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31st July 2010 Congratulations !!! Adhoc STS promotion and Posting orders issued from Bihar Circle vide Memo No. ST/4-1/STS/2010/Part Dated26.07.2010 for 12 SDEs with reference to BSNL Corporate Office vide No. 412-12/2010-Pers –I dated 30th June, 2010.
SNEA(I) Bihar Circle wishes
to all Adhoc STS accommodated in same Place of posing after promotion from SDE(T).
31st July 2010 Congratulations !!! Adhoc STS promotion orders for 1031 SDEs issued .
OC -- 781(upto seniority no. 16746), SC -- 166 (upto seniority no. 17198.277) and ST -- 84 (upto seniority no. 27686).

All SDEs of Bihar Circle accommodated in Bihar Circle on promotion.
We are extremely thankful to DIR(HR), GM(Pers), CVO, DGM(Pers), AGM(DPC) and the entire executives and staff in DPC, CVO office and Pers-I Section for issuing the promotion order by maintaining the SC/ST quota, based on roaster position.
30th July 2010 Congratulations !!! Promotion from SDE(T) to STS (Adhoc):DPC for Promotion from SDE(T) to Adhoc STS is completed today, Promotion of 1030 SDE(T) are expected today.
30th July 2010 Shri Gopal Das, Director (HR), BSNL is entrusted with the charge of the post of Chairman & Managing Director, BSNL with effect from 01.08.2010 for a period of three months or till the appointment of regular incumbent or till further orders, whichever is the earliest, In addition to his present charge.
SNEA(I) Bihar Circle wishes him for new assignment as CMD , BSNL.

Retirement on superannuation of Shri Kuldeep Goyal, Chairman & Managing Director, BSNL on 31.07.2010.SNEA (I) Bihar Circle wish them a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful retired life.
BSNL's CMD Kuldeep Goyal to join Central Administrative Tribunal- Jaipur.

30th July 2010 Retirement on superannuation in respect of JAG (Adhoc)/STS/Sr.A.O. of Executive Grade belonging to Accounts and Finance Service on 31.07.2010. SNEA (I) Bihar Circle wish them a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful retired life.


Name of the Officer (Shri)


Staff / HR  No.

Date of Birth











30th July 2010 Retirement on superannuation in respect of JAG(Adhoc)/Regular STS/Adhoc STS of Executive Grade (Telecom) on 31.07.2010. SNEA (I) Bihar Circle wish them a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful retired life.


Name of the Officer (Shri)


Staff / HR  No.

Date of Birth
















30th July 2010 Retirement on superannuation in respect of SDEs (Telecom)/PS on 31.07.2010.SNEA (I) Bihar Circle wish them a Happy, Healthy and Peaceful retired life.
30th July 2010 Implementation of DPE OM dated 02.04.2009 regarding 78.2% fitment benefit- The matter of implementation of DPE OM dated 02.04.2009 regarding 78.2% fitment benefit accepted by BSNL Management Committee on 29.07.2010 and is being sent to BSNL Board for approval.
30th July 2010 Gopal Das to be the new CMD of BSNL: Gopal Das will replace Kuldeep Goyal as the chairman and managing director (CMD) of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL). Sources said that the communications ministry has approved his file.
He may be the last Indian Telecom Service (ITS) officer to head the company. The government has set up a search committee for selection of future CMD.
30th July 2010 Finance Minister rejects 3G refund to MTNL, BSNL Finance Minister has rejected a proposal to refund $6.4 billion paid by two state-run telecom firms for 3G and broadband wireless access spectrum, the Business Standard reported on Friday, citing unnamed sources.
30th July 2010 BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding eligibility criteria for allotment of BSNL-pool residential accommodations in IDA pay scales to Executives/Non-Executives in BSNL
27th July 2010 BSNL Corporate Office calling ACR of last five year i.e. 2005-06 to 2009-10 and VC report for Promotion from SDE (E) to the grade of EE (E).
List of SDEs(E) / ADHOC EEs(E) of Electrical Wing of Bihar Circle
<<< CLICK HERE >>>
District Secretary & Circle Ofice Bearers of Civil/Electrical/Architect Wing are requested to co-ordinate with CE(E) for early despatch the ACR & VC.
27th July 2010 Great and sustained efforts of SNEA(I) in seeking timely intervention of CVC to expose a big scandal of procurement of obsolete Cordect technology by TN Circle of BSNL at huge cost of 35 crores from M/s Midas Communications is fully vindicated – Contract for procurement of redundant Cordect technology by TN Circle from MS Midas Communications is terminated by validation committee since it failed to meet technical requirements. Bank guarantee of Midas communications worth Rs 2 crores ceased by BSNL. The appeal of Midas Communications against termination of contract by BSNL in Hon’ble Madurai Bench of High Court of Chennai will be heard on 02.08.2010. Interestingly, Dr Ashok Jhunjunwala was on board of directors of both BSNL and Midas Communications when BSNL decided to procure obsolete technology, raising serious issues about the role of Dr Jhunjunwala in forcing BSNL to procure redundant technology from Midas Communications.
This Association relentlessly and courageously pursued the matter with CVC to expose the big fraud that procurement of Cordect technology was. We are extremely thankful to CVC for their timely, serious and effective intervention in directing DOT to get to the root of the issue that forced DOT to initiate serious investigation into the whole issue.
However, this Association stands committed to severely take to task concerned highly corrupt officers of BSNL Co who were having a close and unholy nexus with Midas Communications and were consistently coercing TN Circle to place the orders for purchase of obsolete equipment from Midas communications. These corrupt senior officers who stand fully exposed need to be sent to gallows for playing with resources of BSNL. We shall not spare them, even though they have started escaping here and there from the sensitive positions they held in BSNL Co which they grossly abused to develop unholy nexus and commit virtual frauds.
This Association has however greatest satisfaction of saving precious Rs 35 crores of BSNL which would have been surely squandered away but for timely and relentless intervention of this Association.
27th July 2010 Strategic partner with 26 pc stake an ideal solution: BSNL CMD Facing a sharp deterioration in its finances and market share, state-owned BSNL today said selling a 26 per cent stake to a strategic partner, be it foreign or domestic, could improve its performance.
"In the interest of the company, we should have a strategic partner where they have a 26 per cent stake," BSNL Chairman and Managing Director Kuldeep Goyal told PTI

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27th July 2010 Govt invites applications for posts of BSNL, MTNL chief :
The government today invited applications from candidates in the public and private sector for the posts of Chairman and Managing Director of two telecom PSUs -- BSNL and MTNL. If candidates from the private sector are selected, this will be the first time that these telecom PSUs are headed by chiefs from the private sector.
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27th July 2010 BSNL employees charge DoT of favouring pvt operators:
An employee association of BSNL, which is reeling under severe financial pressure due to falling profits and market share, has charged the Department of Telecom for pursuing policies favouring private operators especially with regard to licence fee and spectrum charges.
"This highly prejudiced and discriminatory treatment met out to BSNL by DoT even though inexplicable and incomprehensible could be largely attributed to overstaying of officers in the sensitive licencing wing of DoT in complete disregard of repeated instructions of DoP to shift officers dealing with sensitive issues beyond reasonable time span because of their proximity with vested interests," a representative of Sanchar Nigam Executives' Association said.
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27th July 2010 BSNL writes to DoT for Rs 18,500 crore 3G fee refund:
State-owned BSNL on Monday(19.07.2010) said it has sought a refund of the Rs 18,500 crore it paid for 3G and broadband spectrum and has written a letter to the Department of Telecom (DoT) for the same.
The Joint Action Committee (JAC), represented by three lakh executives and non-executives of BSNL, has called a convention on Monday, demanding the refund of the spectrum money, failing which the employees are likely to go on strike.
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26th July 2010

JF writes to Member (Services) DoT - Request for grant of HRA to BSNL employees on the pattern of Central govt. employees.


25th July 2010 Wireless and Wireline Subscriber base in India as on JUNE'2010:

    1.Total Telephone subscriber base reaches 671.69 Million2.Growth rate of 2.72% with comparison to last month3.Wireless subscription reaches 635.51 Million4.Wireline subscription declines to Million new additions in wireless and reached at 635.51 Million at the end of June-2010 registering a growth of 2.91%.6.Wireless Tele-density stands at 53.77.  7.Overall Tele-density reaches 56.838.Broadband subscription is 9.45 million showing a growth of 2.27%.  9.BSNL/MTNL, two PSU operators hold 84.09% of the Wireline market share.

    10.Overall Wireline teledensity is 3.06.

25th July 2010 Convening of CPC for Executives ( BSNL Management Services ) in respect of' various streams- Telecom Operation, Telecom Finance, Civil, Electrical, Architect Telecom Factories and other Stream of BSNLMS : BSNL Corporate Office issued Office Memorandum related to the composition of CPC in different streams of BSNL Management Services for the purpose of convening CPCs.
25th July 2010 Reimbursement of cost of newspaper - time limit: BSNL Corporate Office circulates time limit for entertaining claims for reimbursement of cost of newspaper supplied at the residence of Group B and above level officers.
24th July 2010
BSNL union [ SNEA(I) ]opposes Chennai professor on selection panel for CMD, BSNL---- Sees “conflict of interests” as he is on the boards of other firms.
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23rd July 2010
BSNL joins hand with Union Bank Of India (UBI) for bill payments and mobile top-ups.

Telecom ministry not bound to follow regulator’s advice on policy issues.
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Alcatel, Ericsson, Nokia submit bids for BSNL line tender.
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BSNL, MTNL may delay number portability: TRAI
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22nd July 2010 Latest development in Circle Office after a consistent and untiring effort by CS & his TEAM of SNEA (I) yielded result as below-
1. Promotion from SDE (T) to Adhoc STS for the remaining STS posts: Total 06 SDE(T) belongs to Bihar Circle including one from ETR. The VC report sent to BSNL HQ and ACRs will be reached at BSNL HQ on 26th July 2010(Monday) by hand. DPC from SDE(T) to Adhoc STS can be completed and posting on promotion to DE Adhoc will be issued before 31.07.2010.

2. Promotion fro Adhoc STS to Regular STS: Total 22 Adhoc STS belongs to Bihar Circle. The VC report sent to BSNL HQ on 21th July 2010 and ACRs will be reached at BSNL HQ on 26th July 2010(Monday) by hand. DPC from Adhoc STS to Regular STS will be completed before 31.07.2010.

3. Posting order for Adhoc STS in Bihar Circle : Total 12 SDE(T) promoted to Adhoc STS in Bihar Circle from BSNL HQ on 30th June 2010 but posting order of all Adhoc STS was not issued till date. It shows that the Circle Admin section is incompetent for smooth working of HR related issues in proper time frame. After a lot of persuasion by CS in each and every section of Circle Admin and will be getting success for releasing the posting order tomorrow.
SNEA(I) wishes to all Adhoc STS on their promotion and posting in the same SSAs.

4. JTO(T) to SDE(T) Promotion: Required reservation roaster data in proper Performa and correction/omission in eligibility list of JTO(T) already sent to BSNL HQ from Bihar circle.DPC from JTO (T) to SDE (T) will be completed before 31.08.2010.

5. Posting order of newly recruited JTO after completion of (10 + 4) weeks training : Circle Secretary met with GM(Admin/HR) and convinced them for releasing the posting order on provisional basis, subject to the PVR in respect of those candidate whose PVR is awaited for newly recruited JTO(T) after completion of (10 + 4) weeks training. He is agreed and assured to release the posting order by tomorrow.

6. Request Transfer in the cadre of JTO(T) in Bihar Circle: Circle Secretary met with GM (Admn/HR) and request for realization of request transfer in the cadre JTO(T) with suitable posting of newly recruited JTO(T) after (10+4) training at that place.

7. Inter-circle transfer of JTO(T) under Rule-8 : Circle Secretary met with GM (Admn/HR) and request for realization of inter-circle transfer of total 08 JTOs(T) with suitable posting of newly recruited JTO(T) after (10+4) training at that place.

8. Officiating Promotion from SDE(T) to STS in Bihar Circle : The officiating Promotion from SDE(T) to STS in Bihar Circle of 09 SDE(T) is under process and order will be issued shortly.
21st July 2010 CHQ NEWS UPDATE
GS and AGS, Com Sebastin met member Services/DOT: Extensive discussions covering almost all the important aspects of the following three crucial issues were held with M(S)/DOT:
a) Option to continue in CDA scale up to the date of promotion/retirement after absorption in BSNL: After extensive discussions exploring various possibilities to best protect the interests of those having exercised this option, we assured M(S) that we will give him additional inputs to help him come to a decision that safeguards the interests of the beneficiaries of this option. Of course, M(S), while assuring to examine various possibilities to resolve the issue after we submit fresh inputs clearly mentioned that the decision would have to be taken by and large within the parameters of the decision of DOT/finance and DPE.
b) Cabinet note on pension revision: We were informed that the note has already been sent to MOC&IT and immediately after his approval will be sent to the concerned ministries like DOP&PW, DOE, law ministry etc simultaneously for eliciting their views on the contents contained in the note. After obtaining their views which shall approximately take about two months, the note shall be sent to the Union Cabinet for its consideration and approval. All the legitimate and genuine concerns of the absorbed BSNL employees to ensure their uninterrupted and smooth increase in pension from time to time in future have been adequately addressed in the note, we were informed.
c) ITS absorption: Cabinet note on this issue is presently under examination of DOT finance and after getting their clearance and final approval of MOC&IT, the note would be sent to nodal ministries like DOP&T, DOE etc. to obtain their views. It may take about another month for the note to be finally sent to other ministries for their getting their opinion, we were apprised.

This year onwards SARAL II ( ITR I ) is enough for individuals having interest booking from House loan. 
SARAL II (ITR I): For Individuals having Income from Salary / Pension / Income from One House Property (excluding loss brought forward from previous years) / Income from Other Sources (Excluding Winning from Lottery and Income from Race Horses.)
SARAL II (ITR-I) with acknowledgement in Excel Format.
 Read the instructions before filling up this return form

(1)SARAL II <<< CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD >>> Income rounded to 10 & Income Tax rounded to 1
(2)SARAL II  <<< CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD >>> Income & Income Tax rounded to 10

20th July 2010 JAC National Convention at New Delhi on 19.07.2010: More than 1500 executives /non-executives of BSNL throughout the whole country participated in the National convention organized by National JAC at Mavalankar Hall, New Delhi on 19.07.2010 from 10.30AM to 02.15 PM. A galaxy of imminent trade union leaders from CITU, AITUC and INTUC addressed the convention and pledged their total support and solidarity to the movement of telecom workers to save BSNL from collapsing due to hostile policies of the Government, the Bureaucracy and the Regulator. While affirming their total support to the unanimous declaration adopted by the convention , these trade union leaders appealed to BSNL workers to join the nation wide strike called by all central trade unions to register their protest among other issues on the issue of disinvestment of Public Sector CPSUs and retrenchment of employees. Com. Basudeb Acharya, MP inaugurated the convention and Com. G.L.Dhar Secretary AITUC and Com. M.K.Pandhe, Vice President CITU and Com. Sanjeeva Reddy from INTUC addressed the convention. com. Prabir Purkayastha from Delhi science forum also addressed the convention giving a detailed account of how the policies of government and the arrangement of BSNL have contributed towards erosion of market share and revenues of BSNL. He suggested that the convention should come out with a comprehensive strategy to be placed before the people of the country for the revival of this national Telecom asset (BSNL). Com. Namboodari, Convener JAC presented the resolution to be adopted in the National Convention while Com. N.T.Sajwani presided the Convention. Our veteran Com. OP Gupta also attended the convention.
20th July 2010 CHQ NEWS UPDATE
Meeting with DIR(HR), BSNL: GS, AGS Com. Sebastin and GS, AIBSNLEA met DIR(HR) on 16.07.10 and discussed
a) Pay scale of JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batch: GS explained that JTOs were recruited by notifying 9850-14600 scale but on appointment they are placed provisionally in E1 scale. As a result, all of them are facing a pay loss of 4000 to 5000 rupees per month. This is very much demoralising the young executives. To overcome this anomalous situation, GS demanded to place them in the pre-revised scale or protect their pay as in the pre-revised scale till the revision of pay scales. DIR(HR) was very much convinced on the arguments and assured suitable action. Assn already taken up the issue and written to DIR(HR) on 09.06.10 <<< CLICK HERE FOR VIEW LETTER >>> itself and held discussions with GM(Estt). Later GS and AGS met GM (Estt) and appraised him about the discussions with DIR(HR) on the issue and requested him to process the case.
b) Expediting regular promotion to STS and remaining Adhoc promotion to STS: We requested DIR(HR) to complete the process and issue the promotion orders by this moth end as promised earlier. DIR(HR) assured that he will personally monitor the progress of both DPCs.
20th July 2010 BSNL Corporate Office issued order related to old HRMS numbers of TTAs selected as JTOs in Dir JTOs will be retained.
19th July 2010 BSNL unions urge government to refund Rs.18,500 crore: The employees associations of Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) have asked the government to refund Rs.18,500 crore paid by BSNL for 3G and broadband spectrum and threatened to go on strike if the demand was not met with.
The BSNL management and Communications and Information Technology Minister A. Raja had urged the government to return the money keeping in mind the social obligations and commitment that BSNL had to fulfill by providing connectivity to remote areas.
19th July 2010 Unholy nexus between top BSNL executives, telecom firms alleged: The Sanchar Nigam Executives Association (India) of the Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has written to Cabinet Secretary K.M. Chandrasekhar, urging him to strictly deal with the issue of some top BSNL executives joining private telecom companies.
In the past few years, several top executives of BSNL and the Mahanagar Telecom Nigam Limited (which operates in Delhi and Mumbai) — besides those of the Department of Telecommunications — have joined hands with leading telecom operators and equipment manufacturers, who in turn are utilising their experience to counter the State-owned telecom firms, said association general secretary G.L. Jogi.
17th July 2010 Union fears nexus between BSNL officers, telcos; seeks probe Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd's employees' union has sought a probe into the possibility of a nexus between some officers with private telecom operators to stall the PSU's roll-out plans. This comes after the Government last month hauled up two former BSNL officers for taking up a job with a private telecom company post-retirement without taking approvals. “The modus operandi of such an unholy and unscrupulous nexus is carefully calibrated and the mechanism of its detection is so feeble that hardly anyone is brought to book. But, the fact of the matter remains that a large numbers of officers of top management of BSNL, particularly at the board/CGM level, develop a very close nexus with service providers, while in active job, and, immediately, after their retirement, joins them as consultants,” said Mr G.L. Jogi, General Secretary, SNEA.
17th July 2010 BSNL union says Trai suggestions will cause co heavy losses:
G L Jogi, General Secretary of the Sanchar Nigam Executives’ Association of India, said the telecom regulatory body’s suggestions could paralyse the growth of BSNL and inflict heavy losses to the state exchequer.
17th July 2010

Panel set up for selecting BSNL, MTNL chief:
The Government has constituted a six-member search-cum-selection committee for the appointment of Chairman-cum-Managing Directors of the state-run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL).
The committee will be headed by the Cabinet Secretary, Mr K.M. Chandrasekhar. Other members are Mr Shantanu, Consul, Secretary, Department of Personnel; Mr P.J.Thomas, Secretary, Department of Telecom; Prof Ashok Jhunjunwala of the Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai; Prof Sameer Barua of the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad; and Prof N. Balakrishnan of the Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore.
The selection process is expected to be completed within a month. The move is in line with the recommendations of the Sam Pitroda committee.

17th July 2010 BSNL accuses RCom of cheating in Rs 90 cr case: Taking a strong exception to some private telecom operators disguising international calls on their networks as local ones, causing a revenue loss to the government, the Supreme Court today said such firms should not be allowed to go free just by payment of some fine. Hearing a petition by BSNL against Reliance Communication (RCOM), the court said this is a serious matter and one should not walk away by paying some penalty only.
16th July 2010 BSNL Corporate Office issued letter for:
Regular promotion from AEE(C) to EE(C): Calling of ACRs < CLICK HERE>
Regular promotion from AEE(C) to EE(C): Calling of VC < CLICK HERE>
Regular promotion from SDE(C) to EE(C): Calling of ACRs < CLICK HERE>
Regular promotion from SDE(C) to EE(C): Calling of VC < CLICK HERE>
15th July 2010 Putting in place a sound and foolproof detection mechanism and highly stringent and ruthless punitive provisions to deal with and arrest deadly and fast spreading menace of nexus of top management of BSNL with service providers/vendors. GS writes to Sh. K. M. Chandrasekhar, Cabinet Secretary ,Govt. of India
15th July 2010 HC dismisses petition by BSNL franchisees: The Madras High Court on Tuesday dismissed a petition seeking to quash BSNL's Franchisees Sales and Distribution Policy-2009 and a consequential notice inviting franchisees in Tamil Nadu circle.....
After analysing the report, the company seemed to have formulated policy-2009. Hence, the aim and reason for introducing the policy could not be faulted, the Judge said, adding it was after all a business policy undertaken by BSNL to compete effectively.
15th July 2010 TDSAT sought response of telcos on anomaly in pre-paid tariff: Telecom Users Group has sought directions to TRAI to bring transparency in prepaid mobile tariff by introducing "One Plan for All" which would remove tariff anomaly and help customer save their money.
15th July 2010 Private telcos to pay BSNL Rs 39,000 for ports, for now- Supreme Court : The Supreme Court today directed private telecom operators to pay state-owned BSNL Rs 39,000 for every point of connection - ports - as interconnection usage charges as an interim arrangement and asked the PSU not to disconnect service.
15th July 2010 PMO sets up panel to find CMDs of BSNL, MTNL --- Cabinet Secretary will head the committee: The PMO on Wednesday showed its concern over the health of its public sector units BSNL and MTNL by setting up a special search selection committee to identify and appoint appropriate CMDs for both these firms.
14th July 2010 Modification in allotment of Lady Officers in the recent Adhoc promotion to STS cadre-revised orders issued
14th July 2010 BSNL Corporate Office issued Promotion Order for 32 SDEs(T) leftout case <<< CLICK HERE FOR ORDER >>> Posting on Promotion of the Executives SDE [Telecom] to the Executive AGM/DE of Telecom Operation Stream, on purely temporary and adhoc basis.
13th July 2010 CHQ NEWS UPDATE

GS, SNEA (I) met GM (Pers) and discussed :

(1) Regularisation of adhoc DEs : GS expressed serious concern against delay in filling up of vacant DEs posts (about 2640) on regular basis. GM (Pers) mentioned that DPC for regularisation of adhoc DEs to fill up about 2640 posts is under process. The VCR of 930 adhoc DEs have been received and the ACRs of eligible DEs from ALTTC,  Assam, T & D, KRL, NE-II, TN, QA ,Gujarat and HP  Circles have been received . Action is to be taken by Circles in 44 below benchmark cases as per DOP&T instructions. In this regard Circles have been requested to provide these information to BSNL CO before 20th July 2010 so that DPC can be completed before 31st July 2010 and regular DEs promotions orders are issued.
(2) Left out DE adhoc promotions : GS requested to complete the left out DE adhoc DPC to fill up vacant DEs posts. GM (Pers) informed that about 32 SDEs VCRs have been received and sealed covers are opened. Promotion order will be issued on 14.07.2010. GS pleaded that since these SDEs are senior, their posting should be made in the same Circles as the policy adopted in the previous promotion order. GS further requested to complete the DPC of adhoc DE to fill up about 1500 DEs vacant posts immediately. GM (Pers) mentioned that the ACRs of about 500 SC category SDEs have already been called for up to 12.07.2010. Now efforts are being made to collect the VCRs of these candidates so that the DPC can be completed by 31st July 2010 and the promotion order to DE adhoc is issued. Regarding OC and ST category candidates the ACRs / VCRs have already been collected.
(3) DPC from JTO (T) to SDE (T) : GS expressed serious concern against slow process in finalising the TES Gr. B seniority list and to initiate the DPC from JTO (T) to SDE (T) to fill up about 3000 SDE (T) vacant posts of Seniority-cum-fitness quota. GM (Pers) mentioned that the TES Gr. B seniority list could not be finalised due to deciding proper roster point of SC / ST candidates and the information are yet to be provided by the following Circles .
ETP : Dec 2009 data has not been provided,
QA Circle : the soft copy has not been sent to BSNL CO only hard copy sent,
J&K Circle : the information in annexure VII & IX are not given (missing), e.g. SDEs who have been transferred latest,
UP (E) : CQ / PQ SDEs details are not given,
CTD : annexure-IX not available in proforma, WB Circle : Annexure-VII and IX not properly filled up e.g. the names in annexure VII and IX are not matching,
Uttaranchal : Information in annexure-IX not provided,
MH Circle : Annexure-VIII and IX are not matching etc.

GM (Pers) assured that as soon as the required information are completed, efforts will be made to initiate the DPC to fill up all vacant SDEs (T) seniority-cum-fitness quota posts.
All the CHQ / Circle / Branch office bearers are requested to ensure immediate dispatch of required information to BSNL CO from their Circles so that the above DPCs are immediately completed and promotion orders are issued.
(4) Posting on promotion to DE adhoc to distant Circles :  GS expressed  serious concern against posting on promotion to DE adhoc to distant Circles, particularly from STR, CHTD Circles. GS requested that the DEs on promotion should be posted to their parent Circles / nearby Circles in case vacancies are not available in STR, CHTD Circles instead of distant Circles. GM (Pers) assured to look into the matter.   
(5) Notification of TES Gr B LDCE : GS requested to notify TES Gr B LDCE after deciding proper eligibility conditions. GM (Pers) mentioned that necessary steps are being taken for early notification of TES Gr. B LDCE.

13th July 2010 CHQ NEWS UPDATE
Urgent: Regular promotion to STS: ACRs should reach BSNLCO latest by 20.07.2010: Ultimatum to Circles <<< CLICK HERE FOR LETTER >>> CSs should ensure that ACR and VC of Adhoc DEs for regular promotion and ACR of SDEs of "SC" category for Adhoc promotion are reaching the BSNLCO by this week end. The list of SDEs of "SC" category may be mailed to AGM (DPC) immediately so that BSNLCO can take advance action to get the VC from CVO. Association as well as Management trying to complete the regular and Adhoc promotions by this month end. If ACR and VC reaches the BSNLCO by the stipulated time, then we can expect the orders by 31st July. Everything is depending upon the CSs and CHQ office bearers.

Urgent:JTO(T) to SDE(T) promotion under seniority quota: The DPC process is getting delayed as BSNLCO is not able to finalise the SC/ST roaster. The roaster particulars are reached from all the Circles but the data submitted by Circles like MH, Kol TD, ETP, J&K, WB and QA are insufficient. The vacancies can be assed only after finalisation of roaster. BSNLCO already intimated the deficiencies to the respective Circles on 09.07.10. If the CSs are able to send the data at least by 15.07.10, BSNLCO will call for the ACRs and VC immediately and DPC can be held by September.
12th July 2010 Conventions to Save BSNL held at Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai. Convener Central JAC, Com V.A.N.Namboodiri, GS/AIBSNL EA, GS/BSNL EU and GS addressed state level conventions organized by state level JAC of AP, Karnataka and TN at Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai on 7th , 8th and 9th July, 10. Conventions adopted resolutions calling upon BSNL workers to get fully ready for a prolonged and sustained struggle to defeat the policies of the government to destabilize BSNL and safeguard its legitimate interests to ensure its financial viability. Com Chandeshwar Singh, GS/NFTE addressed the convention at Bangalore.
Convention at Chennai truly historical and sets the stage for what surely is going to be a sustained Country wide struggle and movement of BSNL workers: More than 2000 workers of BSNL belonging to all shades and irrespective of their affiliations participated in what could be called as historical convention of BSNL workers at Chennai on 9th July,10. While more than 1000 workers heard speakers in rapt attention inside the hall for more than four hours, an equal number of highly enthusiastic and committed workers just waited outside till the end to express and extend their total solidarity to the resolution that was unanimously adopted when the convention concluded. The urge and resolution of BSNL workers of TN/Chennai to get involved in a protracted struggle to defeat diabolical policies of the government to privatize BSNL and fully safeguard it was clearly manifest in the mood that was upbeat and vibrant from the beginning of the convention to the end. Chennai convention undoubtedly heralded the beginning of historical movement of workers of BSNL to take on and comprehensively defeat the vested interests within and outside the government, bureaucracy and a thoroughly inefficient and unprofessional BSNL management bent upon destabilizing and jeopardizing the growth of BSNL.
JAC of all other Circles should get fully motivated at remarkably splendid efforts of the Organizers of Chennai convention and emulate them in all respects to make conventions in their respective Circles an astounding success like Chennai. We wholeheartedly congratulate JAC of TN/Chennai for organizing such a historical convention that is bound to pave the way for holding of similar conventions at other places throughout the Country. Chennai convention, in addition to Central JAC members, was addressed by Com Suburaman, GS/TEPU, Com Madhivanan, NFTE, Com Vallinayagam, GS/FNTO and a number of Central trade union leaders of TN State. The valedictory address was given by Respected Com Kuppuswamy, President/TEPU and ex-MP.
All India convention at Delhi on 19th July, 10: Specific and urgent attention of CSs of Punjab, Haryana, UP(W) and Rajasthan of SNEA(I). Circle Secretaries of Haryana/Punjab/UP(W) and Rajasthan Circles of SNEA(I) must start making extensive arrangements to ensure that at least 100 members from the adjoining SSAs of their respective Circles attend the All India Convention of Central JAC at Delhi on 19th July, 10 at Mavalankar Hall, Rafi Marg, (Back side of Sanchar Bhawan, Metro Station, patel chowk). Convention will start at 1000 hrs of 19th July, 10 and will be addressed by eminent MPs, telecom luminaries, Central trade union leaders etc.
It is exclusively the personal responsibility of the CSs of Punjab/Haryana/Rajasthan and UP(W) to make elaborate arrangements for ensuring participation of at least 100 members from their Circles.
12th July 2010 BSNL posts negative growth, Aircel gains: The state-owned telecom provider Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd, BSNL, saw a major drop in its revenues for the second consecutive year to end the year with Rs. 30,240 crore, a drop of 14 percent, even though the company’s mobile subscriber base grew by a third to touch 70 million, says telecom industry journal Voice&Data, a Cybermedia Group journal. Whereas, Aircel moved up to No. 8 slot by recording the highest growth of 37.2 percent, among the Top 10 players, to post revenue of Rs. 4,700 crore.
12th July 2010 BSNL may find a lifeline in Rs 18,000-cr govt project:The government plans to award BSNL a Rs 18,000-crore project to improve broadband connectivity in the country, throwing a lifeline to a company whose snail-like expansion plans have left it groping in the dark against fleet-footed private rivals.
12th July 2010

BSNL seeks Rs 15,873-cr aid for loss-making rural operations:  

State-run BSNL has written to the Telecom Ministry requesting a compensation of Rs 15,873 crore per annum from the USO Fund for its loss-making rural operations. Stating that the company incurs a loss of about Rs 15,873 crore per annum for operating basic services as well as telegraph facilities in rural areas, BSNL CMD Kuldeep Goyal said in a letter to Telecom Secretary P J Thomas that this is making operations unsustainable and financially unviable.
8th July 2010 Telecom panel hesitates on Pitroda dose for BSNL: The Telecom Commission, the highest decision-making body of the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), discussed the issue for an hour on 7th July’2010 and decided to have an internal committee try for a consensus on the subject with the unions within a month. The Commission will then decide what to do, a senior DoT official told Business Standard.
8th July 2010 No decision on BSNL IPO by Telecom Commission, Issue now at Internal Department: The Telecom Commission (TC) — the apex decision-making body of the communications ministry — on Wednesday failed to take a decision on listing state-owned telco BSNL and selling a 30% stake in the PSU as suggested by a Prime Minister-appointed panel.
8th July 2010 Telecom committees formed : The Telecom Commission on Wednesday decided to constitute an internal committee under the chairmanship of Member (Services), Department of Telecom (DoT), to give its recommendations on implementation of the Sam Pitroda Committee Report for improving performance of BSNL.
8th July 2010 DoT panel to look into Pitroda report on BSNL: The Telecom Commission decided here today to constitute an internal committee under the Chairmanship of Member (Services), Department of Telecom to give its recommendations on implementation of Sam Pitroda Committee Report on revamping BSNL.
7th July 2010 Why BSNL & MTNL should get 3G Fee Refund…. News is around that Finance ministry has rejected BSNL & MTNL’s plea of refunding 3G & Broadband access spectrum fee paid to government. BSNL & MTNL together have paid Rs.29000 crore as the spectrum price for both 3G & BWA. The spectrum has been allotted to them around 12 months before the auction.3G spectrum had been given to these companies before private operators on condition that they will match the auction price and will pay for spectrum accordingly.
7th July 2010 Raja wants free spectrum for BSNL, MTNL
Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd (MTNL) had paid a combined Rs 29,598 crore for 3G and broadband wireless access (BWA) spectrum only weeks earlier, after the auction was finally held for private competitors. They can’t really afford to pay; let’s return it to them, Communications Minister A Raja has formally proposed.

6th July 2010 Raja wants BSNL, MTNL spared from spectrum fees: The Communications and IT Minister, Mr A. Raja, has sought a refund of the money paid by state-run Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd and Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Ltd for third generation (3G) and broadband wireless spectrum.
6th July 2010 'Refund spectrum fee to BSNL, MTNL'
Pitching for telecom PSUs BSNL and MTNL, telecom minister A Raja has approached finance minister Pranab Mukherjee seeking reimbursement of the Rs 29,598.33 crore paid by them for spectrum. "BSNL is the only service provider giving connectivity to the far-flung rural areas. The service rendered by BSNL in the rural areas of the country cannot be replicated," Raja said in a letter to the finance minister.

5th July 2010 Meeting with CMD BSNL on 05th July2010 at Patna:
The Meeting will be held on 05th July 2010 at 3.00 PM at Conference Hall, Sanchar Sadan, Sanchar Parisar, Patna with all Circle Secretaries of Executives/Non-Executives Associations & Unions of Bihar Telecom Circle.
5th July 2010 Payment of Composite Transfer Grant on revised pay in respect of all employees working in BSNL.
5th July 2010 Grant of Training Allowance on revised rate in respect of all employees working in BSNL.
5th July 2010 Grant of Transport Allowance to the employees having official accommodation within one km of office or within a campus housing place of work and residence.
5th July 2010 Encashment of HPL against shortfall in Earned Leave of 300 days on retirement in respect of Executive/Non-executives absorbed/directly recruited in BSNL.
4th July 2010 9th Meeting of BSNL Staff Welfare Board - regarding decision taken. <<< CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS >>>
3rd July 2010 MEETING OF JOINT ACTION COMMITTEE OF BIHAR CIRCLE: All Circle Secretaries of constituent Unions/Associations of Joint Action Committee was met on 2nd July 2010. The following Representative from all Unions/Associations present in the meeting-
1. Com. Madhusudan Mahto, Convenor of JAC
2. Com. B.P.Singh, Chairman of JAC
3. Com. C.Singh, General Secretary, NFTE
4. Com. Ratish Kumar, Circle Secretary, SNEA(I)
5. Com.Ranjan Kumar,Circle President, SNEA(I)
6. Com. Ramesh Kumar,CWC Member,SNEA(I)
7. Com. Sanjay Kumar,Distt. Secreatry,SNEA(I)
8. Com. Kaushlendra Prasad,Circle Secretary,AIBSNLEA
9. Com. R.P.Sinha, Circle Secretary,FNTO
10. Com.B.N. Sinha,Circle Secretary,NFTE
11. Com. N.K Srivastava, Circle Secretary,RWU
12. Com. Banshi Mahto, Circle Secretary,BSNLMS
13. Com. D.ravidas, Circle Secretary,ATM
14. Com. Shivlal, Circle Secretary,BMS
JAC CHQ decided for nation wide campaign on the issues related to the Financial viability of BSNL such as 3G and BWA spectrum charges, absorption of ITS officers, Procurement of sufficient GSM lines etc.
As part of this JAC Bihar Circle decided for post card campaign to Hon. PM by all the comrades of Bihar Circle by 05th July.
All District/Branch Secretaries ensure that all members of your SSAs/Units must be send post card to Hon. PM by 05th July.

Matter for post card campaign

Shri Manmohan Singh Ji,
Hon’ble Prime Minister,
Govt. of India,
South Block, Raisina Hill,
New Delhi – 110101

Respected Sir,
Kindly assure financial viability of BSNL by reimbursing 3G and BWA spectrum charges of Rs.18, 500 crore, paid by BSNL, to enable it to implement the socio- economic commitments of the Central Government.
Place :                                             Signature :
Date :                                              Name :
(Note: The above matter should be hand written and not to be printed)

3rd July 2010

Circle Secretary alongwith Circle President, CWC Member and District Secretary of PTD met with CGMT AND GM (HR/ADMN) ON 2ND JULY 2010 and discussed the following issues -

1.VC report of Adhoc DEs for their regular promotions to STS  are send to BSNLCO by 03rd July.
2.The corrections/omission in the All India eligibility list JTOs(T) are send to BSNLCO by 10th July.
3.ACRs of 'SC' category for Adhoc promotion to the remaining STS posts are send to BSNLCO by 12th July.
4.All pending cases for Financial Upgradation of Executives in different scale i.e.E1 to E2/E2 to E3/E3 to E4/E4 to E5 which was due on Oct'2009 may be cleared within time frame.
5. The posting order of Adhoc STS getting promotion from SDEs of Bihar Circle may be issue toady.
6.Offitiating promotion fro JTO(T) to SDE(T) against vacant post mey be given immediately in the interest of young Executives.

3rd July 2010 CHQ NEWS UPDATE
1. Adhoc promotion to the remaining STS posts - ACRs of 'SC' category urgently required latest by 12.07.2010
2. Regular promotion to STS: The ACRs from GUJ, AS and QA Circles only reached even though ACRs are called in May 2010. The ACRs of the remaining Circles also should reach BSNLCO by 12.07.2010.
CSs and CHQ office bears should camp in the Circle offices next week to ensure that the VC and ACRs are sent to BSNLCO and reaches here by 12.07.2010.
3. JTO to SDE Promotion: The corrections/omission in the All India eligibility list is not received from so many Circles: The ACRs will be called shortly. CSs should make it sure that ACRs are kept ready in the Circle office to dispatch it to BSNLCO shortly.
3rd July 2010 CHQ NEWS UPDATE
Change of designations on Time Bound Promotions: Association held discussion with the committee constituted for the same. This is in continuation of our earlier agreement to give separate designations on TBP. Assn demanded separate designations for each Time Bound Promotions. Committee appreciated our suggestions. Further discussions will be held next week. Committee will be interacting with other Associations also next week. GM (SR), GM (Estt), GM(Pers) and GM(Rest) wre present in the meeting., and have a positive specific designations.
2nd July 2010 Promotion of Executives (TES Gr B) to STS (DE) grade on adhoc basis -Calling of ACRs and Screening Committee Report :
ACR dossiers of TES Group 'B'officers (as per list annexure - A) for the period from 2004-05 to 2OO8-09 alongwith the soft copy of the tabulation sheet in CD as well as hard copy of tabulation sheet duly checked and signed by the officer of the rank not below DGM (Admn) of the circle concerned may be furnished to Corporate Office immediately (latest by I2.O7.2O1O).
2nd July 2010 Congratulations !!! Consistent efforts of SNEA (I) yielded result in getting released of order regarding amendment of Recruitment Rules of BSNL Management Services (BSNLMS RRs 2009) applicable for CIVIL Engineers/ELECTRICAL Engineers/ARCHITECTS:
However the existing incumbent holding the post of Sub Divisional Engineer or equivalent on a regular basis on the date of notification of P&T BW(Group A) Service Rules 1994 i.e. 06.08.1994 shall continue to be eligible for promotion to the post of Executive Engineer or equivalent STS level post in BSNL, if they possess a Diploma in Engineering in branch from a recognised University/institution or equivalent.
2nd July 2010 General Secretary and SNEA(I) CHQ Team express their view on Mega Promotion Order issued by BSNL CO from SDE(T) to Adhoc STS:
We have really no words to express deepest sense of gratitude to Dir(HRD), GM(P),CVO, DGM(P) ,AGM(DPC) and AGM(Pers.-I) and the entire team of officials connected with the issuing of promotion for their extraordinary commitment and hard work in issuing the promotion order of 1679 SDEs despite severe and unprecedented constrains in terms of diverse and conflicting numerous judgments from various Tribunals/ High courts on the issue of promotion from TES Gr.B to STS. These officers burnt midnight oil and worked round the clock to issue the said orders. We have seen this kind of situation for the first time when the whole team of personnel section functioned in total cohesion to ensure that promotion orders are issued. It was a Herculean task given the fact that various groups tried their level best and even continued today to stall the adhoc promotion to STS on flimsy grounds. GM(P) applied himself in exemplary manner to bring out the promotion order in the midst of contradictory court judgments. Finally we congratulate our comrades for their promotion to STS and appeal to others to repose their trust and confidence in the just mechanism of our organization. Association assures all of them that future promotions to adhoc JAG, regular STS, adhoc STS(remaining) & TES Gr. B would be done at the earliest, provided no further efforts are made to stall these processes through legal means.
1st July 2010

Congratulations !!! Adhoc STS promotion orders for 1679 SDEs issued .
OC -- 1308 (upto seniority no. 15300), SC -- 286 (upto seniority no. 16221.1) and ST -- 85 (upto seniority no. 24491). 149 SDEs out of 1679 are posted outside the Circle mostly due to shortage of vacancies.All SDEs of Bihar Circle accommodated in Bihar Circle on promotion.
 We are extremely thankful to DIR(HR), GM(Pers), CVO, DGM(Pers), AGM(DPC) and the entire executives and staff in DPC, CVO office and Pers-I Section for issuing the promotion order by maintaining the SC/ST quota, based on roaster position. 

1st July 2010 Meeting with Director (HR) regarding issuing of promotion orders to adhoc STS: GS along with both the AGSs had a discussion with Director (HR) and GM (Personnel) regarding issuing of promotion orders from TES Gr B to Adhoc STS as early as possible.
During the course of discussion, it was revealed that promotion order for entire 2400 SDEs cannot be issued because of availability of inadequate number of SDEs belonging to the SC category. The overall size of the promotion order had thus to be scaled down to about 1700 odd so as to fully comply with the provisions of SC/ST roster. While fully appreciating and acknowledging the stand of the Management to fully adhere to the provisions of SC/ST roster to protect the legitimate interests of SC/ST Comrades, we strongly pleaded to initiate immediate action to call for the CRs of SDEs belonging to SC/ST category to issue the promotion orders of the remaining about 700 TES Gr B. We were categorically assured by Director (HRD) that under all circumstances the promotion of remaining 700 SDEs would be issued by the end of July,10. From our side, we reiterated our stand that the roster provisions should be fully complied with while issuing the promotion orders for the remaining 700 SDEs also. The size of the promotion order had to be thus reduced from 2400 to 1700 odd because of non availability of CRs of SDEs belonging to the SC category to ensure that proportion of OC, SC and ST in the promotion order is fully in accordance to the prevailing rules of the government and SC/ST Comrades are not deprived of their legitimate share while issuing the promotion orders. We once again made a fervent appeal to Director (HRD) to fully ensure that discrimination of any kind is not met out to SC/ST Comrades and their legitimate interests are fully protected. It is because of our continuous monitoring and insistence to maintain the quota of SC/ST Comrades that the promotion orders are issued fully in compliance of the roster provisions.
However, all efforts to issue the promotion orders of remaining 700 SDEs by including appropriate number of eligible SC/ST Comrades to meet the roster requirements are being made and we fully assure the remaining 700 SDEs, including SC/ST comrades, that the promotion orders for them would be issued by the end of July, 2010.
CSs have to ensure that CRs being called for to get adequate number of eligible SC/ST Comrades are sent to BSNL CO at the earliest. A letter from BSNL CO in this regard is being sent to the field units very shortly.
1st July 2010 Status of Court Case against SDE(T) to DE(Adhoc) DPC in Hon'ble CAT Bangalore: The case filed by SC-ST Welfare Association in Hon'ble CAT Bangalore against SDE(T) to DE(Adhoc) DPC was heard today but the advocate of the applicants side was not present. It is posted for hearing on 21st July'2010.
1st July 2010 JAC meeting with CMD BSNL:- JAC leaders met CMD BSNL, Director (HR), GM(Estt.), GM(SR) were also present in the meeting.
(a) Implementation of DPE OM dated 02.04.2009 regarding 78.2% IDA fitment benefit regarding:- JAC pleaded for immidiate implementation of DPE OM dated 02.04.2009 regarding 78.2% IDA fitment benefit instead of 68.8%. After detailed discussions CMD assured that Committee headed by ED(F) on this issue will submit its recommendations within 15 days period and thereafter as per the decision of BSNL Board necessary action in this regard will be taken. GM(Estt.), Convener Committee invited BSNLEU, AIBSNLEA and SNEA representatives to discuss the matter separately but JAC informed to CMD BSNL, GM(Estt.) that JAC will only discuss the matter instead of individual Union/Associations.
(b)Poor growth of BSNL Telecom Services- CMD expressed his serious concern against the poor growth of BSNL GSM Services in comparison to the private operators. JAC pleaded that proper monitoring in Circles /SSAs is required and the problems /deficiencies if any should immediately be looked into. JAC suggested that some Circles/SSAs of poor growth should be identified and some groups/teams represented by Management side and Staff side should visit the Circles and should find out the reasons of poor growth and immediate corrective measures should be taken. CMD agreed to the proposal and early decision in this regard.
(c) Payment of 3G and BWA spectrum charges- JAC expressed its serious resentment against the payment of 3G and BWA spectrum charges without discussing with JAC. CMD explained that there was a tremendous pressure from Govt. to release the payments of 3G and BWA spectrum charges . He mentioned that matter has been taken up with DoT Member (F) regarding reimbursement of the spectrum fee being the BSNL state owned company and providing Telecom Services in the rural part of the Country on reduced rental.
1st July 2010 IDA Increases by 0.3% w.e.f.1st July2010: For All BSNL absorbed executives and non executives employees an increase in IDA rates w.e.from 1st July-2010 will be only of 0.3%. IDA will increase from 34.8%(present) to 35.1 %.
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