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26 th Feb 2010 Some important features of income tax slab for the FY 2010-11

Tax Liability

Earlier Slab

New Slab

No Income Tax

Income upto Rs 1.6 lakh

Income upto Rs 1.6 lakh


Income between Rs1.6 - 3 lakh.

Income between Rs.1.6 - 5 lakh


Income between Rs 3-5 lakh

Income between Rs.5- 8 lakh


Income of above Rs 5 lakh

Income of above Rs 8 lakh

Under Section 80C of India's Income Tax Act

Upto Rs 100,000

Upto Rs.1, 20,000 *

(*)The government would allow up to Rs 20,000 for investments in long-term infrastructure bonds under 80C of India's Income Tax Act

25 th Feb 2010 DE Officiating promotion order issued for 6 SDEs : Bihar Circle issued officiating promotion order in the DE (STS) cadre for six (06) SDEs after rigorously effort of  CS SNEA(I) and his team with Circle Administration.SNEA(I) Bihar Circle wishes to all SDEs for their promotion in the DE(STS) Cadre and thanks to CGM and his team.
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25 th Feb 2010 Posting of Executive as Instructor in CTTC Patna : SNEA(I) Bihar Circle wishes to Mr. Mukesh Kumar (HR No.-200301498) JTO Begusarai for selection as Instructor in CTTC, Patna.
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25 th Feb 2010 Modification in the place of Posting of JTOs on Officiating Promotion to SDE in Bihar Circle:
Modification in the place of Posting of 03 JTOs on their Local Officiating Promotion from JTO (T) to SDE (T) in Bihar Circle  and  accommodate in same SSAs.
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25 th Feb 2010 Scrap GSM tender, go for service model: Pitroda panel to BSNL:

"The Sam Pitroda committee has recommended that public sector Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) scrap its Rs 30,000-crore tender to procure GSM equipment for 92 million lines and switch instead to a managed services model on the lines of its private rivals Bharti Airtel and Vodafone Essar."  A radical reform suggested by Pitroda committee -- management of network by suppliers  -- a concept that BSNL management ought to have conceived long back.
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24 th Feb 2010 Circle Office Bearers of SNEA (I) Bihar Circle Meeting:
Circle Office Bearers of SNEA (I) Bihar Circle met on 24th Feb’2010 at Patna under the chairmanship of Com. Ranjan Kumar, Circle President with following agenda-

  1. Distribution of Duties and Responsibilities of Circle Office Bearers Discussion and Decision of Organisational Activities.Role of SNEA (I) in growth and development of BSNL Bihar Telecom Circle.
  2. Discussion and Decision of Membership verification of majority Executives Association.

Com. Ratish Kumar Circle Secretary addressed the meeting on the above issues and draw future action plan of SNEA(I) in Bihar Circle.
The following Circle Office Bearers SNEA (I) Bihar Circle are actively  participated in  the meeting and delivered very useful suggestions and share valuable thought –

  1. Com. Arvind Kumar ,Vice-PresidentCom. A.K. Chourasia,Vice-PresidentCom. K.K. Ambastha, Astt. Circle SecretaryCom. Dr. Ashok Kumar,Astt. Circle SecretaryCom. Arun Kumar,Astt. Circle SecretaryCom.Ramesh Kumar, CWC MemberCom. K.K.Pandey, Organising SecretaryCom. Dheeraj Tapan Kumar, Organising SecretaryCom. Vivekanand Kumar, Circle Treasurer
  2. Com. B.P. Khatri, Area Secretary

Some Office Bearers were not attend the meeting due to their urgent engagement in their duty & responsibility towards our beloved organization BSNL.

23 th Feb 2010 : Circle Office Bearers meeting of SNEA(I) Bihar Circle will be held on 24th feb'2010 at Patna <<<Notice>>>
22 th Feb 2010

All District/Branch Secretaries, Kindly submit the detail at e-mail: On urgent basis-

1. Name of Officer working in your SSA/Unit-
2. Designation-
3. Mobile Number-
4. Member of SNEA (I)- Yes/No
Report received from PTD/HJP/Civil-Electrical-arch/C.O. PT/T&D and updated on Membership Details.

18 th Feb 2010 Bihar Circle is continuing scaling of unprecedented and unparalleled heights in wireless growth because of exemplary, inspiring and qualitative leadership of S.C.Mishra CGMT and committed and untiring efforts of all employees and executives of BSNL Bihar Circle.

Following figures compiled by COAI clearly establish as to what human endeavor and commitment can achieve. Bihar Circle(LSA) added 623933 new GSM connections in the month of Jan.,2010 and secured a distinguished and unique number one position in the GSM segment on all India basis among all Telecom Operators as well as all Telecom Circle.

Distinguished and par excellence Performance of Bihar Telecom Circle in GSM segment for the month of Jan.,2010.(An eye opener for all of us if we are interested in opening our eyes)

1.BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) added total 623933 new GSM connections in the month of Jan’2010 and secure 1st position among all Telecom Operators as well as all Circle (LSA) in India. Aircel securing 2nd position 519054 new GSM connections added in Tamilnadu Circle (LSA).even in Bihar Circle 4-5 Private Telecom Operators provided new GSM connection in FREE of Cost along with Talk Time but minimum cost of BSNL new GSM connection is Rs.54.

Total Mobile Connections provided by all operators in Bihar Circle (LSA) in Jan’2010Total Mobile Connections provided by BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA)  in Jan’2010Ratio  All 11 Pvt. Operators vs BSNL in Bihar Circle (LSA) in


Percentage market share captured by BSNL in Bihar Circle (LSA) Jan’2010




2. In the month of Jan’2010 BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) succeed capturing the market share 33% and all existing 11 Telecom Operators only captured 67% market share in Bihar Circle(LSA).

3. Out of every 3 new GSM customers subscribe 1 BSNL GSM connections in the month of Jan’2010 in Bihar Circle (LSA).

4. BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) maintained 2nd position in Bihar Circle (LSA) having GSM connections 4165628 at the end of Jan’2010.

5. National growth rate over the previous month (Dec’09 to Jan’2010) was 3.65% in case of all Operators and 3.9% in case of as a whole BSNL & 7.49% in Bihar Circle (LSA) in GSM sector (in case of all Operators) whereas growth rate of BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) was 17.6%.

6. BSNL has added 2231148 lakh GSM connections during the month of Jan’2010. This works out to 16.04% of the total connection added in the country is 139.02 lakh during the month of Jan’2010.

7. BSNL Bihar Circle (LSA) contribute 28%(623933) new GSM Connection and all remaining 20 Circle(LSA) 72%(1607215) in the month of Jan’2010.

8. In this month, BSNL has continue in 4th position as an operator with Market share of 15.08 %( 59454630) just 0.11% less than Idea whose market share is 15.19 %( 59887404) and standing in 3rd Position.

9. Total GSM subscriber base reached 394349733 at end of Jan’2010 in India.

Group Company wise % market share - Jan2010
Sl. No. Name of Company Total Sub Figures % Market Share
1. Bharti Airtel 121714243 30.86%
2. Vodafone Essar 94143364 23.87%
3. IDEA 59887404 15.19%
4. BSNL 59454630 15.08%
5. Aircel 3303590 8.38%
6. Reliance Telecom 15757690 4.00%
7. MTNL 4610327 1.17%
8. Loop Mobile 270158 0.69%
9. Uninor 253840 0.64%
10. STel 506179 0.13%
11. All India 394349733 100.00%
Source: Cellular Operator Association of India

16 th Feb 2010 XVIII Circle Conference of SNEA (I) Bihar Telecom Circle was held on 16th February 2010 at Conference Hall, Sanchar Sadan,Sanchar Parisar Patna. Com. Ranjan Kumar, Com. Ratish Kumar & Com. Vivekanand Kumar were elected as Circle President, Circle Secretary and Circle Treasurer respectively for the new term and Com. Ramesh Kumar was elected as CWC member.
<<< List of Circle Office Bearers >>>
16 th Feb 2010 General Body Meeting was held in the evening of 16th Feb’10.On this occasion GS inaugurated very informative and professional look website of SNEA(I) Bihar Circle This website is a creative effort of Com. Ratish Kumar, CS Bihar. GS addressed General Body Meeting and appealed to all members of SNEA(I) to play a vital role in Growth & Development of BSNL.GS appraised the performance of Bihar Circle specially in GSM sector in current FY 2009-10.President Com. Ranjan Kumar and CHQ Vice-President Com.Madhusudan Mahto also addressd the meeting.


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