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31st March 2011 CONGRATULATIONS !!! Bihar Telecom Circle issued promotion and posting order of all 43 regular SDEs(T) of Bihar Circle with reference to the promotion order issued by BSNL Corporate Office vide letter No.2-15/2011-Pers-II Dated 30.03.2011.All regular SDEs(T) accommodated in the same SSA/Unit.
Circle Secretary met with CGMT Bihar Circle and request him for issuing promotion and posting order of all regular SDEs(T) on 31st March2011 and accomodate in same place because all JTOs(T) are working as Officiating SDE(T) in that SSA/Unit.
SNEA(I) Bihar Circle appreciate the supportive and positive approach of CGMT Bihar Circle and extend sincere gratitude to Shri Vijoy Kumar CGMT Bihar Circle, Shri D.P. Misra Sr. GM(HR/Admn), Smt. Safia Eqbal Addl. GM(Admn), Shri Shankar Prasad Addl. GM(Vig), Smt. L.S. Minz AGM(Admn) ,Shri Lalit Prabhat ADT(Vig), Shri Shamim Ahmed ADT(Staff) and entire dedicated staffs of Admn section.
Circle Secretary also request to CGMT/ETR, CGMT/ETP and CGMT Inspection Circle for issuing Promotion and Posting Order of regular SDEs(T) with reference to the promotion order issued by BSNL Corporate Office vide letter No.2-15/2011-Pers-II Dated 30.03.2011 on 31st March2011 and accomodate in same place because all JTOs(T) are working as Officiating SDE(T).
31st March 2011 Shri S.C.Misra/CMD BSNL invites representatives of JAC CHQ on 31st March2011:

Shri S.C. Misra, Member(S) DoT & CMD BSNL in the presence of Shri A.K. Garg, Director(HR), Shri R.N. Padukone, PGM(CP&M),  Shri N.K. Narang, Sr. GM(SR), Smt. Madhu Arora, GM(Restru.), Shri Arvind Bajaj, Addl. GM, Shri Satish Wadhwa, AGM(SR)     invited the members of the Committee appointed by JAC, consisting of Com.V.A.N. Namboodiri, Convenor, Com. G.L. Jogi, General Secretary, SNEA (INDIA), Com. Prahlad Rai, General Secretary, AIBSNLEA, and Com. P. Abhimanyu, General Secretary, BSNLEU today.
CMD mentioned that he has seen that BSNL Unions / Associations are finalizing some programmes to involve the employees in improving the quality of services, redressal of customers' grievances etc by observing APRIL-2011 as CUSTOMER DELIGHT MONTH etc. He appreciated the concern of the BSNL's Unions/Associations, which is the urgent need of hour. He asked about the details of our future programmes. JAC members extended thanks to CMD for inviting them to discuss about the Viability of BSNL despite of his very busy schedule of meetings in DoT.
The Committee Members apprised that today they had serious discussions on how to involve the employees in improving the quality of services, redressal of customers' grievances etc and has identified targets to be observed during customer delight month and additional actions to control departmental expenditures etc.  The final suggestions of the committee will be submitted for the consideration of the JAC which will be held on 5th April, 2011.
After detailed discussions CMD appreciated the efforts being taken by JAC to delight the customers and assured fullest co-operation of BSNL management at all levels i.e. BSNL Corporate Office, Circles and SSAs.

While discussions CMD explained in detail about KPIs(Key Performance Indicator) identified for immediate action by all concern for which necessary steps have been taken to put in place by 31st March 2011; so that the same can be put in action w.e.f. 01.04.2011 positively. <<< Click Here for KPIs identified for immediate action >>>
He sought co-operation of all BSNL's  Unions / Associations for the implementation of KPIs. The Committee Members actively participated in the discussions and assured fullest cooperation in bringing back BSNL to achieve its old glory.

31st March 2011 BSNL Corporate Office issued order regarding retirement on superannuation on 31.03.2011 in respect of
(i) click here for list of SDEs (Telecom)/PS  
(ii) click here for list of AFS Executives
(iii) click here for list of Executives of DGM/AGM/DE equivalent grade
31st March 2011 Congratulations !!! Tenure transfer orders issued in the cadre of SDEs -- all the cases upto May, 2011 cleared.<<click here for order>>
Other request transfers are under consideration.
31st March 2011 IDA increases by 4.2% w.e.f.1st April ’2011:  We are come to understand that IDA rates has been increased 4.2% w.e.f.  1st April’2011 from 43 % to 47.2% i.e increase of 4.2% on revised pay scales.

In the pre-revised pay, the IDA is learned to have increased by 7.1% w.e.f. 01.04.2011.



Another landmark achievement for the JTO cadre -- For the last seven to eight months, we are struggling to get this promotion order. BSNL prepared the SC/ST roster which took much more time than we expected and made the promotions based on the roster.SNEA(I) CHQ didn't updated anything on our website regarding the progress of this DPC for the last few months as some court cases are going on at different CATs and there was a strong move to stop the promotions. Finally we could get the much delayed promotion orders for the vacancies upto the year 2008-09.The stay at Hon Chennai CAT in the case filed on behalf of AIGETOA was only for the vacancy year 2009-10 and on the second eligibility list (as their prayer was only for that).
Most of the SDEs on promotion have been given posting in the same cricles where the vacancies are available. About  127 SDEs are posted to Deficit Circles.

The stay at Hon'ble Chennai CAT was only for the vacancy year 2009-10 and for the second eligibility list.
We extend our sincere gratitude and thanks to Sh. S.C. Misra, CMD BSNL,former DIR(HR) Shri Gopal Das, DIR(HR), Sh. A.K. Garg, Director(HR) , Sh. A.K. Jain, Sr. GM(Pers.), Sh. Virendra Prasad, Addl. GM(Pers.), Sh. V.K. Sinha, AGM(Pers.-II) and the concern  officers of Pers. Cell, BSNL CO for issuing the promotion order
SNEA(I) Bihar Circle express its gratitude to all the SSA/Branch Secretaries and other office bearers at all the levels for their tremendous support. Congratulations to all the promoted Executives

<<< Click here for covering letter for promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) >>>

<<< Click here for complete lists of promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) >>>

<<< Click here for exclusive list of Bihar for promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T) >>>

CS appeal to all those JTOs who missed the promotion in the SDE due any reasons even after there name sent to BSNL HQ as eligible candidates may kindly brought into the notice of Association immediately with proper representation for redressal their grievances.

Status of APAR/ACR of 75 JTO(T) for officiating promotiom to SDE(T) in Bihar Circle
<<< click here for status >>>
Editorial March 2011 - SNEA (I) is not a metamorphic but an isomeric state of JETA (I)- Bury those burying backbone of the Company - JTO cadre.
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29th March 2011 GS writes to Shri Kapil Sibal Hon'ble MOC on BSNL allocated non standardized BWA spectrum band at market value of Rs 8000 crores – private operators get premium band at same value – serious policy discrimination and breach of level playing field.       <<<letter>>>
29th March 2011 Moment of great pride and satisfaction- Association owns a Sprawling New Home at New Delhi.

Association owns a new three storey, three side open 24 X 48 ft. (127 Sq yds) sprawling building just 50 M from Ramesh Nagar Metro station in the most posh Colony of Ramesh Nagar. The new spacious home of beloved Comrades of this Association faces two beautiful parks, has a 12 ft road in the front (adjoining park) and 10 ft road on the right side and a 6ft back line. The building has a big hall, a lobby and a bed room with luxurious wash room in the ground floor plus sufficient parking space annexed to the hall. First floor has two spacious bed rooms, wash room, kitchen, lobby and a huge balcony measuring 24 X 12 ft The second floor has three bed rooms, kitchen, lobby, wash room and balcony measuring 12X12 ft. On the top we have a terrace almost about the size of the plot. The structure of the building is quite sturdy and of quality material, has sufficient wardrobes studded with quality wood work and other accessories. The building is facing North-East.

The total cost of the building is approximately 3.0 Crores (Rs 2.85 crores actual cost+ miscellaneous charges like registration fees, broker commission etc.)

With this new spacious home of ours at the National Capital, we are not only proud of having realized our dream but our comrades visiting National Capital now onwards will have a very comfortable stay along with their families in their new home. In terms of connectivity, it is about 10 and 14 Kms from New Delhi Railway station and the Airport.

 Purchase of this this new building has been possible entirely because of painstaking and sincere efforts of our both AGSs at HQs, Com Khan and Com. Sebstian, and our office assistant Digamber. 

With the purchase of this new home, we have exhausted our reserves and will have to struggle to meet our day to day expenditure unless our beloved Comrades throughout the country voluntarily and instantaneously come forward to generously contribute to meet the huge cost of the building as well as huge legal expenditure that we are incurring these days to defend our RRs to ensure our functional promotions. There should be virtually no need for CHQ to make fresh appeal to contribute since CWC Bhopal has already decided to collect Rs 500/ per member to meet expenditure on both purchase of new building and legal. Moreover, the response should be voluntary and with great amount of enthusiasm, pride and satisfaction of having acquired a huge asset for our beloved Comrades. Donations need not be coercive. That is why we are not making any specific appeals in this regard.

29th March 2011 BSNL Corporate Office issued letter regarding promotion to the grade of SDE(T) (Regular) for the Backlog vacancy year up to 2007-08- Cases of not receipt ACR/Not traceable/Not absorbed/Additional information's etc.
<<< click here for letter >>>
28th March 2011 Regular appointment of Director (HR) in BSNL: BSNL Corporate Office Issued order for  Shri.A.K.Garg CGMT Kolkata Telephones has been appointed as Director (HR) of BSNL for a period of five years or till the date of his superannuation, whichever is earlier.
<<< click here for order >>>
28th March 2011 BSNL Corporate office issued letter regarding vocational (Summer) Training for Engineering Students.
<<< click here for order >>>
27th March 2011 Telecom Tribunal TDSAT has stayed state-owned BSNL’s around Rs.200 crore Access Deficit charge (ADC) demand on Anil Ambani Group Firm RCom for 20 Circles.
<<< click here for details news >>>
27th March 2011 TERM cell of DoT imposes a penalty of Rs.26 crores on Bharti Airtel: According to TERM cell of J&K,the company has violated the guidelines prescribed by DoT regarding restoration of prepaid connections upon completion of reverification.
<<< click here for details news >>>
26th March 2011 First time, BSNL Management/Committee agreed to consider the proposal of standard Scales E2 & E3 for JTOs/JAOs and SDEs/AOs or equivalent cadres after strong and suitable facts in terms of financial implication present by SNEA(I) CHQ:The Committee constituted to resolve the pay anomaly of JTOs of 2007 & 2008 batch as per the demand taken up by this SNEA(I) , called us for a meeting on 25.03.2011 at 10:30 Hrs. GS along with both AGSs held discussions with the committee. Chairman and other members Sr GM(Estt), Sr GM(SR), Sr GM(Pers), Sr GM(EF) were present. DGM(Estt), DGM(EF), AGM(SR) and AGM(P-IV) were also present.

 Committee suggested E1 + 5 increments for JTO cadre and E2 scale for SDE cadre. Committee also suggested that the demand for “First Time Bound Promotion after 4 years” also will be met by this proposal. It is also learned that some are agreeable for this proposal.
The proposal of E1+5 increment and E2 scale was totally rejected by the SNEA(I) on 03.03.2011 itself and decided to continue with the agitation programme. Later based on the assurance of the Chairman and Sr GM(SR) to reconsider their proposal, SNEA(I) deferred the Dharna on 04.03.2011.

 SNEA(I) pointed out that lowering the pay scale of SDE to E2 and giving TBP after 4 years was not our demand.

 By this even after getting TBP in 4 years, a JTO will not reach the minimum of E2A scale (Rs. 22500). Similarly a JTO will not reach the minimum of proposed E3 scale (Rs 24900) even after 8 years. (How this proposal will be acceptable?)

 Chairman asked our proposal to solve the issue. GS explained how JTO cadre has been recognised by premier agencies like IIM/Banglore, National Productivity Council during IVth and Vth CPC period etc. The JTO cadre has been continuously uplifted in 1987, 1996 and in 2003. It is unfortunate that BSNL is not recognising this cadre and demoralising it by lowering the pay scales. These young JTO/JAOs, SDEs/AOs has to be motivated and that is the need of the hour. Demoralising them by demotion at the entry level itself will be disastrous for the company.

 SNEA(I) proposed standard pay scales of E2, E3, E4, E5, E6 and E7 for JTO, SDE, Sr SDE, DE, DGM, SGJAG and equivalent cadres.

Committee opined that this will have huge financial implications especially in terms of pension contribution to DOT. The change of scales above E3 may not give any benefit to the employees also.  

SNEA(I) made a compromise for the upliftment of the cadre and suggested that the change of scales from E3 to E4 onwards can be considered after the pension contribution issue is resolved and now the proposal of giving E2 and E3 pay scales for JTOs, SDEs and equivalent cadres may be considered.  

Comrades, we had shown the same spirit in 1987 when pay scales revised to 1640-60-2900. Thousands of our senior comrades faced pay loss and recovery when their pay reduced from Rs 1720/ to Rs 1700/ on revision of pay scales. But all of them unitedly fought for the cadre. We should also unitedly fight with the same spirit again for the upliftment of the JTO cadre.

 Finally, Committee agreed to work out the financial implications on giving E2, E3 pay scales for JTOs, SDEs etc.

 For the first time, BSNL Management/Committee agreed to consider the proposal of E2, E3 scales for JTOs and SDEs etc.

 For achieving this goal, SNEA(I) requires wholehearted support from all the Executives --- seniors as well as juniors.

 We should not allow the demotion of the cadres at any cost.

 GS letter to the Chairman of the Committee <<proposal>>

    • Placing JTOs and SDEs in a lower scale means demotion of around 35,000 Executives in BSNL which will be strongly opposed by SNEA(I).

      some important facts regarding financial implication:
        • There is no financial implication on giving E3 scale for SDEs etc as all of them already crossed the minimum of E3 scale as on 01.01.2007.

      • Similarly there will not be any hike in pay for DE and DGM cadres also as all of them crossed the minimum of the scale.


      • The financial implications on BSNL for implementing standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTO and SDE cadre is very small amount for the 5,500 JTO/JAOs recruited after 01.01.2007 as given below.
      1. The maximum financial implication on giving E2 scale instead of E1A scale will be around Rs 21.07 Cores for one year. ((Rs 1750 + 43% IDA + Average 20% HRA + EPF @ 13.61%) x 12 months) = 21.07 Crores.
      1. The maximum financial implication on giving E2 scale instead of E1 + 5 increment will be around Rs 19.27 Cores for one year. (( Rs 1600 + 43% IDA + Average 20% HRA + EPF @ 13.61%) x  12 months) = 19.27 Crores.

       If lower pay scales like E1, E2 are given, then also there will be financial implications in terms of Time Bound Promotions.

      1) If E1 and E2 scale is given for JTO and SDE equivalent cadres, then there will be equal financial implications on account of Time Bound Promotions also.

      2) If revised E1A, E2A scales or E1 and E2 scales are given, then JTOs joined on or after 2001 will get their first time bound promotion on 01.01.2007 itself or on completion of 4 years whichever is later as all of them touches the minimum of the next higher E2 or E2A scale. For 2005 batch, all of them will get first TBP on completion of 4 years. Normally they are getting only after 6 years.

      3)  If E2, E3 pay scales given, then almost all will get their first time bound on completion of 5 or 6 years only.

      4) There are around 10000 JTOs/JAOs joined since 2001 who are eligible for their first time bound promotion on or after 01.01.2007.

      5) All of them will get their every TBP two years in advance, as they are getting their first TBP in 4 years instead of 6 years. Their pay on 01.01.2007 or on completion of 4 years will be between 24000 and 25000.

      6) The maximum financial implication on giving this TBP will be around Rs 16.42 Cores for one year ((Rs 750 + 43% IDA + Average 20% HRA + EPF @ 13.61%) x  12 months) = 16.42 Crores. Second year also same additional expenditure will be there.

      7) If E2, E3 scale is not getting, 2007 and 2008 and the future batches will be the biggest sufferers in terms of lower pay scales as well as TBP.

25th March 2011 LATEST UPDATE # Pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs and SDEs or Equivalent cadres:: The Committee invited SNEA(I) for a formal meeting at 10:30 Hrs on 25.03.2011.
Assn will reiterate its consistent stand for standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTO/JAOs, SDE/AOs etc and continuing pre-revised scale of 9850-250-14600 till finalization of new scales.
In the earlier meetings on 03rd March and subsequent meetings, Assn made it clear that E1 + 5 increment for JTO/JAOs and E2 scale for SDE/AOs are not at all acceptable. Assn deferred the agitation only when Chairman and GM(SR) assured to review the proposal.
25th March 2011 Board for Reconstruction of Public Sector Enterprise (BRPSE) gives several recommendations regading revival of BSNL --- Points out inefficiency of the Management, suggests VRS, rollback retirement age to 58 below Board level, freeing/reducing allowances etc.
25th March 2011

@ Why the BSNL-MTNL merger has been stuck   <<news>>

@ Govt plans Chinese models for telecom infra projects <<news>>

@ Telecom investments pegged at Rs 5 lakh crore in 2012-2017  <<news>>

@ Telcos reach consensus only on four of 15 policy changes   <<news>>

@ Senior telecom official to probe divestment of VSNL  <<news>>

@ SC admits RCom petition challenging TDSAT order <<news>>

@ 'Made in India' products to get preferential status in New Telecom Policy 2011  <<news>>

@ Govt slaps Rs 700 cr fine on telcos for violation of laws  <<news>>

@ 'Customer is the king' reality hits BSNL, MTNL <<news>>

@ GSM operators add 14.69 mn new users in Feb: COAI  <<news>>

24th March 2011 Pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs and SDEs or Equivalent cadres: GS again writes to the Chairman of the Committee regarding Placing JTOs recruited after 01.01.2007 in the pre-revised pay scale of 9850-250-14600 provisionally till finalization of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs and SDEs <<Click Here for Letter>>

GS and AGS K. Sebastin met Shri K C G K Pillai, PGM(FP) and Chairman of the committee and held further discussions on the issue. We requested him to provisionally recommend pre revised 9850-250-14600 scale for JTOs and process standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc for JTO, SDE etc. Later on GS and AGS met GM(EF) and held further discussions on the same issue. It is understood that Committee explored the possibility of giving E1 + 5 increments for JTO cadre and E2 scale for SDE cadre. GS categorically told the Chairman and GM (EF) that SNEA(I) already made it clear several times that it will not allow the demotion of JTO and SDE cadres on one pretext or other and E1+5 increment is not at all acceptable to us even though the amount is slightly higher than revised E1A scale. The only one option is to process standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc as DOT already rejected E1A and E2A pay scales. Chairman and GM (EF) requested further inputs in this regard and we promised to provide the same soon. SNEA(I) determined to fight for standard pay scales.

24th March 2011 Adhoc JAG promotion: Almost all the VCs reached BSNLCO: pending PB-2, J&K-1,RAJ-1.

Regular DE promotion: Almost all the Circles reported that they sent VC to CVO except those individual cases as reported on 17th. GS and AGS met CVO and Dy CVO and requested them to sent the VC to BSNLCO at the earliest as the VC is getting time barred and large number of Executives are retiring every month without getting their due promotion.

24th March 2011 Positive Growth of BSNL in the Month of Feb'2011: COAI released All India GSM subscriber figures for February 2011. BSNL's monthly growth rate has come down but market share improves from 14.81 in January 2011 to 15.33 in February 2011.BSNL still stand 4th rank just below 0.31% from Idea.
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23th March 2011 BSNL Bihar Telecom Circle Celebrates BIHAR DIWAS : BSNL Bihar Telecom Circle organised "BLOOD DONATION CAMP" at Ground Floor, Sanchar Sadan, Sanchar Parisar Patna on 24th March'2011 at 12 PM on the occassion of "BIHAR DIWAS".
SNEA(I) Bihar Circle appeal to all members for participation in CAMP on volunteer basis and for this purpose kindly contact to ADT(Welfare) O/o CGMT Bihar Circle at Mobile Number-9431200886.
23th March 2011 Appointment of CMD BSNL/MTNL and Director(HR), BSNL :- It is understood that today in DoT Search Committee members Shri Sam Pitroda & Shri Nandan Nilekani held discussions regarding selection of CMD BSNL/MTNL. Secy.(T), Addl. Secy.(T) & Jt.Secy.(T) were also present. It seems that as per Hon'ble MOC&IT's 100 days programme, the appointments of CMD BSNL/MTNL may be completed before 31.03.2011.
In addition to this Shri A.K. Garg, CGM Kolkata Telephones has been selected for the post of Director (HR) BSNL Board and appointment order of Shri A.K. Garg as Director (HR) BSNL is expected shortly.


Bihar is all set to celebrates its 99th birthday as Bihar Diwas on 22 March 2011.
Bihar Diwas is marked as a date on when, British government separated out a new state (Bihar) from the Bengal Presidency on 22nd March 1912.
This year, Bihar Divas is being organized to mark the 99th anniversary of independent statehood of Bihar. The festival this year will be organized at a grander scale, as the state will be entering its 100th year.

21st March 2011: Congratulations to one and all ---- Purchase of new Three storied SNEA(I) CHQ Building at New Delhi --- Agreement signed on 21.03.11.

18th March 2011 Congratulations!!! Time Bound Scale Up-gradation under Executive Promotion Policy on revised and provisional IDA pay scales of executives (JTO/JAO etc) as per 2nd PRC effective from 01.01.2007.Clarifications issued by BSNLCO.
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18th March 2011 Case at Hon CAT, Chennai regarding SC/ST roster for JTO to SDE promotion postponed to 19.04.2011 and the case regarding seniority postponed to 12.04.2011
17th March 2011 Status of VC Report for DPC of Regular STS and Adhoc JAG
1. For Regular STS:  VC not received from  BSNLCO(12), GUJ (11), ITPC(7), INSP(1), J&K(9), KOL TD(2), KRL(2), MH(8), NE I(1), NE II(2), NTP(1), NTR(2), RAJ(2), UP(W)--15, WTP(1).
2. For Adhoc JAG: VC not  received from ALTTC, AS, AP, CHG, ETP, GUJ, ITPC, JKD, KOL TD, MH, NCES, NE II, NETF, NTR, PB, QA, RAJ, WTP, WTR.
17th March 2011 Telephone connectivity to villages by BSNL: BSNL has provided 574673 VPTs upto January 2011.
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17th March 2011 Broadband services of BSNL: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has provided 7, 70,000 connections in rural areas as on 31.1.2011.
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16th March 2011
Status of DPC from JTO (T) to SDE (T) - The DPC  work from JTO (T) to SDE (T) in advance stage and efforts are being made to issue promotion order of 2500 SDE(T) before 31st March'2011.
2. Status of DPC from DE (Regular) to JAG (Adhoc)- Fresh VCRs have been called to complete the DPC process from DE (Regular) to JAG (Adhoc) and efforts are being made to issue promotion order from DE(Regualr) to DGM before 31st March'2011.
3. Status of DPC of DE (Regular) from DE (Adhoc)-DPC work  for about 1000 DE (Regular) vacant posts from DE(Adhoc) will be start at the earliest.
VC not received from AS, BR, CHG, ETP, HR, JKD, PB, KOL Store, MP, NCES, NETF, OR, PB, STR, UKD, UPW, TN and WB Circles. Among these, VC expired in case of some Circles and the same again called by CVO. VC for few cases pending from other Circles also.
<<VC status>>
16th March 2011 BSNL Corporate office issued order regarding Transfer and Posting in the grade of SDE (E)
<<< Click here for order >>>
16th March 2011 CASE AT HON CAT, CHENNAI ON JTO TO SDE PROMOTION: The case regarding SC/ST roster postponed to 18.03.2011 and the case regarding seniority postponed to 12.04.2011
16th March 2011 Pay anomaly of JTO 2007 and 2008 batches: Further meeting with the Committee on this important issue couldn't take place as GM(Estt), convenor of the committee is on leave for the last two weeks.
15th March 2011 Congratulations !!! Revision of IDA pension to BSNL employees retired prior to 01-01-2007- DOT issued IDA Pension Revision orders for BSNL Pensioners today i.e. 15.03.2011. Immediately about 50,000 BSNL Pensioners retired before 01.01.2007 will be benefited.Our sincere thanks to Secretary/DOT, Member (Services) and DDG(Estt) of DOT and the entire BSNL Management.
DoT has issued the long awaited orders for Pension Revision for the BSNL Employees who retired prior to 1.1.2007.
<<< click here for revision of ida pension order >>>

15th March 2011 Shri S.C.Misra ,Member (Services) Telecom Commission & Ex-Officio Secretary Dept of Telecom will hold additional charge of Director (HR) BSNL Board: According to a DoT order, Shri S.C.Misra, the CMD, BSNL will hold additional charge of Director (HR) for a period of three months or till a regular Director (HR) is posted, whichever is earlier.
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15th March 2011 Rs 60,000 Crores Bailout package for BSNL by DOT:   The Department of Telecom has a bailout package for the loss-ridden BSNL: a Rs 60,000-crore project to provide broadband Internet connectivity to Panchayats.
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15th March 2011 BSNL wants Rs 2,000-cr subsidy for rural telephony to continue: Cash-strapped BSNL has asked the telecom department not to end the . 2,000-crore subsidy it receives annually to sustain its loss-making landline business across rural India. The department had provisioned this amount annually for three years beginning 2008 from the Universal Service Obligation Fund (USOF) that is used to support rural telephony.
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15th March 2011 Department of Personnel & Training issued letter regarding Procedure to be observed by the Departmental Promotion Committees (DPCs) - Model Calendar for DPCs and related matters. DoP&T has reiterated the guidelines issued by it on 8.9.1998 that DPCs are to be held at least 4 months before commencement of the vacancy year.
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15th March 2011 BSNL Corporate Office issued a letter to all CGM for Observations of remuneration Committee of BSNL Board regarding HR initiatives.
Employees are Company's most important resource and right kind of HR policies can be very effective at supporting and building the desired organisational culture. You are requested to give your suggestions in the area of different HR aspects, such as:
1. Recruitment Policy
2. Transfer & Posting
3. Competence Mapping
4. Training
5. Performance Measurement and Performance Linked incentives (financial or non-financial)
6. Medical Policy etc.
The Officers/staff in may also be contribute their viewpoint/opinion on HR related initiatives by sending email to:
14th March 2011 Promotion in the Grade of  AGM/DET (STS) on regular basis:- As assured by Sr, GM(Pers.) few more ACRs/Part ACRs in respect of SDEs(T) come under zone of consideration for promotion to DE/AGM Grade on regular Basis have been called for latest by 19.03.2011 to complete the DPC.
<<< Click Here for Letter >>>
14th March 2011 New CMD for BSNL & MTNL by this month end: The two telecom PSUs -- BSNL and MTNL are likely to get their respective CMDs by the end of this month.
"After March 18, which is the last date for the receipt of applications by the Department of Telecommunications (DoT), it will take 2-3 weeks to get the name from the selection committee formed under the leadership of Sam Pitroda," Telecom Secretary R Chandrashekar told PTI.
The post of BSNL is vacant since August 1, 2010, and in MTNL, it is vacant since January 10, 2010.
The appointment shall be on contract and for a period of three years, which can be extended for a further period of three years based on a performance evaluation by an external expert group.
Earlier, the DoT scrapped the list of successful candidates picked by the old selection panel and had set-up the new search-cum-selection panel to carry out the process of selection of CMDs for the two state-run telecom firms. Meanwhile, government has given the additional charge of BSNL CMD to  DoT Member (Services)Shri S C Misra. The old search-cum-selection committee formed in July, 2010, for the job had come under controversy. The BSNL employees' union(SNEA) had challenged the process and selection made by the old search panel in the Delhi High Court. The new panel is headed by Sam Pitroda. Other members in this panel are UIDAI Chairman Nandan Nilekani , Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister T K A Nair and Cabinet Secretary K M Chandrashekhar.

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14th March 2011 On behalf of BSNL Management, Sr. GM(SR) writes to General Secretaries  of all Unions and Associations in BSNL regarding items requiring focused action in the First Phase
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14th March 2011 Applicability of TDS on discount scheme of the BSNL sales and distribution policy: The Circles which are not implemented may implement by 01.04.2011, next financial year. SNEA(I) CHQ brought this issue to the notice of BSNL Management which may adversely affect our sales through Franchisees. <<order>>  <<earlier order>>
14th March 2011

@ BSNL calls for renewal of annual USOF subsidy  <<report>>

@ BSNL MTNL may get new bosses by March end  <<report>>

@ BSNL begins upgrading 3G network  <<report>>

@ DoT special audit of 5 telcos over; may raise  Rs 1,100 cr demand <<report>>

@ DoT, I&B ministry spar over spectrum  <<report>>

@ SC to decide on hike in microwave spectrum fees for private telcos  <<report>>

14th March 2011 Message from Shri S.C. Misra CMD BSNL to all employees <<<click here >>>
14th March 2011 Great victory of SNEA(I) !!! BSNL restored the promotion to STS based on BSNLMS foot note: Based on the dismissal of the case regarding BSNLMS Rectt Rule in CAT Chennai, Corporate office restored the promotions to STS cadre based on BSNLMS. 
<<< click here for order >>>
11th March 2011 Data in respect of DE(Regular):  BSNL Corporate office circulated list of Regular DEs as on 01-01-2011 for updating/verifying the data and any corrections/omissions/errors are to be communicated latest by 14th March 2011.

Click here to view copy of covering letter>>>>>

Click here to view All India list of 1425 Regular DE(sts) >>>>

11th March 2011 BSNL CO issued letter regarding  transfer and posting in the grade of CAO/Sr. AO/AO.
<<< click here for order >>>
11th March 2011 BSNL CO issued letter regarding  transfer and posting in the grade of CAO/Sr. AO/AO
<<< click here for order >>>
11th March 2011 BSNL CO issued letter regarding Transfer under Rule 8 (Para 38 of P and T Manual Vol. IV) of BSNL's Employee Transfer policy in respect of DR/External JAOs.
<<< click here for order >>>
11th March 2011

@ DoT notice to Idea, Eitsalat DB for cancelling their licences  <<report>>
@ Location-based mobile services may be made mandatory <<report>>

10th March 2011 Heavy Industries and Public Enterprises Minister Mr. Praful Patel meets CEOs of Maharatna, Navratna and Miniratna PSUs: The Minister stressed upon a fixed and well chalked out succession plan for CEOs and chairpersons of companies in a way that the next incumbent is in place before and acting CMD demits office.
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10th March 2011 Most number of complaints received against Airtel: TRAI has been receiving complaints against telecom service providers alleging various problems which include billing, metering & tariff related issues and activation of chargeable value added services without explicit consent of the customer.
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10th March 2011 Attention !!! Circles Secretaries: The VC for Adhoc JAG promotion may be sent to CVO urgently. The list already mailed to Circle VOs by CVO. The details of DEs as on 01.01.2011 for the preparation of roster is not received from HR, JKD, NTR,PB and UKD Circles inspite of several reminders.
10th March 2011 GS Writes to CMD/BSNL on spectacular and worth emulating efforts of CGM/AP in adopting timely appropriate strategy to successfully face great challenge of MNP – an eye opener for field units which miserably failed to respond due to lack of involvement, strategy and plan of action  -- time is ripe enough to take appropriate steps to immediately weed out dead wood leadership in BSNL at all the levels --- Performance and not merely seniority should form the basis of deciding heads of Circles and SSA heads --- What we find is that huge number of non performers continues to be CGMs for years together  <<letter>>
10th March 2011 DOT writes to CCAs for payment of IDA at revised rates for the pensioners without waiting for the endorsement of such orders on IDA rates  <<order>>
10th March 2011
@ Loop calls on government to auction its licence  
@ TRAI Gets Maximum Complaints Against Airtel, Reliance and Vodafone  
@ DoT forms eight teams to study different telecom policy issues    <<report>>
10th March 2011 Judgment of Hon'ble CAT cuttack:147 SDEs of LDCE quota Court Case OA No.183 of 2009.Hon'ble Cuttack CAT (OA-183/2009) that was filed by all the affected seniors of Orissa Circle against the seniority recasting for 147 junior beneficiaries has come in their favour. The judgment has opposed the points given by the BSNL CO /DoT 
Page1            Page2             Page3
9th March 2011 GS writes to CMD/BSNL regarding indiscriminate and unjustified exemption from payment of legitimate penalties levied on vendor (IBM/TCIL) because of blatant violation of contractual obligations–nexus with   vendor not ruled out in networking equipment of project P-3 (BBNW) at Bangalore: --- due to reasons best known to senior officers of BBNW at Delhi, the penalty imposed by Bangalore Unit where the project is getting commissioned, drastically reduced the penalty by arbitrarily changing Service Level Agreements and relevant penalty clauses in contravention of clauses clearly defined in terms of Contract ----Officers of BSNL/BBNW Bangalore appear to be more interested and keen in protecting the interests of IBM rather than the Organization  -- Nexus between senior officers of BBNW and the vendor (IBM) through TCIL appears to be   so formidable that the penalty raised for Q-1 by the Bangalore unit has been reduced from Rs 47,500 to Rs just Rs 3750 and Rs 4, 85, 000 (four lakh eighty five thousand) to Rs 7,500 and for Q-2 from Rs 52, 80, 000 (fifty two lakhs eighty thousands) to just Rs 79,000. All the documents are enclosed -- <<letter>>
9th March 2011 GS writes to CMD/BSNL regarding CDR Service breakdown in CRM/PMS/CLARITY applications in entire South Zone --- since 11:30 hrs of 03-03-2011 till date, the CRM application which deals with Commercial and TR activities is not at all available in the entire South Zone --- today PMS also down --- All SSAs are facing tremendous pressure and unable to do even single transaction <<letter>>
8th March 2011 Annual Rs 3,000-cr subsidy planned for BSNL, MTNL:The department of telecommunications (DoT) plans to support ailing state-run telecom public sector units BSNL and MTNL by giving an annual subsidy of about Rs 3,000 crore to sustain their operations. The two PSUs have been losing revenues as well as market.... 
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8th March 2011
@ MNP : Over 38 Lakh Mobile Subscribers Switch To Other Operators <<report>>

@ GSM operators to surrender excess spectrum during renewal in 2014 <<report>>

@ Indian Telecom market crosses 800 million mark <<report>>

8th March 2011 BSNL employees Transfer Policy: BSNL corporate office expressed concern over not implementing the BSNL employees Transfer policy in its logical way and directed to issue transfer orders keeping in view about financial constraints of Company, mass rotational transfers where financial implications are involved, may be avoided.
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7th March 2011 Good News for JTOs of 2001 & 2002 batch in Bihar Circle:Officiating promotion from JTO(T) to SDE(T)-SINCERE EFFORT NEVER GOES IN VAIN  and once again Sincere and Consistent effort made by SNEA(I) Bihar Circle become fruitful for our Young and Dynamic Executives.    Name of 72 numbers of JTO from 2001 and 2002 batch who are eligible for officiating  promotion fro JTO(T) to SDE(T) has been issued by Circle Office Patna.The ACR/APAR and VC report called by Admin Section. The compilation work of ACR/APAR from 2005-06 to 2009-10 is under process and status will be uploaded on our website within a couple days in the interest of our members.
Once again requested to all JTOs of 2001 & 2002 batch must be submit their ACR/APAR upto current Financial Year if not submit till date.
<<< click here for lists >>>
The JTOs/JAOs belonging to the 2007 and 2008 batches, having appointed them in the pre revised IDA scales of 9850-250-14600, subjecting them to a monthly loss of Rs.5000 arbitrarily fixing them at the minimum of revised E1(Rs. 16400)  scale for just no reason whatsoever, whereas the JTOs recruited before 2007 year pay has been fixed up in the previous pay scale. It has caused discrimination in the same cadre of JTO. At least fix them in the pre-revised IDA scale of 9850-250-250-14600 till finalization of new IDA scales(E2) for JTOs/JAOs.


Present Grade

Pre revised scale

Revised scale

Min pay on 30% fitment

Proposed Grade

Proposed scale











































It can be seen that the starting of standard scales of E2 and E3 is even lower than that of the minimum of pay fixation with 30% fitment as on 01.01.07, i.e, even after getting standard scales of E2 and E3, there is absolutely no increase in the basic pay demonstrated in the following chart:

JTOs/JAOs joined

Basic pay

DA 68.8 %

DA 78.2 %

On 01.01.2007 with 30% fitment

Rs. 21,620/-

Rs. 22,820/-

Proposed scale as on 01.01.2007 (E1A scale)

Rs. 18,850/-

Rs. 18,850/-

Standard E2 scale

Rs. 20,600/-

Rs. 20,600/-

The minimum of the proposed E1A scale is less than that of the pay and allowances received in the pre revised scale as on 01.01.2007.

This is justified and broad-shouldered reason that SNEA(I) demands to resolve this issue on replacing standard IDA scales by E2 and E3 for JTOs/JAOs and SDEs/AOs or equivalent executives in BSNL w.e.f. 01.01.2007 at the earliest.

7th March 2011 Action taken by AP Circle to effect MNP in favour of BSNL. ---- AP Circle registering net gain after MNP --- Number of good initiatives taken by AP Circle post MNP <<initiatives>>
7th March 2011

Preparation of SC/ST roster of Regular /Adhoc DEs as on 01.01.2011. IVth Reminder to CGM/ BR, HR, JKD, MH, NCES, NTP, NTR, PB, UKD and WB Circles for sending the data of Adhoc DGMs, Reg/Adhoc DEs as on 01.01.2011.  <<letter>>

The report regarding data of DGM(Adhoc), DE(Regular) and DE(Adhoc) of Telecom Operation Stream as on 01.01.2011 has been sent to BSNL Corporate Office on 24th Feb2011.

7th March 2011 Circle Conference of SNEA(I) Karnataka:  Karnataka Circle Conference was held at Chickmagalur on 26th and 27th February 2011. A very colourful Open Session on 27th February was attended by Com. G. L. Jogi/ General Secretary, veteran leader Com W. Seshagiri Rao, Shri P Raghavan/ CGMT Karnataka  Circle, Shri R Chandramouli/ Sr GM Admn and HR, Shri N Chandrashekara/GM Sales and Marketing of Karnataka Circle and Shri S Sathyanarayan GM Chickmaglur. More than 600 members attended the Open session. Com R Rajan Jt. Secy(S), and Com M H Gombi AGS addressed the delegate session. Com B S Venkatesh Murthy, Com S B Nagavi and Com C R Sureshkumar were elected unanimously as C/President, C/Secretary and C/Treasurer respectively for the next term. CWC members are Com M Satishkumar, Com Pandurang Naik, Com Chandrahas Ullal, Com M G Qureshi, Com Jayaprakash Javal. Two new JTOs are elected as CWC members and another two are elected as Circle office bearers. 
SNEA(I) Bihar Circle extend heartiest congratulation to Newly formed SNEA(I) Karnataka team.

Circle Conference of SNEA(I) AP Circle: The Circle Conference of AP Circle held at Vijayawada on 17th to 19th February, 2011. The open session was held on 18.02.2011 and attended by more than 800 members. Com S L Reddy/CHQ President, Com GS, Veteran leader Com W. Seshagiri Rao, Sh Rajeev Agrawal/CGM AP Circle, Com H. Muthu/CHQ Treasurer, Com R. Rajan/Jt Sec (S), Com A. Chandrasekhar/AGS, Com M. H. Gombi/AGS, Sh John Chrisostam/Sr GM/Krishna SSA, and other leaders from sister organisations addressed the open session. C/P Com A Viswanath presided over the meeting and CS Com Padmanabha Rao presented the key note address. CGMT in his address explained in detail the success of MNP in AP Circle and interacted with the members on various issues. The positive attitude of CGMT towards development of AP Circle was appreciated by all.

Com A Viswnath, Com Padmanabha Rao and Com Vidyasagar Reddy were elected unanimously as President, Secretary and Treasurer for the next term. Com S. Srinivas, Com J Umamaheswara Rao, Com A ChittibabuCom E Jaganmohan Reddy, Com B Bhaskara Rao and Com K Venketesh were elected as CWC members. One new JTO was elected as CWC member and another three are elected as Circle office bearers.
SNEA(I) Bihar Circle extend heartiest congratulation to Newly formed SNEA(I) AP team.

AP Circle Conference photos <<1>>  <<2>>  <<3>>  <<4>>  <<5>>  <<6>>  <<7>>  <<8>>  <<9>>    <<10>>  <<11>>  <<12>>  <<13>>  <<14>>  <<15>> 

6th March 2011 Revised norms for Vehicle: BSNL Corporate office circulated report of committee formed to propose the revised norms for Vehicle.
<<< click here for committee report >>>
6th March 2011 Case at Chennai CAT on JTO to SDE promotion: It is learned that The case regarding SC/ST roster postponed to 15th  March. The case regarding fixation of seniority postponed to 16th  March2011.
6th March 2011 As per DoPT order issued on 08.10.2010 and 01.03.2011,  it has been cleared that end of the deputation period of ITS Officers in BSNL.
Time limit for framing of Rules and Regulations on conversion of Government Department into PSUs/autonomous/statutory body:

It has been decided that in case of  pertaining to service conditions, promotion/confirmation, etc. in respect of the deemed deputationist  where there is a conversion of a Government Department into PSUs/autonomous/statutory body, there must be a time frame within which a new body shall frame its rules and regulations. At the end of this period, all employees on deemed deputation should have opted either to get permanently absorbed in the new organization or revert to the Government. A maximum period of 5 years for framing of rules and another 2 years for phasing out repatriation to those opting to come back to Government has been prescribed. All the Ministries/Departments are accordingly advised to adhere to the time frame whenever a proposal for transfer of employees is considered as above.
CLICK HERE FOR DoPT LETTER of 10th oct'2010 ………..

Overstayal of deputation: Dept. of Personnel & Training has issued one more order forbidding overstayal of deputation beyond 5 years.

As per DOP&T instructions dated 1st March2011, no extension in deputation beyond the 5th year is allowed. The deputationist officers is deemed to have been relieved on the date of expiry of the deputation period unless the competent authority has with requisite approvals, extended the period of deputation, in writing, prior to the date of expiry.

<<< click here for dopt order of 1st march'2011 >>>
4th March 2011 CAG to look into BSNL franchise deals:

Government auditor CAG has sought information from Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) about its franchise deals to lease out expensive WiMAX spectrum for broadband services. The development came within weeks after the Department of Telecommunications (DoT) decided to examine the matter, .............Click Here for Detail news

4th March 2011 Appointment of Sh P J Thomas as CVC illegal -- Hon Supreme Court.  CVC resigns <<news>>
Appeals to all Executives comes under one umbrella for fight against deputationist ITS controlled management for demotion of JTO/JAO & SDE/AO or Equivalent cadre by placing them in a lower pay scale of E1 & E2and participate in full strength Countrywide ONE DAY DHARNA called by SNEA(I) Central Head Quarter from 10.00 Hrs to 18.00 Hrs at Sanchar Sadan Patna and also SSA HQs on 4th March,2011.
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SNEA (I) is not the paper/website union, but it is strong and vibrant union, fighting for the welfare of the executives.
3rd March 2011 Country wide One Day Dharna on 4th March, 11 deferred: Following the assurance given by the Chairman of the Committee and Sr. GM (SR) that the committee will consider all possible options to resolve the issue of pay scales of JTOs/SDEs and equivalent cadres in a satisfactory manner and not restrict resolution of the issue merely on the basis of E1+ 5 increments which according to this Association is nothing but demotion of the cadre, programme of Dharna on 4th March, 11 stands deferred. The Association will vigorously pursue to get legitimate pay scale for JTOs/SDEs and protect the dignity of the cadre of JTO. Maintain total organizational preparedness to respond to any challenge at a very short notice.

CHQ wholeheartedly congratulates the activists of the Organization for making extensive and elaborate Organizational preparation at grass root levels to make the programme of dharna on 4th March a grand success. Keep it up and protect the dignity of the cadre of JTO.

Letter from GM (SR) >>>>>>>>  
Letter addressed to GM (SR) >>>>>>>>>>>>

3rd March 2011 at 16.30 Hrs SNEA(I) CHQ decided to go ahead with Full Day Dharna on 04.03.2011 since BSNL Management is firm on fixing JTO cadre in the pay scale of E1 + 5 increments, which for all purposes means demotion of the cadre. This is not acceptable to the SNEA(I) CHQ.

3rd March 2011 Broadening the mandate of the committee to find broad based, highly talented and business oriented top level management structure for BSNL – restricting selection to CEO a fractured mandate.- GS addresses Hon Prime Minister  >>>>>>>>>
3rd March 2011 DPC for Adhoc JAG promotion - Fresh VC is called for promotion of STS to JAG (Adhoc) by the CVO BSNL Office since the validity of VC expired on 24-02-2011. CVO will mail the list to Circle Vigilance in a day or two.
3rd March 2011 Case in Chennai CAT on SC/ST Roster case posted for hearing on 15-03-2011.
2nd March 2011 Great Achievement by Joint Action Committee (JAC) Bihar on the issue of Proposal for deduction of 40% salary of BSNL Employees sent to BSNL HQ by CGMT Bihar Circle was withdrawn:
1. JAC BSNL Bihar writes a letter to CGMT Bihar Circle on 21.03.2011 with strong protest and wants written clarification on this issue.
<<< click here for JAC Bihar Letter >>>
2. Even after lapses of 4 days there was no any response getting from CGMT Bihar Circle on the crucial and vital issues related to not only Employees of BSNL but also affected their Family.
JAC BSNL Bihar writes a letter to CGMT Bihar Circle on 25.02.2011 for MASSIVE LUNCH HOUR DEMONSTRATION on 3rd March 2011 against the proposal sent by CGMT Bihar Circle regarding deduction of 40% salary of BSNL Employees working in Bihar Circle.

<<< click here for JAC Bihar Letter >>>
Copies of this letter also sent to All General Secretaries, Central Head Quarter New Delhi for immediate intervene on this issue at BSNL HQ with CMD.

JAC BSNL Bihar mentioned that the Outsourcing of maintenance works and Unproductive and wasteful planning and Expenditure made by management is only responsible for fall in revenue in Bihar Circle and it can’t tolerate on the cost of Salary of BSNL Employees.
3. CGMT Bihar Circle called a meeting with above mentioned JAC leaders except AIGETOA and BSNLEU on 28th Feb2011 at 16.00 Hrs.

<<< click here for meeting letter >>>

4. The CGMT Bihar Circle expressed the view on this issues but Leaders of JAC Bihar condemed the proposal sent to BSNL HQ by CGMT Bihar for deduction of 40% salary and placed the demand for cancellation of this proposal through written communication to BSNL HQ.
5.The written reply by CGMT Bihar Circle on 1st March 2011 to JAC Bihar regarding withdrwal of proposal for deduction of 40% salary and same was communicate to BSNL HQ on 28th Feb2011 and request to Leaders of JAC Bihar for withdrawal of proposed Lunch Hour Demonstration on 03.03.201.
<<< click here for cgmt letter to jac bihar >>>
6.The Leaders of JAC Bihar were met on 1st March2011 for reviewing the written reply of CGMT Bihar Circle as discussed in meeting on 28th Feb2011.JAC Bihar demands for provision of Letters regarding proposal for deduction of 40% salary and withdrawal of this proposal sent to BSNL HQ.
<<< click here for jac bihar letter to cgmt on 1st march2011 >>>
7.Written reply by CGMT Bihar Circle to JAC Bihar alonwith both letter regarding proposal for deduction of 40% salary and withdrawal of that proposal sent to BSNL HQ.
<<< click here for CGmt letter to bsnl hq for proposal >>>

<<< click here for cgmt letter to bsnl hq for withdrawal of proposal >>>

CGMT Bihar Circle write a letter to JAC Bihar with enclosed Both letter which is sent to BSNL HQ and giving assurance on outsourcing work will be done in future after consultation with all representative of Unions/Associations if required in the interest of Organisation.
<<< click here for CGmt letter to JAC bihar for withdrawal of demonstartion >>>

<<< click here for jac bihar letter to CGmt for deferred of demonstration >>>

The Leaders of JAC Bihar met on today (2nd March2011) and after reviewing the situation and appriciate the positive approach of CGMT Bihar Circle for resolving our crucial issue related to proposal of deduction of 40% salary and henceforth take a decesion for postpond the proposed Lunch Hour Demonstration on 03.03.2011 at Sanchar Parisar Patna in interest of our organisation as well as customers.

JAC Bihar and specially SNEA(I) Bihar make a sincere appeal to all Employees of BSNL -Be Punctual, Work Hard and Do thier Job with full Dedication with Devotion in the interest of our beloved organisation BSNL and make a Vibrant and Profitable Company.

1st March 2011 Copy of the Judgement of the case filed by AIGETOA & Others in Hon Chennai CAT on BSNLMS R/R and finally dismissed: <<< Click here for copy >>>

The final judgment given by Hon’ble CAT Chennai on BSNLMS RR Foot Note 2 of Schedule 1A on the basis of decision made in  Hon’ble Supreme Court of India has held in 1980 (3) SLR 1 and in AIR 1975 SC 1487 that the Note below the Rule is Integral part of the Rule. Hence The Hon’ble CAT Chennai mentioned that Foot Note 2 of Schedule 1A of the BSNL Management Service Recruitment Rules, 2009 which extends a right to be considered for promotion to the existing incumbents which was available to them in the earlier Rules also, can not be considered as arbitrary or illegal on this ground.

The foot Note 2 appended to Schedule IA of the Recruitment Rules safeguard the interest of the existing incumbents holding the post of Executives on regular basis ie JTOs/ JAOs/ SDEs/ AOs etc on the date of notification of RRs who shall continue to be eligible for promotion to the grade of Divisional Engineer/Assistant General Manager/Chief Accounts Officer. In DOT and BSNL, qualification is insisted at the entry cadre only. 


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