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30th Dec 2010 Sri A. K. Jain Joined as GM (Pers), BSNLCO on 30.12.2010 in place of Sri. R. K. Mishra. SNEA(I) CHQ welcome him on behalf of 30,000 SNEA(I) activists throughout BSNL and wish him all the success. 

Sri. R. K. Mishra was instrumental in framing BSNLMS R/R and streamlining the much  delayed functional promotions to the Executives of BSNL to certain extent under the guidance of Sri Gopal Das, DIR(HR). SNEA(I) CHQ wish him all the success in the new assignment as Principal Advisor, TRAI.

30th Dec 2010 Smt. Geeta Rau, presently working as PGM(F), KTK Circle is posted as Executive Director(Fin) in place of Sri. S. R. Kapoor, who is retiring on superannuation on 31.12.2010.
29th Dec 2010 JTO to SDE DPC -- latest status of missing & untraceable cases <<list>>.
29th Dec 2010 Cabinet Note on IDA pension revision: The revised cabinet Note approved by Hon MOC&IT. After Hindi translation, the same will be sent to the Union Cabinet for approval.
28th Dec 2010 Transfer and Postings in the grades of AOs and Sr.AOs: BSNL Corporate Office has issued transfer and posting orders in AO and Sr AO grades.<<< click here for order >>>
28th Dec 2010 Update on Pay anomaly of 2007 and 2008 batches: GS and AGS met PGM(EF), Chairman of the committee and held further discussions on this subject. Chairman acknowledged the seriousness of the issue and assured early resolution and informed that the committee will be meeting in the second week of January and Assn will be invited for further discussions on this issue.
28th Dec 2010 Performance of BSNL in the month of Nov-2010:  BSNL corporate office released figures of achievement of BSNL in the month of Nov 2011 in the field of Wireline/ wireless Broadband services, landline,WLL,EVDO and GSM connections, the overall growth in Telephone connections during the month of Nov 2010 is 27.25 lakhs and cumulative since April 2010 it is 122-29 lakhs.

Click here to view copy of covering letter>>>>

Click here to view detailed statement of all services>>>

28th Dec 2010 Implementation of MNP -- lessons from Haryana Circle: Till 24.12.2010, 31,000 subscribers have requested for porting out of BSNL. Only 2946 subscribers have ported into BSNL. Majority of the ported out subscribers are of high ARPU even in prepaid category. Main reasons for porting out, as intimated by them, are
a) Network Problem (43.2%),
Call Disconnected By Customer (14.4%).
c) Due to High Rate -- only 8.9%.

Migration is due to the poor quality of service. <<details1>>  <<details2>>

MNP is going to be launched in all Circles with effect from 20.01.2011

28th Dec 2010 BSNLs presentation before the Board of Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprise(BRPSE) on 21.12.2010
<<Presentation>> <<<Status report>>
28th Dec 2010 Important decisions taken in CWC, Bhopal on 16th and 17th December 2010.

1. CWC unanimously resolved to project the demand of standard IDA pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO/SDE and take all possible actions, including very aggressive organizational actions, till final settlement of pay scales.
Till such time, as an interim measure, CWC further resolved to get pre-revised IDA scale of 9850-14600 immediately implemented for JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batches
.(These issues seriously raised by CS Bihar in the interest of our young Executives)

2. Recognizing absorption of ITS as a core issue for viability of BSNL, CWC unanimously decided that all Circle JACs throughout the Country must adopt resolutions to go in for strong trade union actions on the single agenda of absorption of ITS.(The resolution of JAC Bihar already submited to JAC CHQ on this issues on 2nd Dec'2010)

3.   In line with the decision of CWC, Manali, the CWC further reiterated to take all possible action to conclude referendum for executives before AIC.(This issue raised by CS Biharin CWC meeting at Manali)

4. CWC approved to go in for the purchase of a new CHQ building at New Delhi. Further resolved that a sum of Rs one crore is to be generated throughout the Country by all the Circles through donations since the available resources for the purchase of new building are not adequate.

5. AP, MH, UP(E) and Uttaranchal Circles have offered to hold next AIC in near future. It was decided that all the four Circles would submit approximate expenditure after which a committee comprising CHQ President, Treasurer and two AGSs, Com Khan and Sebastin will take a final call on the venue of next AIC before middle of February,2011

6. From now onwards all the welfare claims should be sent directly to CHQ Treasurer and scanned copy should be mailed to CHQ.

7. Association resolved to take all possible steps to protect the seniority of those who passed competitive examination for 25% LDCE quota as per the provisions of SDE R/R 1996 and 2001.(This issue raised by our CWC member Bihar in CWC meeting at Bhopal)

8. CWC ratified the payment of housing loan to Digamber Singh, Office Assistant at CHQ, on terms and conditions applicable to BSNL employees. Repayment of loan also would be on same terms and conditions. This decision was taken in last CWC at Manali.

9. GS purchased vehicle Rs 6.0 lakhs - Rs 3.5 lakhs donated by TN Circle in the year 2006 (actual amount Rs 2.5 lakhs plus about Rs 1.00 lakh as interest) for purchase of Vehicle for GS and the remaining amount of Rs 3.5 lakhs paid by GS.  CWC approved retention of the vehicle by GS after retirement on depreciation basis.

10. The CWC has approved a loan of Rs. 4 lakhs to Karnataka Circle for their Building at Bangalore which has to be repaid in two years.

11. CWC felt that all Project Circles should be integrated with respective territorial Circles in view of uncontrollably huge expenditure incurred by them.

12. Excellent boarding and lodging arrangements made by Comrades of MP Circle for highly comfortable stay of participants was greatly appreciated by the House.

27th Dec 2010 CHQ NEWS UPDATE : Attention of CSs/ CHQ Office Bearers:-

1. JTO to SDE DPC: The gradation list particulars for the preparation of supplementary All India Eligibility  for JTO to SDE promotion from the following Circles not received even after 5 months: AP, AS, BR, HR, HP, KTK, Kol TD, MH, MP, PB, OR, RAJ, WB, UP(E), UP(W), UKD. The data in respect of Non Recruiting Circles also may be sent by the respective recruiting Circles.

The gradation list particulars and VC for Regular DE promotion has to reach the BSNLCO as decided in the CWC. There should not be any lapse on the part of any of the Circles.

2. The details of Adhoc DEs joined on their promotional posts on the basis of the Adhoc DE promotion order dated 30.06.2010 and 30.07.2010 may be sent to BSNL CO urgently. This is very much required for processing the Adhoc DE promotion to the remaining DE posts.

3. JTO to SDE promotion: Status of missing and untraceable cases -- so far report received from Bihar Circle only.

4. Information sought by the Estt Branch regarding ASTTs merged with JTO cadre from 01.04.1994 is not received from the following Circles: BR, CHG, HP, JKD, KTK, PB, RAJ,  KTK, UKK, UP(W) and WB    -- for details see our website updated on 04 Nov.

25th Dec 2010  The decade that changed Indian Telecom Industry: More than a decade has passed since the government formulated its first telecom policy in 1999. During this period, India’s telecom landscape has changed with mobile users rising to whooping 700 million from a mere 2 million and tariffs are down to 30 paise a min from the 16 rupees charged then. Let’s take a journey down the memory lane to see how this industry has transformed our lives.In 2000, Shri Ram Vilas Paswan, the then telecom minister allowed the entry of government owned MTNL and BSNL in the mobile space. Till that time only two mobile service providers were allowed per circle. By 2001 along with BSNL and MTNL's entry the government also auctioned the fourth cellular license, which saw the entry of companies like Idea in the telecom space. It was based on this auction that the government set the future entry fees for a pan India telecom licence at Rs. 1651 crore.The entry of the fourth operator and BSNL saw competition intensifying in the telecom sector and call tariffs fell. While these changes were happening in the mobile space, basic service provider companies like Reliance and Tata were already using a new technology called WLL based on CDMA spectrum for providing basic telephony. Shri Ram Vilas Paswan soon gave the go ahead to limited mobility for these phones meaning you could carry your basic phone around the city. Soon companies like Reliance started using this to provide virtual mobile services. Existing operators like Bharti, Hutch and BPL mobile protested vigorously as they argued that Reliance was being allowed a backdoor entry into the mobile space. To end this controversy NDA government decided to bring about one of the biggest policy changes in the sector. Existing mobile players challenged the move in court but ultimately all smoked the peace pipe under the new telecom minister, Arun Shourie. to keep existing mobile players happy he brought down revenue share paid by telcos. Foreign investment cap went up while fresh spectrum was given to the older players. Mobile penetration deepened further in 2003 when incoming calls were made free. Mobile call rates fell further bringing down STD and ISD call rates. And the darkest period of the Indian telecom industry began in 2007 when Shri A Raja decided to give new licences in 2007 at 2001 price of Rs. 1651 crore.Hundreds of applicants rushed in but ultimately 122 licences were given. But soon allegations of wrong doing and favouritism surfaced. Questions began to be raised as to why the licences were not auctioned when so much demand existed and why was the cutoff date for receiving applications changed. Similarly, questions also popped about why was the date of application not taken into account under first come first served policy. The issue snowballed into a major controversy after country's auditor CAG found that 85 of the 122 licencees were ineligible. The auditor has also claimed that the country lost revenue worth Rs. 1,76,000 crore due to this policy and the parliament has been in turmoil ever since Raja had to finally step down and the country's premier investigating agency CBI is now investigating the whole process. With a new minister in charge the process of getting the sector back on track has to start. Most telecom watchers are hopeful that the sector will be able to ride out this storm but they also agree that short term solutions will not work to save this sector the government will have to address core problems, introduce clear and transparent policy and bring a level playing field for all companies.
Curtsey by-NDTV PROFIT
24th Dec 2010 Letter from Shri Wansuk Syiem, Member, National Commission for Women on our complaint against Shri R.K.Dawra, the then GM(Infra), Ambala, HR Circle on sexual harassment case of a lady JTO. <<<letter>>>. Reply by Shri Ram Shakal, CLO(LCT), BSNL CO, New Delhi to National Commission for Women.<<<<Reply>>>>.
24th Dec 2010 Photographs of CWC held at Bhopal on 16-17th December 2010.>>>>>>>
24th Dec 2010 Recovery of Duct usages charges for passive links provided to private operators. >>>>>>>>
24th Dec 2010 Recovery of port charges    -     judgment rendered by the Honble TDSAT on 28.05.2010. >>>>>>>
24th Dec 2010 Clarification issued regarding counting of Training allowance for the purpose of leave encashment.---- it is clarified that training allowance will not be taken into account while calculating leave encashment  <<order>>
24th Dec 2010 2G scam: CBI questions A Raja  >>>>
24th Dec 2010 JTO to SDE Regular Promotion -- List of untraceable and ACR not received cases. BSNLCO writes to the CGMs   <<Letter>>

Supplementary eligibility list for JTO to SDE promotion: The gradation list particulars are not received from most of the Circles. The particulars may be send immediately as decided in the CWC meeting at Bhopal.

24th Dec 2010 Congratulations!!! Persistent efforts of SNEA(I) CHQ yielded result in getting released orders regarding

1. Adhoc promotion and posting as EE(C) <<< click here for order>>>
2. Posting order issued on EE(C) promotion <<< click here for order>>>
3. Diversion of Post and Transfer/posting in EE(C) grade <<<Click Here for order>>>

22nd Dec 2010 Pay anomaly on implementation of 2nd PRC -- Senior getting less pay than the Junior --Antidating of increment: On continuous persuasion at Estt and EF section to withdraw the clarification dated 14.06.2010 and allowing the antidating of increment of senior to that of the Junior as per clarification dated 23.09.2009, it is learned that finally EF section is clearing the file with a positive note. Assn had several meetings with the concerned officers based on our letter dated 26.07.2010 and 09.11.2010 and pleaded that only way to settle the issue is either allowing antidating of increment which is same as that of stepping up of pay in earlier pay revisions or allowing uniform increment date to all the employees as done in the case of some CPSUs and Central Govt.
22nd Dec 2010 BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding encashment of HPL against shortfall in Earned Leave of 300 days on retirement in respect of Executives/Non-Executives absorbed/directly recruited in BSNL.
<<< click here for order >>>
21 th Dec 2010 Date of next hearing in OA no. 983 regarding BSNLMS RR in Hon'ble CAT Chennai is fixed on 04/01/2011 : Hearing is took place today in Hon'ble CAT Chennai and further posted for next  hearing on 04/01/2011.SNEA(I) has impleaded in the case. 
20th Dec 2010 DATE OF HEARING IN OA NO. 983 REGARDING BSNLMS RR IN HON'BLE CAT CHENNAI PREPONED  : Hon'ble CAT Chennai directed not to make any promotions based on the relaxation contained in Foot Note no. 2 of Schedule 1A  of the BSNL Management Services Recruitment Rules, 2009  framed by the BSNL dated 14.07.2009 and vide no. 400-106/2007-Pers I, till the next date of hearing.   The next date of hearing was posted on 6th Jan'2011 but SNEA (I) along with AIBSNLEA has impleaded in the case and  the date of hearing is preponed on 21.12.2010 in Hon'ble CAT Chennai.
20th Dec 2010 BHOPAL CWC MEET OF SNEA(I) CHQ ON 16TH & 17TH DECEMBER’2010 CONCLUDED WITH POSITIVE NOTE: Message is loud and clear, work very hard, make BSNL strong, Corruption free, demand for formidable, decisive leadership at top to lead BSNL out from its present situation: Two day central Working Committee meeting of SNEA(I) concluded on 17th Dec 2010 at Hotel “The MARK” with a very positive, informative, constructive and Encouraging speeches/ Discussions/ Deliberations by all participants with ever inspiring speeches and guidance from our beloved General Secretary SNEA(I) Com. G. L. Jogi and veteran leader Com. W. Seshagiri Rao. 
A Details Report:

Day one- 16th Dec 2010: After flag hoisting by CHQ President Com. S .L. Reddy proceeding of CWC meeting began with Saraswati Pujan and Deep Prajalvan and official inauguration by CGMT MP Circle Shri R.K.P. Hinduja. Welcome speech was given by host branch CS MP Circle Com. S. Duta Majumdar. CHQ president Com. S. L. Reddy and CGMT MP Circle Shri R.K.P. Hinduja addressed house.

CGM MP Circle Shri R.K.P.Hinduja in his brief address highlighted many achievements of BSNL MP circle, appreciated MP team for completing 3G rollout in entire state in record time of 40days instead of time limit of 3 months for which MP Circle received incentive of rupees one lakh which was distributed among entire staff @ Rs. 8.33 per staff . He also memorized his Days at Delhi and appreciated hard work of Com. G. L. Jogi and Com. A. A. Khan in pursuing the issues /cases at Corporate office. He also informed house about the news on TV Channels about support from Prime Minster Shri Manmohan Singh for PSUs mainly BSNL & AIR INDIA.

GS Report on brief of developments that took place since last CWC Manali was presented and passed by the house unanimously 
<<<Click for GS Report>>>

Thereafter in CS Report each and every Circle Secretary in their respective report presented the situation/position of BSNL and SNEA(I) in their respective circle with specific suggestions/actions to be taken on how to improve the revenue performance of BSNL.


 Day Two- 17th Dec 2010: Highlight of second day was presence of Ms.Shalini Singh, Correspondent, Times of India New Delhi, responsible for exposure of biggest telecom scandal of our times the 2G scam. She was the first in media to highlight the irregularities involved in allotment of 2G spectrum which caused the ouster of telecom minister Shri. A Raja and 21 days of standstill of Indian Parliament.

GS Com.G.L.Jogi in his speech reminded house that SNEA was the only union/association to highlight these issues since long; some of the extracts from GS Speech are given below:

  • # That Ms Shalini Singh was very vocal in exposing 2G scam since beginning.
  • # BSNL is the biggest causality of Telecom scam.
  • # He also told that SNEA was the only trade union/Association to come out openly      against Telecom Minister Mr.A.Raja.
  • # That how powerful ITS lobby openly defeated Prime Minister’s policy by short     listing only ITS people for the selection process of CMD BSNL.
  • # Non performers should be shown the door.
  • # No Proper mechanism for evaluating the performance of top officers.


Ms.Shalini Singh was warmly welcomed by SNEA (I), she in her effective and impressive speech put light on entire Telecom Scam and what media and public is knowing and understanding about BSNL, some of the extracts from the speech of Ms. Shalini Singh:

    # Ms.Shalini Singh told that she can not forget the word Comrade added by Com. G.L.Jogj before her name.
  • # Appreciated the employees of BSNL/members of Association for fighting the loosing battle.
  • # Criticized the policy of Private Players as that of Exploiting.
  • # Hoped and wished that BSNL should flourish and prosper.
  • # She told that what BSNL is facing today other PSUs are not facing like competition, regulatory challenges etc.
  • # BSNL customers/employees certainly not deserve the position in which they are today.
  • # BSNL wants a CMD who can protect from Pvt onslaught and interference from Ministry.
  • # There is conflict of interests at top.
  • # Endorsed the idea of GS that there should be two senior executives at top, one for operation and other working as buffer between company and Govt. There should be a person at top of the status and caliber of Person who should have direct access to Govt, Ministry at top level.
  • # Company has fallen from earning of huge profits to huge losses and it continues to fall.
  • #  Honest people and Nationalist minded people are slowly being edged out
  • # Country needs transparency, Zero level of corruption.
  • # Seed of corruption is laziness.
  • # She narrated & quoted various extracts from Mahatma Gandhi’s speeches &from Bhagwad Gita.
  • # There is so much to hide, Top officers running away from media and press.


On the day 2nd, the discussions & deliberations took place on:

a)  Review of Agitational programmes called by JAC,
b)  Role of JAC for change in work culture, ITS absorption, curtailment of expenditure, ways to increase revenue/ market share/sales, procurement policy,
c)  Revival of BSNL, leading role of SNEA in bringing about reforms, fight against corruption and its accountability.
        All the participants spoke in length on all these topics and shared their issues, views, ideas with the house, in the end GS complied all and concluded with his speech.
            Our beloved & forever Leader of SNEA (I) Com. W. Seshagiri Rao guided the house with his valuable speech and touched challenges behind BSNL and SNEA (I) Comrades.

  Holding of next ALL India Conference: CHQ President Com. S.L. Reddy informed house that SNEA (I) AIC will be held next year, probably in month of Sept 2011. Circle Secretaries of Maharashtra, UP (East), Andhra Pradesh & Uttaranchal submitted their proposal for holding AIC respectively at Nashik, Lucknow, Hyderabad and Haridwar and requested for giving them opportunity for holding of this prestigious event of SNEA(I). 
   It was decided to call for detail proposal with  expenditure details latest by 15th Feb 2011 from CS who have came forward for holding AIC and final decision of  venue of next AIC will be taken after reviewing arrangements and expenditure for AIC.       

18th Dec 2010 REGULAR DPC FROM JTO(T) TO SDE(T):ACR and VC report has been completed and screening work also completed.The Soft Copy of Screening Report already sent to BSNL HQ through E-mail and hard copy of ACR and VC report may be despatch to BSNL HQ on Monday by hand.
The promotion order from JTO(T) to SDE(T) on regular basis may be issued by the end of this month.
18th Dec 2010 FLASH NEWS !!! Great achievement of SNEA:Chennai CAT lifted the interim stay granted by the bench for the JTO to SDE, DPC. SNEA (India) pleaded in the OA for lifting the interim stay order passed by the Hon.CAT on 3rd November 2010.
18th Dec 2010 TRANSFER ORDER ISSUED BY CIRCLE OFFICE OF SDE(T) ON THEIR REQUEST: SNEA (I) Bihar Circle wishes to all SDE(T) for their new assignment at choice place.<<< click here for transfer order >>>
Circle Office issued a order of Re-officiating in the cadre of STS after 179 days.<<< click here for order >>>
18th Dec 2010 The complete success story behind formation of Committee for resolve the Pay Anomaly of JTOs of 2007 and 2008 Batches:

10th June 2010: General Secreatry SNEA(I) write a serious letter to Director(HR) BSNL Board for resolving pay anomaly leading to grave injustice in respect of JTOs recruited in 2007 and 2008 – Need for immediate action – interim measure -Payment of pay and allowances in the pre revised IDA scale 9850-14600 for the JTOs of 2007 and 2008 rect - Pending finalization of equivalent pay scales.
<<< click here for a comprehensive letter write to DIR(HR) BSNL >>>

12th sep 2010: SNEA(I)  takes up the issue of immediate resolution of standard E2 & E3 pay scales for JTOs and SDEs and also for placing the JTOs of 2007 & 2008 batches in pre-revised IDA scales of 9850-250-14600 till standard E2 & E3 pay scales are finalised. SNEA(I) also has urged upon the BSNL Management to look at other issues of faster career growth for JTOs and SDEs.
 Backbone of the Organization, JTO and SDE cadres, left rudderless and completely demoralized because of lack of application and interest on part of both management/DOT to resolve their burning HR issues like finalization of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 and streamlining their career growth to ensure their optimal motivational levels. 
In case the issue is not resolved with in a reasonable timeframe, the Association is determined to launch country wide programmes of Trade Union actions to get the issues settled.
<<< click here for a comprehensive letter write to CMD >>>

23 Sep2010:Meeting with CMD, BSNL:
GS along with both AGSs met CMD, BSNL and discussed regarding placing the JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batch in the pre-revised scale of 9850-250-14600: CMD was appraised in great detail the severe injustice met out to JTOs of 2007 & 2008 at the minimum of E1 scale instead of the scale in which they are recruited / appointed. There is absolutely no justification in placing these JTOs in the minimum of E1 scale. We pleaded with CMD to direct the concerned officers to initiate immediate action to resolve this important issue of placing them in the scale in which they have been recruited till replacement scale of 9850-250-14600 is decided. CMD thereafter directed GM(Estt) to pursue the issue and advised us to further discuss the issue with ED(Finance). Subsequently, we had further discussions with ED(Fin) and briefed him in detail about the whole issue. ED(Fin) assures to examine the issue. We shall further pursue the issue.
SNEA(I) succeeded in breakthrough in the direction of resolving the Pay Anomaly of JTOs of 2007 and 2008 Batches and ultimately BSNL Management issued a letter for formation of Committee under compulsion of our genuine demands in favor of our young Executives.
<<< click here for committee >>>
18th Dec 2010 Report of the General Secretary in the CWC Meeting at Bhopal on 16th & 17th December 2010 <<<click here for Report>>>
18th Dec 2010 Option to continue in CDA scale till retirement or promotion: BSNL endorses the DOT order dated 04-11-2010 and the corrigendum dated 22-11-2010 provisionally allowing the pay fixation done by BSNL for the purpose of calculation of pension. Around 7000 of our comrades exercised this option at the time of absorption and all of them are benefited by this order. Earlier DPE clarified to DOT more than once that this option is not at all available for the executives absorbed in BSNL and DOT Finance taken a stand that the pay fixation method adopted by BSNL is not correct. For the last four years, Assn was pleading with Sec/DOT and Member(S)/DOT for the positive resolution of this crucial issue. Finally we could convince the present Member(S)/DOT that this option was exercised as per the terms and conditions of absorption in BSNL and any change in the terms and condition will be treated as a violation of terms and condition offered at the time of absorption and the absorption itself may be questioned in the Court of law. With statistics, Assn further convinced that the pay fixation method suggested by DOT Fin has no relevance as there will not be any change in the pay on option and the executives will be loosing arrears from 01.10.2000 to the date of promotion if the pay is fixed as proposed by DOT Fin. Our retired comrades from Kerala and Chennai fought the case legally also and got very favourable judgements. Even Hon Chennai CAT in its judgement dated  12.08.2010 in OA No 700/2009 held that DOT can verify the records only for the period of 24 months preceding the date of retirement of the employee and not for any period prior to that date. Further Hon CAT directed DOT to make the payment of consequential arrears with interest @9% per annum <<<click here for Orders>>>
16th Dec 2010 Air India, BSNL likely to be provided govt support: PM
“Enterprises which are facing difficulties, such as Air India and BSNL, are receiving the due attention of the government,” the Prime Minister said at the MoU Excellence Awards and the SCOPE Awards Ceremony on Wednesday.

<<< click here for details news >>>
16th Dec 2010 FLASH NEWS !!! Congratulations !!! Promotion orders issued for 44 Adhoc EE (C) on regular basis. >>>>>>>>
16th Dec 2010 FLASH NEWS !!! Congratulations !!! Promotion Orders issued - promoting 70 SDE (C) to EE (C) on regular basis. >>>>>>
16th Dec 2010 Tenure transfer orders of SDEs issued by BSNL Corporate Office >>>>>>>
<<< click here for transfer order >>>
14th Dec 2010 TRANSFER ORDER ISSUED BY CIRCLE OFFICE OF JTO/Offtg.SDE ON THEIR REQUEST: SNEA (I) Bihar Circle wishes to all JTO/Offtg.SDE for their new assignment at choice place.
<<< click here for transfer order >>>
14th Dec 2010 Congratulations!!!!! BSNL Crosses 20 Lakh 3G Mobile and Data Subscriber Mark  >>>>>>
13th Dec 2010 Re-designation of DGM as Additional General Manager : BSNL corporate office today issued instructions to change the designation of 239 Un-absorbed DGMs as Additional General Manager with immediate effect.

Click here to view the copy of order and list>>>>>>

13th Dec 2010 Timely procurement of equipments is the responsibility of the BSNL and government does not interfere with the same, says Minister of State for Communications and IT Shri Sachin Pilot: Government may charge erring telecom firms a maximum of up to Rs 7 crore as liquidated damages for failing to meet the roll-out obligations as per license terms and conditions.
Communications and IT Minister Kapil Sibal informed the Lok Sabha today that "to cover the losses, if any, to the government due to delay in roll out, provision of liquidated damages exists in the UAS license agreement." As per the agreement, the department of telecom (DoT) will be entitled to recover the charges at Rs 5 lakh per week
for the first 13 weeks, Rs 10 lakh for the next 13 weeks and thereafter Rs 20 lakh for 26 weeks, subject to a maximum of Rs 7 crore, he added.
Telecom regulator TRAI had suggested cancellation of about 69 licences for failing to meet roll-out obligations.
To another query, Minister of State for Communications and IT Sachin Pilot said that BSNL employee association has alleged cartelisation of leading telecom gear manufacturers, wrecking havoc on BSNL growth. He added, however, that as far as the tendering process of BSNL for purchase of equipment is concerned, "timely procurement of equipments is the responsibility of the BSNL and government does not interfere with the same."
FLASH NEWS !!! Central Working Committee meeting of SNEA (India) will be held at BHOPAL, MP on 16-17, December, 2010. <<<click here for notice >>>
All District/Branch Secretaries are requested to sent their suggestions and resolution passed by their branch latest by 10th December 2010 on e-mail: cs.sneabihar @

All District/Branch Secretaries are requested in this regard to pay their CHQ & Circle quota in full upto November, 2010 at the earliest possible time.
" SNEA(I) BIHAR TELECOM CIRCLE " at PATNA in CANARA BANK ,BORING ROAD BRANCH (Core Banking Service), PATNA & A/C No.1967101009337.
13th Dec 2010 Central working committee meeting of SNEA(I) at Bhopal :GS SNEA(I) has issued notice  <<Click for copy of Notice>> for the next meting of CWC scheduled to be held at Bhopal on 16th & 17th Dec 2010, CWC is going to discuss and deliberate in detail on various current issues like rapidly falling revenues of BSNL, strategies to overcome it, forthcoming DPC from JTO to SDE,SDE to adhoc DE and Adhoc DE to JAG, CWC is also going to discuss the various challenges before BSNL and BSNL executives.
SNEA(I) BIHAR CIRCLE will be represented by:
1) Com.Madhusudan Mahto,VP SNEA(I) CHQ,
2) Com.Ratish Kumar,CS SNEA(I) BIHAR
3) Com.Ramesh Kumar,CWC member
4) Com.Ranjan Kumar,CWC member
13th Dec 2010 CSs may bring the following informations for the CWC meeting in addition to the agenda already notified:

1)    Financial position of the Circles --- last year’s balance sheet, performance of the last two quarters, initiatives taken by the Circles, expenditure control etc.

2)     Status of Circle Gradation list particulars of JTOs called by BSNLCO for the preparation of another All India Eligibility list for the next DPC for promotion from JTO to SDE -- OC/SC- upto 2001 and ST – upto 2005 rect year.

3)     Details of pending Rule-8 transfers of JTOs rect yearwise.

4)     Information sought from the Circle regarding ASTTs merged with JTO cadre in 1994 vide letter dated 05.10.2010.

5)     Regular promotion to DE: VC status and status of untraceable Executives -- NIL report in case no such Executives are working in the Circle.

6)     Adhoc promotion to JAG – status of below bench mark cases.

7)     JTO to SDE promotion – status of below bench mark cases intimated by BSNLCO to Circles and ACRs of missing cases.

13th Dec 2010 Pay anomaly of 2007 and 2008 batches: GS and AGSs met GM(Estt) and held further discussions. The Committee formed based on our continuous persuasion with CMD/DIR(HR), ED(Fin) and GM(Estt) on this pay anomaly issue. The Committee had an internal meeting. Assn will be further meeting the Committee <<Committee>>
10th Dec 2010 Congratulations !!! Provisional Gradation list of JTO(T) of Recruitment Years 1995 to 2007 working in Bihar: Consistent and untiring effort of SNEA(I) Bihar yielded fruitful result in favor JTO(T) cadre which is BACKBONE of our organization and henceforth  Bihar Telecom Circle issued provisional Gradation list of JTO(T) of Recruitment Years 1995 to 2007 working in Bihar Telecom Circle, ETR, ETP and T & D Circle after a long time.

For  verification and corrections if any, all the Circle office bearers,District/Branch Secretaries are requested to go through the list and verify the details, discrepancy if found may please be forwarded to Circle Office through proper channel latest by 07-01-2011 in proper proforma with relevant certificate for inclusion/correction of their Name and Data in Circle Gradation list and particulars may be mailed to CS SNEA(I) Bihar at E-mail ID:

Click here to view copy of covering letter>>>>>

Click here to view provional gradation  list of jto(t) >>>>>


10th Dec 2010 Revised eligibility of CDA/IDA pay for availing LTC by BSNL employees - Corrigendum <<< click here for order >>>
10th Dec 2010 IDA pension revision of the pre-2007 BSNL retirees: The file on pension revision of the pre-2007 BSNL retirees has now been sent from DOT back to the Cabinet Secretariat, after giving necessary replies for the queries revised by the cabinet.
This is one of the demand out of 11 points demand in 3 days strike called by JAC/CHQ.
8th Dec 2010 Salary for the month of March will now be paid on 31st March only & not on 1st April: The Management Committee of BSNL Board in its 77th meeting held on 27th October 2010 has decided that the salary of the employees of BSNL (absorbed, directly recruited and employees on deputation in deputation) pertaining to a month including the month of March will fall due on the last working day of the said month as well as the salary of the said month will be disbursed on the last working day of the said month. This decision will be effective from the financial year 2010-11. On account of implementation of above-mentioned decision from the financial year 2010-11, the employees of BSNL will be getting 13 months salary for the financial year 2010-11, which may affect personal income tax liability of the employee for the financial year 2010-11 (A.Y. 2011-12). However, as per Section 89 of Income Tax Act 1961 - ‘where an assessee is in receipt, in any one financial year, of salary for more than twelve months, due to which his total income is assessed at a rate higher than that at which it would otherwise have been assessed, the Assessing Officer shall, on an application made to him in this behalf, grant such relief as may be prescribed’. Therefore, the affected employees of BSNL may claim the relief u/s 89 of the Income Tax Act 1961 by filing Form No. 10-E in respect of amount of the salary of March 2010 which has been disbursed by BSNL and received by the employees in April 2010. The Accounting Units of BSNL shall extend help to the affected employees by supplying copy of Form No. 10-E.
<<< click here for order >>>
7th Dec 2010 TRANSFER ORDER ISSUED BY GMM ETR PATNA OF JTOs/SDEs ON THEIR REQUEST: Untiring and Consistent efforts of CS SNEA(I) BIHAR yielded result in getting released of transfer order of JTOs/SDEs on their request.
SNEA (I) Bihar Circle wishes to all JTOs/SDEs for their new assigment at choice place.
<<< click here for transfer order >>>
7th Dec 2010 BSNL has outstanding of Rs.5351.39 Crores on Telephone bills: Minister of communications and IT Mr Kapil Sibal said in a written reply to the Lok Sabha. That State-owned telecom operators BSNL and MTNL, which have run up huge losses, have to recover over `6,491 crore in dues from their customers, Parliament was informed on Monday. “Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL), which offers services in Delhi and Mumbai, had a total outstanding of `1,139.68 crores, while BSNL has an outstanding due of `5,351.39 crore (up to September 30, 2010) on account of telephone bills,” Minister further clarified that the companies have made various efforts like sending payment reminders, disconnection of services and offering incentives for BSNL employees to recover the dues. To another query, Mr Sibal said the ministry has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the ministry of defence in connection with the release of spectrum for 2G and 3G services by Defence, wherein waiver of spectrum charges for Defence Forces was one of the points covered.“High Level Monitoring Committee (HLMC) for reviewing the progress of implementation of MoU under the chairmanship of cabinet secretary (CS) decided among others that the spectrum charges for Defence Network is waived. A proposal in this regard has been sent to Ministry of Finance,” he added.
6th Dec 2010 JAC circular - Historic Strike - Magnificent Achievement
<<< click here for details>>>
6th Dec 2010 JAC writes to CMD, BSNL regarding the provocative and vindictive action of the GM(Admn), BSNLCO with malafide intention and demands strong action against him <<Letter>>
6th Dec 2010 GS writes to Shri Kapil Sibal, Hon MOC&IT ---- Professionally accomplished leadership key to revival of BSNL- selection of CMD and directors board – mandate of Hon’ble PM based on Pitroda panel recommendation  <<Letter>>
6th Dec 2010
@ Indian Telephone subscriber base reaches 723.28 million  <<news>>

@ Only fine for telcos rolling out services after deadline <<news>>

@ DoT wing picks holes in TRAI report on rollout obligation <<news>>

@ 2G spectrum: Govt defends equity sale to foreign entities  <<news>>

4th Dec 2010 JAC/ Bihar review meeting after deferment of three days Strike Call:- Joint Action Committee of BSNL Executives' & Non-Executives Associations & Unions of Bihar Circle held on 3rd Dec’2010 and  extended sincere thanks to entire BSNL Executives' & Non-Executives'  of Bihar Circle for their whole hearted participation in Three Days strike call  and  making it's a complete success.   JAC/Bihar appreciated the efforts of all District/Branch Level Office bearers of all Unions / Associations for their untiring efforts in mobilizing the members for their active participation, which made 100% participation through out the circle. The three days strike call was mainly to protest against the wrong policies of the government which are adversely affecting the viability of BSNL.
The 3 lakh workforce through out the country has told in one voice and with determination that the game plan of the government and other vested interests to weaken BSNL will not be tolerated any more. 
Viability of BSNL was the main demand of our struggle. As all of us know that it is not a demand which can be settled in a single day. Rather, it is a continuous process to be pursued with the government. Our strike has given out a strong massage to the government that BSNL workers and officers are very serious in restoring the viability of BSNL. Taking the message in right perspective, the new Secretary, DoT has assured his whole hearted support to strengthen BSNL. JAC will seriously pursue this issue through the Secretary, DoT. BSNL management has assured us that it would procure equipments for another 15 million lines, in addition to the 5.5 million lines for which tender is almost finalized. JAC will continue to pressurise both the BSNL management as well as govt. of India to take appropriate steps to strengthen BSNL.
Dear Friends,
One thing is always keep in mind that the Commentators/Viewers can’t play the MATCH but only players can play and perform in the MATCH. Therefore performance of Players can be record as history but the comment of Commentators/Viewers gone astray with end of each MATCH.

JAC/Bihar Condemned the action of Circle Administration under the Guidance of  CGMT Bihar during the STRIKE period and continuous provoked us for creating disturbance in our peaceful STRIKE with the help of Police Force.
<<< Click here for JAC/Bihar letter to CGMT>>>

JAC/Bihar write a letter to JAC/CHQ for only one point agenda “Settlement of ITS Absorption” can be resolve, which is in larger interest of our beloved company BSNL and the copy of resolution sent to JAC/CHQ leaders at New Delhi.
<<< Click here for JAC/Bihar letter to JAC/CHQ>>>

strike news in print media:
<<click here for 2nd Dec’2010 news >>
<<click here for 3rd  Dec’2010  news>>

3rd Dec 2010 Seniority list of Regular STS: BSNL Corporate office issued provisional Seniority list of BSNL absorbed Regular STS for verification and corrections if any, all the concerned Executives are requested to go through the list and verify the details, discrepancy if found may please be forwarded to BSNL corporate office through proper channel latest by 20-12-2010 and particulars may be mailed to CS SNEA(I) Bihar at E-mail ID-
Click here to view copy of covering letter>>>>>

Click here to view All India list of Regular STS>>>>>

Click here to view Exclusive list of regular STS of bihar >>>>>
3rd Dec 2010 BSNL corporate office issued Agreement signed by all Central JAC leaders and BSNL management at Delhi.
<<Click here to view copy of Agreement>>
3rd Dec 2010 What prompted Central JAC to decide to defer strike- A very positive and confidence building meeting with Secy/DOT.

Central JAC had a meeting lasting about two hours with Secy/DOT, M(S)/DOT, CMD/BSNL and other senior officers of BSNL and DOT on the issues contained in the notice on 2nd December 2010.

At the very outset of the meeting, Secy/DOT, speaking directly from his heart and in an extremely frank and crisp manner, very strongly expressed his deep commitment and resolve and of the government as well in addressing key policy issues that help to strengthen BSNL since he firmly holds the opinion that continued viability of BSNL is not only in the interest of the Company and its employees but more significantly in greater National interests. Having expressed his resolution very strongly to expeditiously address key issues that help growth of BSNL, in terms of the policies of the government, Secy/DOT switched over to express his opinion, very frankly and clearly, on some of the following issues.

A) Absorption of ITS; on this important issue, Secy/DOT clearly indicated that concrete action is being taken to expeditiously resolve this issue. Secy/DOT further mentioned that he has identified this issue as a priority issue and is accordingly taking appropriate action to conclusively resolve this issue. Comments from the concerned ministers on the Cabinet note of DOT are expected to be received very soon after which the note shall finally go to the Union Cabinet for consideration. DOT is monitoring the progress of the issue.

B) Revision of IDA pension: The note which was returned by the Cabinet Secretariat seeking some clarifications from DOT is being sent back for consideration of the Union Cabinet, Secy/DOT informed. The views of the nodal ministries have already been obtained and are incorporated in the cabinet note. The issue is expected to get resolved soon.

C) Policy commitments of the government from time to time to compensate BSNL for meeting social obligations of the government: Secy/DOT fully assured to examine the commitments of the government with regard to compensating BSNL for providing telecom services in unprofitable and unremunerative inaccessible areas and take action accordingly. In fact, Secy/DOT clearly mentioned that in future DOT is not going to coerce BSNL to get involved in commercially unviable projects. In fact, Secy/DOT, clearly indicated that, in terms of ensuring a level playing field, BSNL will not discriminated against as far as implementation of telecom policies is concerned. Secy/DOT suggested to CMD/BSNL that it should list all the commercially unviable projects where BSNL is   discriminated against and needs to be compensated, particularly with regard to massive rural basic services expansion projects it has undertaken with huge investments. Secy/DOT categorically assured that he is fully prepared to examine all such cases. BSNL has to act now and highlight projects it has executed to meet social obligations and not been compensated.

D) Refund of 3G/BWA spectrum charges: Secy/DOT mentioned that despite DOT taking up the issue, the government is not inclined to concede this concession to BSNL since it would amount to violation of level playing field and create problems for the government.

F) Procurement of equipment: Secy/DOT said that DOT would make it sure that BSNL board takes expeditious decisions for procurement of equipment to meet the operational requirements of BSNL and that the government would not generally interfere in the policy decisions of the Company relating to its business and commercial growth. BSNL management is the appropriate policy making body to decide commercial policies of BSNL.

G) Payment of 78.2% IDA wef 1.1.2007: Secy/DOT mentioned that BSNL management has to decide on this issue after which the final call would be taken by DOT.

Secy/DOT was quite enthusiastic in expressing rather reiterating that issues need to be and would be addressed in a time bound manner and that he will very shortly be convening a meeting to discuss the issues in a very congenial and healthy environment. All efforts would be made to resolve the issues within timelines, Secy/DOT optimistically stated. Even in the midst of severe turmoil that telecom sector is presently experiencing, he is devoting every day almost one to two hours towards resolution of issues of BSNL, Secy/DOT informed. 

Leaders of Central JAC were so much motivated and impressed by highly positive, confidence building and loud and clear message of Secy/DOT that he means serious, urgent and honest business to address and resolve legitimate issues of viability of BSNL that they decided to give him good time and a proper environment to take on the issues of BSNL. Besides, the sense of urgency, prioritization of issues and eagerness on the part of Secy/DOT to address vital issues like ITS absorption, examining policy commitments of the government to compensate BSNL for its rural expansion of landline services etc., revision of IDA pension, and other key issues that help faster growth of BSNL and promote its viability was the turning point for Central JAC to decide to defer its ongoing strike so as to give reasonable time to and create conducive atmosphere and conditions for Secy/DOT to take a fresh and expeditious call on these issues of viability of BSNL.

After all, Comrades, we have to always bear fundamental fact in mind that struggle from the platform of JAC is only to strengthen BSNL and make it viable and this should   continue to be the basic and central objective of JAC.

Struggle, as Comrades of SNEA(I) understand more than anyone else, is an endless journey, leading one from one destination to another and final destination is never really defined, since newer challenges and situations keep on emerging after every struggle. We struggled continuously and consistently for more than seven years (1981 to 1987) to achieve our historical demand of revision of pay scale (1640-2900). Even today, after more than seven years of our absorption in BSNL, we are still struggling to put in place a sound promotion policy. And young and ambitious generations in BSNL shall continue to strive to accomplish further radical improvements in the existing executive promotion policy in the days to come.

Every struggle leaves its mark and defines future path................. Say,
@ strike of SNEA(I) in Dec 2006 on merger of 50% IDA with basic finally resulted in a a huge breakthrough,
@ strike of JAC in 2007 enabled us to at least 18 m GSM equipment,
@ strike of April 2010 has resulted in near settlement of very important issue of pension revision (from Union Cabinet) and given a real head start to contentious ITS absorption issue,

@ strike of Dec,10 has pushed ITS absorption issue closer to settlement,
in addition to providing an excellent opportunity to further push issues of viability of BSNL as far as policies of government and procurement of GSM equipment are concerned.

@ Every strike surely and unquestionably leaves its indelible mark and that is how caravan keeps moving and that is what we have to keep in mind for future.
@ Struggle should not be seen as something of an electric switch which just on being switched on emits light instantaneously - no, not at all.

@ Struggle means consolidation of unity. This struggle has achieved consolidation by a stunning official participation of 60% (which actually would be more than 80%) in the strike. This consolidation of forces of unity has to be further strengthened since a consolidated and united platform alone can take on very formidable challenges of viability of BSNL in the days to come.
In that context, JAC has emerged as a potent and powerful platform to effectively and successfully deal with issues of continued viability of BSNL. As progressive forces, let us all work tirelessly towards strengthening of JAC to safeguard our beloved Company from getting perished. 
2nd Dec 2010 NEWS UPDATE ON STRIKE at 10 PM:
FLASH NEWS!! Central JAC decided to call off the 3 days strike following the agreement with the Management.After marathon discussions in meetings with BSNL Management & DOT Administration and on the written assurances; JAC unanimously decided to defer the three days Strike Call with immediate effect.
Struggle is an endless affair and is a continuous process. Let us look forward unitedly in strengthening the viability of our beloved company through continuous struggle and hard work.

Terms of Settlement and record of discussions <<< click here>>>
We extend our sincere gratitude & thanks to all Members for their excellent & dedicated participation in two Days Strike & Making it's a grand success.
2nd Dec 2010 NEWS UPDATE ON STRIKE at 6 PM:

The Meeting of JAC leaders of Bihar Circle was held on 3PM today(2nd Dec’2010) under the Chairmanship of Com. Baikund Prasad Singh and  Convenor Com. Madhusudan Mahto JAC Bihar Circle. The meeting were attended by Com. Ratish Kumar/CS SNEA(I), Com. Ranjan Kumar/CP SNEA(I), Com. Kaushlendra Prasad/CS AIBSNLEA, Com. P.N. Jha/CP AIBSNLEA, Com. R.P.Sinha/CS FNTO, Com. B.N.Sinha/CS NFTE, Com. N.K. Srivasatava/ CS WRU.
All Associations and Unions unanimously decided to continue the STRIKE till only one crucial issue “Settlement of ITS Absorption” which is in larger interest of our beloved company BSNL and the copy of resolution sent to JAC/CHQ leaders at New Delhi.
<<< click here for copy of resolution >>>

Congratulation to all Non-Executives and Exectutives Employees of BSNL Bihar Circle for making 100% success of 2nd Day STRIKE in whole Bihar and JAC leaders of Bihar made sincere appeal to all comrades to maintain the tempo and mobalise the members to get ready for continue the STRIKE till the only one crucial point for Settlement of ITS issue.

Comrades, Some ITS officers were trying to misbehave with JAC leaders at Sanchar Sadan Patna today morning and they provoked us for creating disturbance in our peaceful STRIKE.

JAC Bihar salute to thousand of thousands valiant warrior of Non-Executives and Exectutives Employees of BSNL Bihar Circle who comes instantly within two hour and complete GHERABANDI at Sanchar Sadan Patna and converted into MASSIVE DEMONSTRATION against the ITS officers whole day.  
It is reliable to learns that there is no favorable outcome of meeting with Secretary DoT on today at New Delhi and most probable to take decision go for indefinite strike by JAC/CHQ Leaders.

1st Dec 2010 CHQ NEWS UPDATE ON STRIKE: DoT Secretary called a meeting with JAC LEADERS at 10.30 AM on 2nd Dec'2010 for discussing on strike issues.

An update on strike by JAC throughout the Country on 1st Dec.,2010:

Beginning on a perfect note, the strike call given by Central JAC, decision regarding which was taken more than three months before, evoked an overwhelmingly spectacular response by and large throughout the Country.

The strike was near total in Kerala, Maharastra, Bihar, Karnataka, Assam, West Bengal, Punjab, Haryana ( barring two SSAs), J&K, AP(except Hyderabad), TN (barring two to three SSAs), Rajasthan (nearly 70%), UP(E) (barring two SSAs), UP(W)( barring two to three SSAs), Kolkatta (nearly 85%), HP( except Circle office and another SSA), Gujarat (barring four to five SSAs). In Chennai, the response was extremely poor (nearly 30%)

In MP, Indore registered nearly 100% participation, whereas valiant Comrades of SNEA (I) from Gwalior and BRAIBATT Jabalpur participated in strike, thereby upholding the pride and prestige of their beloved Organization in MP which has given them everything through continuous struggle of last three decades. We salute Comrades of Indore, Gwalior and BRAIBATT Jabalpur for observing the call of CHQ in a highly spirited, disciplined and committed manner and sincerely appeal and look forward to beloved Comrades of other SSAs of MP to join the struggle at the earliest.

CHQ has not received any feedback so far from NE, Chattisgarh and Jharkhand Circles.

Central JAC has decided to appeal all its constituents to further intensify the struggle to create strong compulsion on the government to address and resolve the issues. We wholeheartedly congratulate Comrades of all the constituents of JAC in general and SNEA (I) in particular for making the strike on the first day a great success. We appeal to activists of SNEA (I) to plug in the loopholes observed in the first day of the strike and gear up those places where weaknesses were observed. Comrades of Hyderabad and Chennai need to make extensive preparations to drastically improve their performances and participation.

In MH where strike was 100%, brave and dedicated Comrades of Pune took out a huge rally in which more than three thousand Comrades participated. Hats off to you, Comrades of Pune - Keep it up. Victory will be shortly at our door steps. 

1st Dec 2010 CHQ NEWS UPDATE ON STRIKE: DoT Secretary called a meeting with JAC LEADERS at 10.30 AM on 2nd Dec'2010 for discussing on strike issues.







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