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  BSNL Rule  
BSNL Executives Promotion Policy DOWNLOAD
BSNL transfer policy DOWNLOAD
BSNL Conduct, Discipline and Appeal Rules, 2006 DOWNLOAD
  IDA Pay Scale  
BSNL Revised IDA Pay scale for Executives_06.03.09 DOWNLOAD
Clarification on the Pay Fixation for Executives 01-04-09 DOWNLOAD
DoT responsible for payment of pension to absorbed BSNL Employees DOWNLOAD
DPE notified the revision of payscales for CPSUs w.e.f 01-01-2007 _27-11-08 DOWNLOAD
No change of DNI on giving one increment on functional promotion DOWNLOAD
Payment of balance of 60 pc pay arrears to BSNL Employees DOWNLOAD
Presidential notification issued by DOT for revision of IDA pay for Executives in BSNL DOWNLOAD
Revised DPE issued orders for Revision of pay scales w.e.f 01.01.2007 _02.04.09 DOWNLOAD
TBP clarification11-09-09 DOWNLOAD
  BSNLMRS guidelines
BSNLMRS guidelines for regulation of expenditure on indoor treatment, 2005 DOWNLOAD
BSNLMRS-Guidelines for regulation of expenditure on indoor treatment, 2006 DOWNLOAD
  Loan Agreement with Bank
Loan through Canara Bank <<letter>> DOWNLOAD
Loan through Oriental Bank of Commerce << letter>> DOWNLOAD
Loan through Union Bank of India<< letter>> <<supl. MoU>> DOWNLOAD
  New Modified Transfer Policy
New Modified Transfer Policy For All BSNL Employees DOWNLOAD
  Medical Policy
Reimbursement of medical bills from Insurance Company and BSNL DOWNLOAD
  2nd PSU Pay Revision Committee Report
Acknowledgement DOWNLOAD
Annexures_Version_7 DOWNLOAD
Chapter-1-Overview - Profile_Final DOWNLOAD
Chapter-2-Compensation-Trend_Final DOWNLOAD
Chapter-3-Methodology-Final DOWNLOAD
Chapter-4-Paradigm-Shift-Final DOWNLOAD
Chapter-5-Annexs-New DOWNLOAD
Chapter-5-Classification-Final DOWNLOAD
Chapter-6-Recommendations-Final DOWNLOAD
Final-Annexures-2.1-2 DOWNLOAD
Final-Resolution-2nd-20PRC DOWNLOAD
List-20of-20Abbrevations-Main DOWNLOAD


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