments made to the Assn. Based on the instructions from BSNLCO and as per the commitments, CGMT/Kerala issued the transfer order to bring back 68 Executives who had posted to other SSAs two years back to meet the shortages.  

However, the vindictive actions, especially the transfer of office bearers and activists, massive victimization in the form of dies-non, charge sheet to the office bearers, transfer in the name of rationalization and ERP etc continuing after the settlement reached on 01.08.2014, clearly in violation of the terms of settlement.

Against these vindictive actions, CHQ office bearers will be starting “Indefinite Fast” at BSNLCO and Kerala Comrades at Circle office, Trivandrum from 22.09.2014. “Work according to Rule” in Kerala Circle also will continue. CHQ Treasurer and three AGSs are deputed to Kerala Circle. Remaining CHQ office bearers will be at New Delhi.

 GS letter to CMD, BSNL..........
19th Sep 2014 JAO to AO promotion: Association strongly protests against the arbitrary move to fill up few AO posts keeping aside large no of AO vacancies. According to the proposal, the JAOs of 2003 and 2004 year only will be considered for promotion now, where as more than 1800 vacancies are available. Assn strongly demand that all the 1800 plus AO vacancies to be filled immediately with eligible JAOs.
18th Sep 2014 Massive Dharna held at BSNLCO demanding
a) E2, E3, --- pay scales for JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs,
b) 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL direct recruits, C) JTO to SDE and JAO to AO promotions,
d) Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy,
e) Settlement of Pay anomalies, Antedating etc,
f) First TBP uniformly after 4 years,
g) BSNL MS RR amendment and notional pay for Civil/Elect etc and
h) Filling all the vacancies in Circles on DE Regular promotions.

About 400 comrades participated in the Mass Dharna. Comrades from Punjab, Rajasthan, Haryana, UP(West), Delhi Circle, BSNLCO and MTNL/Delhi participated in the Dharna. CSs of Punjab/Rajasthan/Haryana/UP(West) Circles, Com V K. Thomar, GS/MTNLEA, Com G L Jogi, CHQ President and Com K Sebastin, GS addressed.

Massive participation reported from different parts of the country. Details will be uploaded later.

Dharna will be held tomorrow, on 19.09.2014 in TN and CHTD circles.

17th Sep 2014 Mass Dharna on 18th Sept, 2014

Make extensive preparations for the Mass Dharna on 18th Sept 2014 demanding E2, E3, --- pay scales, 30% superannuation benefit, Time Bound functional promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy, JTO to SDE promotions, Pay anomalies, Civil / Electrical issues, First TBP after 4 years, Filling the vacancies on DE Regular promotions etc.

Appeal to all the executives to join the struggle irrespective of Association. This is a struggle to protect the dignity of the cadre, to protect the cadres from demotion. This is a struggle to motivate the Executives which in turn will strengthen the efforts of revival of BSNL.

Mobilize all the Executives and Make it a great success.

17th Sep 2014 View Corporate Office orders:

Promotion under seniority quota from JTO to SDE - Furnishing  Assessment report and ACR  for 2012-13 and 2013-14 vacancies reg

All Circles may complete this work on war footing. The ACRs for the vacancies upto 2011-12 already available at BSNLCO. CS/SSA Secretaries to ensure that assessment report and ACRs for the years 2010-11 and 2011-12 of the eligible JTOs are reaching BSNLCO in time. 

Promotion in the grade of EE electrical on Regular basis.

Advisory regarding non sharing of BB service connection over WiFi reg.

Instructions to use e-mail id of BSNL for official communications reg.

17th Sep 2014 JTO to SDE promotion: ACR, Assessment report and Gradation list details missing cases are uploaded on 16.09.2014. All CSs to send the information to CHQ urgently.
11th July 2014 DPE out rightly rejects the proposal sent by DOT recently to allow BSNL to introduce replacement scales of E1A and E2A for JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs in BSNL based on the decision of the BSNL Board.
This Association has had been having consistent interaction with the concerned officers in DPE for the last about three months to impress upon them and convince them not to take an exception to the proposal of DOT to allow BSNL to introduce non standard IDA replacement scales of E1A and E2A in BSNL for JTO/SDEs in the context of guidelines issued by DPE to all the CPSUs not to extend non standards IDA scales. DPE has further directed DOT to correct any aberration, if at all, in this regard.
With the rejection of proposal by DPE, our demand to extend standard IDA scales of E2 and E3 for JTO/JAOs and SDE/AOs gets strengthened since BSNL Management very recently during our organizational actions made a firm commitment to us that it will consider our demand of extending standard pay scales of E2 and E3 with an open mind in case DPE takes a contrary view to the decision of BSNL Board to allow extending replacement IDA scales of E1A and E2A to JTOs, SDEs etc. This is a very positive development and surely brings us closer to resolution of our demand of extending standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs, SDEs etc.
This Association has had series of discussions with concerned officers in DPE on this issue. CHQ president and GS had a detailed discussion on this issue with Secy/DPE and JtSecy/DPE nearly three months before and succeeded in impressing upon them to reiterate to DOT that BSNL must switch over to standard IDA scales approved by Govt. based on the recommendations of 2nd PRC and immediately correct any anomalous situation that prevails in BSNL with regard to existence of non standard IDA scales. This is a big milestone as far as resolving the issue of extending standard scales of E2 and E3 to JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs etc is concerned and gives us huge strategic leverage to get the issue resolved. 
11th July 2014 IDA increased by 2.9% and now new IDA will be 91.3%. BSNL Corporate Office issued orders for same.  <<<Click Here for letter>>>
11th July 2014 Strengthening emphasis on performance Management System:- DO. No.-3-2/2014-Restg(Pt.), Dated:-07-07-2014 from Shri A.N. Rai Chairman & Managing Director BSNL.
<<<Click Here for letter>>>
8th July 2014 Lunch Hour Demonstration Today at Circle/SSA HQ: In total solidarity and support to SNEA(I) Kerala Comrades, all the SNEA (I) comrades throughout Bihar Circle will participate in lunch hour demonstrations at Circle & SSA HQs on 09/07/2014. We appeal all the comrades to come forward and support genuine cause and boost moral of fighting comrades of SNEA (I) Kerala by mass participation in today’s Lunch Hour Demonstrations.
8th July 2014 IDA increased by 2.9% and now new IDA will be 91.3%. Department of Public Enterprises issued orders for same.  <<<Click Here for letter>>>
8th July 2014 Lunch Hour Demonstration at Circle/SSA HQ on 09/07/2014: In total solidarity and support to SNEA(I) Kerala Comrades, who are on indefinite hunger strike for the last 14 days from 25.06.2014 and Work According to Rule from 07.07.2014, in protest of biased & egoistic attitude of CGMT Kerala,  which is destroying good work culture and systems prevailing in Kerala Circle, all the SNEA (I) comrades throughout Maharashtra Circle will hold lunch hour demonstration at Circle & SSA HQs on 09/07/2014.  We appeal all the comrades to come forward and support genuine cause and boost moral of fighting comrades of SNEA (I) Kerala by mass participation in this special Lunch Hour Demonstrations.   <<<Copy of notice issued by GS>>>
8th July 2014 Case at Hon Supreme Court on 147 seniority: The SLPs along with the MAs filed by the applicants and BSNL came up for arguments today. The applicants (147 officers) and BSNL pleaded for allowing the promotions. Our senior lawyer strongly opposed any stay on Hon EKM High Court order and argued that any promotion including 147 officers will be as good as stay of Hon EKM judgment and CAT judgment. After hearing the pleading from both sides, Hon SC decided for final hearing of the SLPs in the last week of September and dispose off the matter on merit. Meanwhile Hon SC allowed to go ahead with promotions as per the existing seniority subject to the outcome of the SLP.
8th July 2014 BSNL CO issued orders for issuing “Life Certificate” for retired employees for continuation of FSRTC and exempts them for personal appearance before Commercial officer with substitute arrangements.
<<<Click Here for letter>>>
7th July 2014 Status of proposal of E1A and E2A pay scales in DPE: The proposal of E1A and E2A pay scales for JTO/JAO and SDE/AO etc sent by DoT is under examination in DPE. Secretary/DPE and Jt Sec/DPE already assured to us that DPE will not allow any intermediary pay scales like E1A and E2A. We are in touch with the senior officers of DPE and closely monitoring the developments.
7th July 2014 Fixation of pay on Officiating promotion and the clarification dated 30.05.20007 and 19.02.2010. The  committee constituted for the purpose sought live examples of pay fixation done by Circles prior to 30.05.2007, pay fixed from same scale to same or higher scale, giving increment on officiating promotion and revised pay fixation after the clarification dated 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010 reducing the pay as increment drawn during officiating promotion is not protected. CHQ recd examples from CHTD, KRL, MH and PB Circles. At least on case from each Circle with pay fixation copy may be mailed to CHQ by 10.07.2014. Next meeting of the committee is fixed on 16.07.2014.
7th July 2014 Updates from CHQ on different cadre Issues: 
a.     JTO to SDE promotion: The VCs from almost all the major Circles received on the persuasion of our CSs and activists. The case at Hon CAT, EKM is listed for hearing on 16.07.2014

b.    VC for SDE/ Adhoc DE to DE (Regular) promotion: Out of 3300 VCs, only 1900 VCs received at BSNLCO. Remaining 1400 VCs to be expedited.

c.      VC for DE to DGM (Adhoc) promotion: BSNL CO called the VC gain on 27.06.2014 as earlier VC expired.

d.    DE (Reg) and DGM promotions are delayed due to the court cases. The 147 seniority case is coming up in Hon Supreme Court on 07.07.2014 and we expect some positive decisions from Hon'ble SC on that day. The list no 6 & 7 case also coming up for final hearing on 22.07.2014 in the Hon SC on priority.

e.     VC for JTO to SDE promotion under LDCE quota: The VC of 141 SDEs passed the LDCE in 2008 called again. The current VC as well as the VC status in 2008 also required. Only after issuing their promotion order, the seniority list preparation for 2001-02 year onwards can be started.

5th July 2014 Sharing of BTSs with other operators: GS Com K Sebastin, President Com G L Jogi and AGS Com Arvind Pal Dahiya had some discussion with DIR (CM) Sri Anupam Shrivastava on sharing of BTSs with other operators on 03-07-14. DIR (CM) told that sharing of BTSs with other operators especially in rural and uneconomical areas is to be considered. According to him, those BTSs are to be shared where the traffic is less. In lieu of that, BSNL can share BTSs of other operators where we don’t have BTS or having coverage problem. This will improve the coverage, quality and presence as no of BTSs will increase and ultimately bring revenue also. Already other private operators are doing this and earning revenue and improved the coverage.
5th July 2014 BSNL CO issued orders for Prepaid GSM SIM Card to all non executives working in BSNL area with access to other network and Executive CUG with talk time of Rs. 200.00 per month.
<<<Click Here for letter>>>
4th July 2014 BSNL Corporate Office issued list comprising particulars of SDE(T) promoted to the grade in BSNL based on Seniority-cum-Fitness during 2004-2007-errors & omissions.
Bihar Circle Office endorsed the same and calling representation regarding any error or omission in respect of Name, HR Number,Staff Number,Category,DoB etc with supporting documents through proper channel on or before 24.07.2014 to AGM(Admn), O/o The CGMT, Bihar Circle, Patna.

<<< Click here for letter >>>

<<< Click here for list >>>
4th July 2014 BSNL Corporate Office issued list comprising particulars of SDET promoted to the grade in BSNL based on LDCE-2007-errors & ommissions.
Bihar Circle Office endorsed the same and calling representation regarding any error or ommission in respect of Name, HR Number,Staff Number,Category,DoB etc with supporting documents through proper channel on or before 24.07.2014 to AGM(Admn), O/o The CGMT, Bihar Circle, Patna.

<<< Click here for letter >>>

<<< Click here for list >>>
4th July 2014 BSNL Corporate Office issued list comprising particulars of SDE(T) promoted to the grade in BSNL based on Seniority-cum-Fitness during 2006-2007 to 2008-2009-errors & omissions.
Bihar Circle Office endorsed the same and calling representation regarding any error or omission in respect of Name, HR Number,Staff Number,Category,DoB etc with supporting documents through proper channel on or before 24.07.2014 to AGM(Admn), O/o The CGMT, Bihar Circle, Patna.

<<< Click here for letter >>>

<<< Click here for list >>>
3rd July 2014 Posting of Regular CGM in Bihar Circle:BSNL Corporate Office issued order for posting of Shri Shiva Lal Singh (presently working CGM in Assam Circle) as a Regular CGM in Bihar Circle.
<<< Click here for order >>>
1st July 2014 The Competent Authority has approved the entrustment of additional charge of the post of Chairman & Managing Director, Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) to Shri.A.N.Rai, Director(Enterprise), BSNL for a period of three months w.e.f. 01.O7.2O14 or until further orders, whichever is the earliest.
SNEA(I) Congratulates him and wish him all success in his new assignment.
Click here to view the Letter........
1st July 2014 2.9% INCREASE IN IDA W.E.F. 1.7.2014: According to calculations based on All India Consumer Price Index for March, April and May 2014, IDA is to increase by 2.9% w.e.f. 1.7.2014 from 88.4% to 91.3%.
1st July 2014

Sri R K Upadhyay, CMD/BSNL retires on superannuation.

After 3 years and two months of service as CMD/BSNL, Sri R. K. Upadhyay, retired on 30.06.2014 on superannuation. He took over as CMD at a very difficult time when the cash reserves was nil, all the tenders, entire procurement of stores and equipments etc were at shambles. During his tenure he almost streamlined all the tendering processes which paved the way for phase VII GSM expansion, small tender for western zone for GSM, tenders for procurement of stores and materials like BB modems, UG cables, EPBTs, MLLN and MPLS equipments, NGN equipments etc.
He was instrumental in surrender of BWA spectrum and getting refund from Govt, 3G roaming, brining issues related to the viability of BSNL into the notice of GoM etc.
The employees of BSNL will remember him for his effective role in implementation of 78.2% IDA fitment when the company was passing through a difficult period and recording losses year after year.

The BSNL Executives especially SNEA(I) will be grateful to him for his excellent role in ending Adhocism by increasing the DE Regular quota from 50% to 75%. He stood like a rock after his commitment to SNEA(I) in a meeting on 10.08.2013 and fought with all to ensure that necessary amendments are pushed through the BSNL Board.
Sir, SNEA(I) wish you a happy and peaceful retired life.

30th June 2014 SNEA(I) Bihar Circle extends best wishes for all comrades who retire today  on  superannuation, for  a  happy  and  peaceful retired life. Comrade you are starting a  new  journey and exceptional chapter of your life. May your days be filled with elation and triumph. We thank you for your dedication & congratulate you on your retirement.
30th June 2014 GS writes to Director (HR) regarding New Recognition Rules, 2014 notified on 06.01.2014 ---Important provisions to be necessarily incorporated before initiating membership verification so as to bind both the management and largest Association to maintain industrial peace. Some other provisions also need to be incorporated to meet the basic objectives of verification.
Click here to view the Letter...........
19th June 2014 Hon'ble MoC&IT Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad discusses BSNL, MTNL revival strategy with senior management: Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad today met the senior management of BSNL and MTNL to discuss the blueprint for reviving the loss-making PSU telecom companies.
"Discussed strategy for revival of BSNL and MTNL with senior management. No excuse for poor performance will be acceptable," Prasad tweeted."
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18th June 2014 Performance of BSNL and MTNL to be monitored closely for their revival, 2,50,000 Village Panchayats to be provided Broadband connectivity within three years – Union Minister for Communications & IT, Law & Justice, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad.
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18th June 2014 Govt to draw up revival plan for MTNL and BSNL:The government has said that it will initiate steps to revive ailing telecom PSUs MTNL and BSNL as it looks to arrest the gradual decline in the fortunes of the two companies that once dominated the Indian telecom market.
Communications and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad was quoted by media as saying that steps will be taken on a priority basis to revive the two public sector units (PSUs), MTNL and unlisted BSNL, that have failed to ride the boom in the Indian telecom sector even as private operators like Airtel, Vodafone and Idea grew from strength to strength.
"I have found that MTNL and BSNL have not received as much attention as required. They need proper infrastructure support," Mr Prasad was quoted by the media as saying.
They need proper infrastructure support," Prasad said as he also urged the PSUs to lay a special emphasis on improving their services. "I have asked them to improve services for consumer satisfaction. The government will provide infrastructure support." 
In his first formal Press conference after taking over three weeks ago, the minister said he would directly monitor the performance of their networks. "I have decided that an NOC (network operating centre) will be set up in my chamber in which the number of BSNL-MTNL towers working or not working will appear on a screen before me," he said.
Speaking on the issue of spectrum trading and sharing, he said a final view will be taken on the matter shortly. Spectrum allocations will be done in a "transparent" manner. "The days of lobbying and favouritism are over. I have told my officers to work with courage and transparency." 
18th June 2014 Communications and IT minister Ravi Shankar Prasad said that steps will be taken on a priority basis to revive the BSNL and MTNL in Press Conference.
16th June 2014 BSNL Corporate Office has proposed to Recognize the majority representative Association of serving Executive employees in BSNL by holding the First membership verification.

View letter copy of Calling up of applications reg........>>>>.

View letter copy of Facilities to be extended to applicant Associations reg..........>>>>>>

13th June 2014 View Corporate Office Orders:

BSNLMRS  guidelines for treatment where no CGHS rates are prescribed - Guidelines to refer AIIMS rate reg

MOU signed between OBC  (Oriental Bank of Commerce) and BSNL for extending various loan schemes to BSNL employees reg.

Result of LDCE for promotion to AE Arch held on Jan 2014 - Congratulations...

VC for AGM regular promotion reg - Pending as on 11-06-14. 
13th June 2014 Revenue from telecom services rises to Rs 57,378 crore in January-March.....
9th June 2014 Representatives of SNEA(I) Bihar Circle met & greet to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble  Minister of Communication & Information Technology, Govt. of India  on 7th June’2014 ( 21.00 Hrs)  at his residence at Patna:Com. Ratish Kumar/ Circle Secretary & Com. Ramesh Kumar/ Joint Secretary (East) CHQ and Com. R.K.Verma / Asstt. District Secretary PTD met & greet with beautiful flower bouquet to Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of Communication & Information Technology and Law & Justice, Govt. of India during first visit to Bihar after assuming charge of ministries in new NDA government. In addition to that Circle Secretary submitted a memorandum to Hon’ble MoC & IT related to important issues faced by BSNL Bihar Circle and as a whole BSNL. Hon’ble MoC & IT told our delegate to discuss the issues mentioned in memorandum with prescribed time.
Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of Communication & Information Technology, Govt. of India called meeting with All Executives Associations of BSNL Bihar Circle on 8th June’2014 at 12.30 PM  at his residence at Patna:
Com. Ranjan Kumar/Circle President, Com. Ramesh Kumar/ Joint Secretary (East) CHQ, Com. Sanjay Kumar/ District Secretary PTD and Com. R.K.Verma / Asstt. District Secretary PTD met with Hon’ble MoC & IT with beautiful flower bouquet alongwih representatives of other Executives Associations. Hon’ble MoC & IT assure us to look into the issues mentioned in memorandum and asked to representative to take responsibility to turn around the Govt. PSU BSNL and Govt. of India equally concerned and seriously taken care the status of BSNL. They assured us to meet with CHQ representative at New Delhi with details plan(Reason & Solution) for revival of Govt. PSU BSNL after fixing appointment.

<<< Click Here for letter to Hon'ble MoC &IT for appointment >>>

<<< Click Here for Memorandum to Hon'ble MoC &IT at Patna >>>
9th June 2014 CHQ President attended National Executive Committee meeting of NCOA on 8th June at New Delhi. National Executive of NCOA too stock of various HR issues of CPSU. Particularly, the issue of constitution of 3rd PRC by government was discussed at length and the strategy to be adopted to force the government to constitute 3rd PRC with appropriate terms of reference was also discussed. Constituents of NCOA need to be reactivated so that they face future challenges of CPSUs, particularly issues relating to 3rd PRC successfully and effectively, NEC was of the unanimous opinion.SNEA(I) gave Rs 1 lakh towards membership subscription of its Association to SG/NCOA.
9th June 2014 CHQ president attended a meeting of affiliates of NCOA, banking sector, power sector, coal sector etc. On 7th June at New Delhi:
Representatives of officers Associations from banking sector, coal sector, power sector and all the constituents of NCOA had a brainstorming discussions on future strategy to be adopted bY CPSUs to further strengthen CPSUs and thus facilitate them to participate aggressively and proactively towards fulfilling the agenda of the new government to accelerate economic growth in the Country. A resolution to this effect was unanimously adopted. Also a steering committee comprising of representatives from power sector, banking sector, telecom sector, and SG of NCOA was constituted to prepare future strategy and plan of action to meet the resolution adopted. Telecom sector is represented by CHQ President and GS MEA, Com V.K.tomar. Very shortly the steering committee will meet to draft and finalize future strategy and course of action. GS/SNEA(I) could not attend since he is presently in Kerala for some personal work.
<<<Click here to view the resolution of NCOA >>>
9th June 2014 CHQ president met senior officers of Telecom finance in DOT on 3rd June to enquire about the latest status of 78.2% IDA merger for retired employees of BSNL. Concerned officers in DOT informed President that note on the issue is being drafted in consultation with the concerned officers of DOE (department of expenditure) and thereafter the note will be sent to DOE for its approval.
9th June 2014 BSNL Board meeting that took place on 6th June, 2014 did not deliberate upon any of the HR issues that were on its agenda. As such, JTO RR amendment that was also as one of the issues on HR agenda did not come up for discussion.  
9th June 2014 In continuation to  earlier letter, GS writes to Management on important resolutions of CWC Jaipur:

1.  Resolution on first time bound promotion uniformly after four years.

2. Resolution to extend “Full Pension” option to the Executives and employees recruited directly by BSNL.

3. Resolution on generalization of “notional date of promotion” for the Executives promoted in 2004 LDCE.

4. Resolution on bringing about complete parity in RRs regulating the functional promotions of executives of Civil/Electrical/Architecture etc. with Telecom and Finance.

5. Resolution on Centralized payment of EPF contribution by BSNLCO for directly recruited Executives of BSNL

6. Resolution on Expedite the recruitment to the cadre of JTOs in 50% dept quota from among the eligible candidates as per JTO R/R:

7. Resolution on Pay anomalies, antedating etc for the Executives of BSNL:

8.   Resolution on Regularization of officiating JTOs as a onetime measure:

10. Resolution on Deduction of monthly Subscription from Salary and Membership verification among Executives Associations.

<<< Click Here View Letter Copy>>>

31st May 2014 Important decisions of CWC Jaipur held on 26th &  27th May, 2014.

1. The CWC resolved to focus fully on the revival of BSNL in the next two yeas keeping in mind the next pay revision for the BSNL Executives due from 01.01.2017. The Management and all the employees should work in tandem to achieve this goal. Efforts should be made to ensure that “pension revision” also becomes one of the terms of reference of the next PRC.

2. The shortage of materials like OF cable, 5 pair cable, EPBTs, Modems and UG cable in Circles and MPLS ports are severely affecting the development and maintenance of the network. BSNLCO should ensure the availability of all essential materials in the field units for operation and maintenance activities.

3. The standard pay scales of E2, E3, -----, E7 should be implemented from 01.01.2007 without further delay. In case pension contribution issue is not getting resolved in a reasonable time, the possibility of extending relief to the JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 especially the 2007 and 2008 batch JTOs may be explored.

4. The CWC demanded full 30% superannuation benefit to BSNL Recruited employees as it is a social security measure. The Management should consider the matter sympathetically. CWC decided that Association shall have further discussions with the Management to settle the issue at the earliest.

5. The CWC decided to explore the possibility of extending “Full Pension” option to the Executives and employees recruited directly by BSNL as a onetime measure as EPF pension with “Full Pension” option is equivalent to Govt pension. BSNL Corporate office should take up the matter with EPF authorities at appropriate level. Further the CWC demands centralized EPF payment.

6. The CWC decided to extend total solidarity and support to the agitating comrades of SNEA(I), Kerala Circle and stand with them wholeheartedly and unitedly for seeking settlement of their issues with the CGMT who works with a pre-determined mindset to destabilize the exemplary work culture existing in the Circle which has taken it to the heights of productivity and profitability.

7. Membership verification among Executives’ Association needs to be expedited. Meanwhile the issues raised by the Association are to be addressed by the Management to have meaningful membership verification. The subscription deduction through check off system to be demanded in case the membership verification is getting delayed further.

8. CWC outrightly rejected the draft proposal on CPSU cadre hierarchy as it is again linked with the availability of posts and seniority. Further CWC felt that by proposing very stringent attendant conditions, the Management is trying to take away even the minimum promotional avenues, today the Executives are having in BSNL. Time Bound Functional Promotion or CPSU cadre hierarchy is to be pursued in the Joint Committee under the banner of United Forum.

9. For conducting the next All India Conference, 6 Circles namely Andhra Pradesh, Delhi (BSNLCO&NTR), Madhya Pradesh, Punjab, Rajasthan and UP(West) Circles came forward. The CWC directed the concerned Circles to submit the required data by 15th July, 2014 and final decision on the AIC venue will be taken by a Committee comprising of Com GS, Com CHQ Treasurer, Com Arvind Dahiya/AGS(HQ) and Com H Muthu/AGS.

10. CHQ Quota/Building Fund/Legal Fund payment: All defaulting Circles should clear the pending Building fund and Legal fund at the earliest. The CWC discussed the pending CHQ Quota/Building Fund/Legal Fund payment by Gujarat Circle. Circle Secretary, Gujarat Circle assured the CWC that GUJ Circle will pay maximum Building Fund, Legal Fund and all the pending CHQ quota by the first week of July, 2014.

11. Circle Conferences of Punjab, Jharkhand and NE II Circles are to be held within 3 months.

12. The constitution amendment committee submitted its report and the CWC after detailed deliberations approved the proposals. It will be placed before the next AIC for approval.

13. The CWC resolved that the pay anomalies like a) fixation of pay on officiating promotion and pay protection, b) Antedating of increment or implementation of uniform increment date and c) Senior drawing less pay than the Juniors etc are to be settled by BSNL.

14. First TBP after 4 years w.e.f 01.10.2000 to be pursued separately.

15. Many Circles reported very poor quality of Type II modem supplied by M/s Terracom. The range is hardly 2 to 4 meters in many modems supplied. It shall be taken up with BSNLCO.

16. As per the existing rules, immunity is not applicable for promotions. Accordingly for future promotions, immunity will not be extended. Genuine medical cases like cancer, mentally retarded cases, physically handicapped cases etc for the self and family members only should be taken up for retention in the Circle. Association should ensure that long standing Executives in the Circles should not be posted to the non recruiting Circles and nearby Circles to avoid long standing transfers to tenure circles.

17. CWC demands complete uniformity in the BSNLMS RR for promotion to EE cadre in Civil/Electrical/Arch wings like Telecom /Finance wing.

18. CWC decided to further take up the generalization of “notional date of promotion” for the Executives promoted in 2004 in LDCE quota once Hon Supreme Court gives a judgment in this regard.

19. The CWC demands generalization of FR 22(1)(a)(1) fixation benefit to all the Officiating JTOs and Officiating JTOs regularised upto 2007.

20. FR 22(1)(a)(1) fixation benefits and DNI option for the promotions from JTO to SDE made in May, 2000 shall be taken up with BSNL, DoT and DPE.

21. CWC decided to demand “Notional date of promotion” for the JTOs who could not join in March, 2011 promotion order due to stay on promotion orders.

22. CWC decided to repair and occupy the building at Dehradun, Uttarakhand. CHQ decided to provide loan to UKD Circle for the same.

Central Working Committee meeting of SNEA(I) at Jaipur:
The CWC meeting of SNEA(I) held at Jaipur on 26th and 27th May, 2014.
DIR(HR & EB) Sri A. N. Rai addressed the CWC meeting at 04.30 PM on 26.05.2014. DIR(CM) Sri Anupam Srivatava who accepted our invitation and very keen to address the CWC could not attend it due to personal reasons.
Click here to view Agenda............  

Click here to view CWC Report..........

30th May 2014 Forum of BSNL Unions / Associations submitted Memorandum to New Hon.Minister of Communication and IT.
<<<Click here to view Memorandum>>>
30th May 2014 GS Writes to CMD:
Strong exception to unruly, demoralizing and humiliating behaviour of CGMT Kerala Circle which is very fast contributing to slide down of growth of Kerala circle which has had been registering an uninterrupted, spectacular and unprecedented exponential growthever since formation of BSNL --CWC Jaipur resolution regarding. 
Click here to view letter........
30th May 2014 Volunteers in the cadre of JTO/SDE called for ALTTC, Gaziabad.
copy of letter..........
copy of proforma.......
26th May 2014 Corporate Office Order:
List comprising particulars of SDEs(T) promoted to the grade in BSNL based on LDCE-2007 - Errors and Omissions - regarding
Click here to view letter...............

Click here to view list..................
26th May 2014 JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion case :
Case is posted after 10 Days to file the reply to MA filed by the applicant today. 
23rd May 2014 CPSU Cadre Hierarchy letter signed by all 3 GSs of Executives Association
Click here to view letter..........
23rd May 2014 View Corporate office orders:
Merger of CMTS Accounting unit............
Merger of CMTS Accounting unit - Annexure......
Merger of Civil/Electrical Accounting unit..........
17th May 2014 Ringing in change is more than a call away at MTNL, BSNL:
The BJP’s prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi has said that instead of privatising non-performing PSUs, his priority would be to professionalise them. To buttress his case Modi cites the example of Gujarat where as the chief minister he has been successful in doing so.
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16th May 2014 Meeting with Sri M. F. Farooqui, Secy/DOT:

Com G L Jogi/CHQ President and Com K Sebastin/GS met Secy/DOT on 15.05.2014 and had a detailed discussion with him on the issue of awarding installation/ maintenance of OF project in North Eastern Circles to be funded by USOF exclusively to BSNL:

This Association reliably learnt that Telecom Commission is mulling the option of inviting bids for execution/maintenance of Optical Fibre project in North Eastern Circles to be funded by USOF exclusively. Generally, govt. so far has had been awarding such projects funded by USOF exclusively to BSNL on nomination basis for very formidable, rational and obvious reasons.

In this connection, on learning about such serious development, we met Secy/DOT to request him to continue with the existing practice of awarding such projects to BSNL alone for very strong and justifiable reasons like BSNL has already made massive capital investments towards laying of telecom infrastructure in remotest areas from where it got no returns and the fact that BSNL has been the highest contributor towards the USOF. Against the backdrop of these facts, we made an impassioned plea to Secy/DOT to award this project also to BSNL. However, our pleading before Secy/DOT evoked very sharp reaction from him because of following reasons.

A)      Secy/DOT emphatically stated that BSNL has lost its appetite to execute projects funded by USOF and in this context he made pointed reference to NOFN project which continues to be a virtual non starter as on date and LWE (Left wing extremist) project in CHG, MP, OR, WB MH etc. which also has made no headway. Secy/DOT felt that while the govt. is very keen and is making best efforts to revive BSNL and has been unfailingly awarding USOF funded projects to BSNL, the response from BSNL to execute such projects to say the least has been extremely disappointing and quite tardy in terms of meeting timelines and other important project requirements.

B)        Another important fact mentioned by Secy/DOT is that BSNL is under wrong impression that govt. has a compulsion to award such projects to BSNL alone and that there are no takers for execution of such projects. BSNL must dispel this impression and understand that there are   “N” numbers of takers for execution of such projects.

C)       Secy/DOT conveyed in very clear terms that total lack of enthusiasm and interest on part of BSNL to undertake and execute such projects is driving govt. to consider the option of inviting bids for execution of such projects.

However, from our side, we also apprised in detail Secy/DOT about the constraints that BSNL is also facing in execution of such projects and pleaded with him to give BSNL opportunity to execute this pretigious project in Nort East. Secy/DOT mentioned that BSNL Management must approach DOT and in very clear terms convey its willingness to execute this project on terms and conditions like transfer of Network to BSNL after installation etc and hence BSNL will not get any capital from USOF for execution of this project. Secy/DOT assured that DOT would be always willing to give first preference to BSNL provided BSNL is ready to abide by terms and conditions decided for the project and execute the project within stipulated timelines.         

In the meantime Smt Annie Moreas, Member(Finance)/DOT also joined the discussions and she too very clearly indicated that DOT would be always ready and keen to listen to BSNL on such issues.

We also requested Secy/DOT and Member(Finance)/DOT to expeditiously resolve long pending issue of merger of 78.2% IDA with basic in respect of all those having retired from BSNL prior to 10th June 2013. Both Secy/DOT and M(F)/DOT responded very positively and quickly by reiterating that the issue is virtually on the final stages of resolution as far as DOT is concerned and very shortly will be sent to DOE for its concurrence. All the queries raised by DOE in this regard are being responded to by DOT on a very positive note.  

16th May 2014 Meeting with GM(FP): Com K Sebastin, GS and both AGSs Com Arvind Dahiya and Com Vivek Wankhede met GM(FP) on 15.05.2014 and discussed:

a) Promotion from JAO to AO: GM(FP) informed that the reply from DoT is still awaited. However preparatory work is going on but the progress is not good. So far the assessment sheet and details received from five or six Circles only.

b) AO/Sr AO to CAO (Adhoc) promotion: The proposal to divert MT quota of about 165 posts for CAO(Adhoc) promotion is sent to MC for the approval. Once divertion is approved, further acton will be taken.

c)  AO/Sr AO/ to CAO (Adhoc)  to CAO (Regular) promotion: Necessary action is already initiated for regular promotion:

d)   CAO to DGM(Adhoc) promotion: The DPC is over and the minutes are submitted for the approval of competent authority. It is expected that about 160 Executives will be covered by this promotion of which VC for about 25 cases are pending.

e)CAO/DGM(Adhoc) to DGM(Regular) promotion: The DPC work is already initiated for about 150 posts.
14th May 2014 Corporate Office Orders:
Looking after arrangement for the post of Executive Director(CA).........

Transfer and Posting of HAG/SAG Group A officers - Order 1............

Transfer and Posting of HAG/SAG Group A officers - Order 2............
14th May 2014 Orders issued for the Promotion of Absorbed ITS Group A officers as
1. Executive Director(NB)  Click here to view order....... 

2. Executive Director(IT)  Click here to view order........ 

3. Executive Director(CN)  Click here to view order....... 

SNEA(I) Congratulates and wish the promoted officers all success in their new assignments.
7th May 2014 VC & APAR pending of Bihar Circle-JTO(T) to SDE(T) regular promotion:
The list of pending VC & APAR of JTO(T) of Bihar Circle issued by Circle Office.
All DSs are requested to arrange for sending VC & APAR of your SSA on urgent basis, so that complete list will be send BSNL Corporate Office on or before 15th May'2014.Otherwise DPC work delayed.

<<< Click here for pending VC list>>>
30th April 2014 SNEA(I) Bihar Circle extends best wishes for all comrades who retire today  on  superannuation, for  a  happy  and  peaceful retired life. Comrade you are starting a  new  journey and exceptional chapter of your life. May your days be filled with elation and triumph. We thank you for your dedication & congratulate you on your retirement.
30th April 2014 Pension contribution of employees absorbed from DoT into BSNL:
Dept of Pers & Trg (DoP&T) replies to GS / SNEA(I) in response to our letter dated 20th February, 2014 addressed to Sri V. Narayanasamy,  Hon MOS for Personnel, PG & Pension that 
“the pension contribution of employees absorbed from DoT into BSNL is regulated as per DOP&T Order No. 2/34/2008-Estt. (Pay II) dated 19.11.2009. i.e. pension contribution payable in respect of a Government servant shall be based on the existing basic pay of the post held by the Govt servant”. 
In this connection GS, CHQ President, AGS and Com M. Gopinathan, CS/TN Circle met Sri V. Narayanasamy, Hon MOS for Personnel, PG & Pension at his residence on 20.02.2014 and Jt Sec/ DoP&PW and Jt Sec/Dept of Pers on 24.02.2014 and held discussions on the matter.
Based on the reply we have to further pursue the matter in DoT and BSNL.

View copy of our letter dated 20-02-14 to Hon MOS for Personnel, PG & Pension...........

View copy of the reply letter received from Hon MOS for Personnel, PG & Pension / DoP&T...........
30th April 2014 Pay fixation on officiating promotion and protection of pay so long as he is holding the same post — provisions of TBP policy issued on 18.01.2007, relevant provisions of FR/SR, Hon SC Judgments and clarifications dated 30.05.2007 and 19.02.2010 issued by BSNL to be examined by the committee constituted .............GS writes to Dir HR.
View letter copy............
30th April 2014 Meeting with Director (Estt), DoT: GS Com K. Sebastin and AGS Com Arvind Dahiya met Sri Pradhish Khanna, Director(Estt), DoT and discussed the 78.2% fitment for the pensioners. Dir (Estt) informed that the file is pending in the DoT/Finance and as soon as it is received from the Finance wing, it will be processed further.
29th April 2014 JTO to SDE promotion: All CSs are requested to send the VCs latest by 15.05.2014 so that all the preparatory works can be completed well in advance. The case at Hon CAT, EKM is coming on 26.05.2014 for final arguments and disposal. 

SDE/DE (Adhoc) to DE (Regular) and DGM(Adhoc) promotion: The  VCs  may be expedited and to reach BSNL CVO office by second week of May. The IA filed by BSNL seeking clarification/permission for promotion will be most probably taken up in the first week of May.
26th April 2014

BSNL  Certified  JAVA  Professional  Course,  New  Batch   Starts  from 02-06-2014 at RTTC Hyderabad.

26th April 2014 View Corporate Office orders:

Preparatory work for ensuing CPC for promotion from Adhoc DGM (T) / Regular DE / AGM to DGM on regular basis - View Instructions........    

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