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30th Sep 2010

Strengthen the spine of the Company – JTO cadre.

Time immemorial JTO cadre has been recognized the real strength of the erstwhile DOT and now BSNL. Premier consultants have concluded this cadre to be so closely involved in all areas of telecom growth that they classified this cadre as the “Backbone of the Organization”. This conclusion of the consultants (NPC) is based on the objective analysis of the job content of this cadre. Those were also the days of electromechanical/analog era. Based on the conclusive findings of the consultants, DOT was constrained to change the designation of JE telecom to JTO to distinguish it from JEs of other Central govt. departments. In term of quality of job contents, JEs telecom were involved in activities of an entirely different and strategic nature from JEs of other central departments, prompting leading consultants like National productivity council and others to recommend their change of designation and also a higher pay scale in 1987.

In the era of telecom digitalization, where JTOs role became more predominant, virtually pivotal, in growth of telecom services, 5th CPC also duly recognized the great strategic importance of this cadre and based on the extensive inputs they received in terms of job content of this cadre, it lifted and bracketed the cadre in Gr B gazetted. This was the time when we were in a monopolistic era, with no one around us. In today’s world of telecom, how much critical the role of this cadre is in giving real thrust and momentum to the growth of the Company. Can BSNL management, despite misdemeanor and arrogane of a handful of people, afford to undermine the huge importance of this cadre in the Organization? Can the critical role of this cadre in turning around BSNL at this crucial stage be undermined by anyone? No, no and no. Those who are ignoring addressing legitimate HR issues of this real and potential strength of the Organization are doing huge disservice to the Company. Implications of demoralizing this cadre can be disastrous for the future well being of BSNL.

BSNL management should just lose no time in getting down to the key HR task of resolving the core issue of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs and SDEs. The recognition bestowed on this cadre by renowned consultants and the vth CPC cannot be allowed to be diluted. We will hit back very hard if the management plays with the pride of the Organization i.e the JTO cadre. Our comrades in SNEA(I) upset by unfortunate and consistent mudslinging by a few should not be carried away by such behaviour, and because of that undermine the huge importance of the issue of immediate resolution of legitimate issues of JTOs/SDEs. Mudslinging should never become a reason neither for the management nor the activists of SNEA(I) to allow the Spine of the Company to be broken by continuing to demoralize this cadre. It is as simple as that and we believe that BSNL management acts as fast as possible to address the issues that ought to have been resolved by now. There is absolutely no room and scope to delay resolution of core issue of placing JTOs and SDEs in standard E2 and E3 pay scales. We sincerely believe that in present crisis ridden situation we shall not be compelled to go to the streets.

If the spine of the company is broken, Company will be shattered to pieces.
SNEA(I) Bihar Circle appeal to all JTOs join your hands with SNEA(I) and strengthen us for resolve own genuine pending issues.
"SNEA(I) is the home of JTOs"----let us strengthen our home & protect yourself.
29th Sep 2010

Our Circle Treasurer continuously touch with all District /Branch Secretaries regarding submission of Special Donation and Membership Quota on or before CEC Meet-2010.The response is very positive from most of the SSAs. The Name of contributors to be upload  on the website whenever getting list from SSAs/Branchs.

SNEA(I) Bihar Circle whole-heartily welcome to our new members Com.Rakesh Kumar Singh/JTO(MS-Tech) and Com.Anupam Bihari/JAO(MS-ERC)  and convey special thanks for contribution of special donation
for CEC MEET-2010 & Circle Fund.

The following members have paid SPECIAL DONATION for CEC MEET-2010 & Circle Fund. The Circle Body convey sincere thanks to our dedicated and devoted members.

Sl.No. Name of Members Designation Name of SSA/Unit Special Donation Amount Payment Details
1 Com. Kundan Kumar DE(VAS-CM) C.O. PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID

Com. S.K. Poddar


C.O. PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID

Com. K.K.Roy



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. Sarad Kr. Sinha



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. Sanjay Kr.Sinha



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. Anil Kumar



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. Pankaj Kumar



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. Merazul Haque



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. S.K.Savita



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. A.K.Jaiswal



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. Rameshwar Pd ‘Akela’



Rs. 500 PAID

Com.Rajeev Ranjan Choudhary



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. S.K.Sen



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. H.N.Singh



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. Raju Kumar



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. Kaushal Kishore



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. Kaushal Kishore



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. Amit Kr. Srivastava



Rs. 500 PAID

Com. Anupam Bihari



Rs. 500 PAID
29th Sep 2010

Congratulations!!! BSNL Corporate Office issued Promotion and posting of the Executives [STS level of Telecom Finance] to the Executives [JAG level of Telecom Finance] on purely on ad-hoc basis.

29th Sep 2010

BSNL and MTNL considering allowing private operators to roam on 3G networks: State-owned Indian operators Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) and Mahanagar Telephone Ltd (MTNL) are reportedly in talks with private operators regarding the possibility of infrastructure sharing deals for their respective 3G networks, according to DNA India.


29th Sep 2010

BSNL Will Launch Fixed Mobile Convergence In India: India’s National Telecom Backbone Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) will roll out fixed mobile convergence (FMC) service for its subscribers in India to provide seamless indoor coverage for GSM mobile service users.
The Fixed-Mobile Convergence (FMC) is the trend towards seamless connectivity between fixed/landline and wireless/mobile telecommunications networks. The term also describes any physical network that allows cellular telephone sets to function smoothly with the fixed network infrastructure.

29th Sep 2010

India Amends Telecom License Rules for Long-Distance Operators on Security Concerns: India's Department of Telecommunications has amended the telecom licensing rules for national and international long-distance operators, asking them to address security concerns on their networks.

29th Sep 2010

DoT differs with Environment Ministry on radiation standards for mobile towers: The Department of Telecom (DoT) and the Ministry of Environment and Forest (MoEF) are at loggerheads over the standards to be used for monitoring radiation levels emanating from mobile phone towers.
While the DoT is in favour of continuing with the international standards formulated by International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP), MoEF wants to develop India-specific guidelines.

29th Sep 2010

RCom moves TDSAT challenging disconnection notice by BSNL: Anil Ambani Group Company Reliance Communication has approached telecom tribunal TDSAT, seeking a stay on the disconnection notice issued by state- owned BSNL for its Gujarat circle over non payment of dues.

27th Sep 2010

SNEA (I) Bihar Circle Congratulate all awardees selected for "VISHISHT SANCHAR SEVA PADAK AWARD 2010" in Bihar Telecom Circle.

27th Sep 2010

JAC Meeting on 23.09.2010 - In view of the elections in Bihar and Kerala, JAC has decided to reschedule the strike from 19-21st October 2010 to 24-26th, November, 2010. This rescheduling became inevitable due to various reasons. It is also decided to hold "March to Parliament" on 11th November, 2010.

25th Sep 2010 The following members have paid SPECIAL DONATION for CEC MEET-2010 & Circle Fund.The Circle Body convey sincere thanks to our dedicated and devoted members.
Sl.No. Name of Members Designation Name of SSA/Unit Special Donation Amount Payment Details
1 Com. Vinay Prakash SDE(NS) PTD PATNA Rs. 500 PAID


Com. C.B. Sharma



Rs. 500 PAID


Com. Naresh Choudhary



Rs. 500 PAID


Com. Randhir Nandan



Rs. 500 PAID


Com. Rajendra Choudhary



Rs. 1000 PAID


Com. Rajesh Kr. Verma


24th Sep 2010 CHQ NEWS UPDATE

Meeting with new Secy/DOT, Sh. R. Chandrashekhar:
GS along with both AGSs met new Secy/DOT on 24th   Sept.10, to congratulate him on his taking over new challenging assignment in telecom sector and assure him of solid and unwavering support of this Association to urgently take very bold initiatives for revival of BSNL. Association impressed upon Secy/DOT and requested him as owner of BSNL to urgently address some fundamental and core issues like equipment procurement and giving a definite direction and shape to BSNL since the Company does not have a roadmap to tread on, plan of action to act upon and an objective to achieve. Huge vision that is needed to turn around this gigantic organization and the dashing pragmatism that is needed for drastic transformation is completely absent. The Company is in an unbelievably terrible crisis and needs a thorough revamping on all the critical fronts of growth failing which the Company is bound to collapse. Secy/DOT, while patiently listening, assured that core issues would receive his attention, and further said that he would be counting on the support of this Association also to push through the measures that he would be initiating for the revival of BSNL.

24th Sep 2010 The following members have paid SPECIAL DONATION for CEC MEET-2010 & Circle Fund.The Circle Body convey sincere thanks to our dedicated and devoted members.
22nd Sep 2010

The following members have paid SPECIAL DONATION for CEC MEET-2010 & Circle Fund . The Circle Body convey sincere thanks to our dedicated and devoted members.

Sl.No. Name of Members Designation & Name of SSA/Unit Special Donation Amount in Payment Details
1 Com. K.K.Ambastha AGM(EB) C.O. PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
2 Com. Ratish Kumar SDE(VAS) C.O. PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
3 Com. Rajeev Ranjan AGM (O) C.O.PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
4 Com. Raymond Osta SDE(Mktg) C.O. PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
5 Com. Subir Kumar SDE(Mktg) C.O. PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
6 Com. Viveka Nand Kumar SDE(NC) C.O. PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
7 Com. Sunil Kumar AGM(NC)C.O. PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
8 Com. Umesh Kumar AGM(Mktg)PTD PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
9 Com. Sanjay Kumar SDE(RNR)PTD PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
10 Com. Arvind Kumar DE(Central)PTD PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
11 Com.Ranjan Kumar SDE(RNR)PTD PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
12 Com. Ramesh Kumar SDE(TAX)PTD PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
13 Com. Deepak Kumar SDE(P)PTD PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
14 Com. Arvind Kumar SDE(NIB)PTD PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID
15 Com. Kaushal Kishore SDEETP PATNA Rs. 1000 PAID


Notification of CEC meet of SNEA(I) Bihar Circle has been  issued by Circle Secretary vide letter No. SNEA / BIHAR/CEC/2010-2011/01 Dated at Patna 18-09-2010 to be held on 5th October’2010 at AUDITORIUM HALL,IGS PLANETARIUM, TARAMANDAL, BUDHA MARG, PATNA.
Our General Secretary and Asstt. General Secretary CHQ New Delhi will also attend the CEC meeting.
All Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members, District / Branch Secretaries and CEC Members of SNEA(I) Bihar Circle are requested to get raedy for preparation of conducting CEC meeting and made appeal to all members of SNEA(I) extend their support for making this CEC MEET-2010 a  grand success.

Circle Secretary write a letter to CGMT Bihar Circle for granting of Special C/L to Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members, District / Branch Secretaries and CEC Members of SNEA(I) Bihar Circle for attending CEC MEET-2010.

Circle Secretary write an Invitation letter to CGMT Bihar Circle,CGM(Mtce) ETR Kolkata and CGM(Project) ETP Kolkata for attending “OPEN SESSION” of CEC MEET-2010 of SNEA(I) Bihar Circle on 5th October’2010 at Patna.




All District/Branch Secretaries are requested to bring along with them the information as per the format enclosed below. The Area Secretaries are requested to be in touch with all the District/Branch Secretaries in their area and guide District/Branch Secretaries in collection of above information and see that all District/Branch Secretaries are attending CEC meeting in person and only in case of emergency nominate representative in place of them.
1. Status of Time Bound Scale Promotion (TBSP) of Executives due as on date in your SSA/UNIT.


2. Status of EPF Balance-Sheet of BSNL Recruited Executives as on date in your SSA/UNIT.   

3. Status of Transfer of EPF A/C from one SSA/Unit to another SSA/Unit after transfer of BSNL Recruited Executives as on date in your SSA/UNIT.    

4. Status regarding pay scale of 2007 & 2008 batch JTO/JAO recruited after 01.01.2007 in your SSA/UNIT.     CLICK HERE FOR FORMAT OF SCALE DETAILS ………..

5. Status of submission of ACR/APAR of Executives from your SSA/UNIT to Circle Office as on date.


6. Any other issues and grievances of SNEA (I)  members in their Districts/Branches.

24th Sep 2010 Centre puts BSNL listing on hold
The government’s plan to list state-run telecom major Bharat Sanchar Nigam Ltd (BSNL) will be delayed due to the company’s mounting losses and high payout for 3G spectrum.
The Department of Telecommunications (DoT) is looking towards a healthy financial situation before going ahead with BSNL’s planned initial public offering (IPO), a senior ministry official told Business Standard.
24th Sep 2010

In view of the elections in Bihar and Kerala, JAC has decided to reshedule the strike from 19-21st October 2010 to 24-26th, November, 2010. This resheduling became inevitable due to various reasons. It is also decided to hold "March to Parliament" on 11th November, 2010.

24th Sep 2010

BSNL BIHAR CIRCLE  REDUCES 3G DATA PLAN CHARGES DRASTICALLY. Recharge voucher for Pre-Paid 3G Data plan for unlimited usage which was available for Rs. 2756/- is now available for Rs. 1499/- w.e.f. 22/09/2010.

24th Sep 2010

BSNL BIHAR CIRCLE OFFERS -“15 days UNLIMITED FREE download at 2Mbps Speed” to the new customers registering their LANDLINE Broadband connections from 15/09/2010 to 15/11/2010.

24th Sep 2010

Meeting with CMD, BSNL: GS along with both AGSs met CMD, BSNL and discussed:
A) placing the JTOs of 2007 and 2008 batch in the pre-revised scale of 9850-250-14600: CMD was appraised in great detail the severe injustice met out to JTOs of 2007 & 2008 at the minimum of E1 scale instead of the scale in which they are recruited / appointed. There is absolutely no justification in placing these JTOs in the minimum of E1 scale. We pleaded with CMD to direct the concerned officers to initiate immediate action to resolve this important issue of placing them in the scale in which they have been recruited till replacement scale of 9850-250-14600 is decided. CMD thereafter directed GM(Estt) to pursue the issue and advised us to further discuss the issue with ED(Finance). Subsequently, we had further discussions with ED(Fin) and briefed him in detail about the whole issue. ED(Fin) assures to examine the issue. We shall further pursue the issue.
B) Promotion to Adhoc JAG and regular STS: On both these issues, CMD assured that expeditious action would be taken. Subsequently, we had further discussions with GM(Pers) who also assured that promotion to both Adhoc JAG and regular STS would be completed as soon as possible.

24th Sep 2010

Improving financial viability of BSNL - JAC letter to Prime Minister of India.



24th Sep 2010

Amendment to BSNL "TA/DA Rules, 2002" –

CLICK HERE Amendment………..

CLICK HERE Corrigendum……….. 

24th Sep 2010 Applicability of revised rules of CCS (Pension) Rules, 1972 consequent to 6th CPC and extension thereof to Govt. employees absorbed in BSNL. CLICK HERE FOR ORDER........  
21st Sep 2010

General Secretary writes to Member (S), DoT for a white paper on BSNL


21st Sep 2010

GS writes to the Chairman, Complaints committee, BSNL against the Sexual Harassment case of lady JTO by Shri R.K.Dawra, GM, HR Circle -------- CGM Haryana Circle shielding the accused by not filing an FIR against the accused Shri R.K.Dawra, GM.

21st Sep 2010

BSNL Slashes 3G Data Pricing:

Even before the competition has set their foot in, BSNL seems to be gearing up for the battle for 3G supremacy. The company has just announced 40 percent reduction in tariffs of its pricing for its unlimited plans for prepaid and post paid subscribers.

21st Sep 2010

Updates on seniority of 147 SDEs: Hon CAT, EKM admitted the review petition filed by 68 SDEs / Adhoc DEs against the earlier order quashing their seniority and promotion as SDE. Hon CAT granted status quo as on dated of order for the promotion as well as seniority for the applicants. Association will be impleading in the case.

20th Sep 2010

SNEA (I) had agenda meeting with Shri V.S.Gupta, Chief Engineer (CIVIL) in a very positive and conducive environment on 20th September'10, and meeting lasted for two and half hours. Shri B.K. Agrawal,SE(Civil), Shri A.K.Jha,EE(HQ) participated in the meeting from management side.
The agenda points already submitted by Circle Secretary to CE (Civil) and today meeting was called by CE (Civil) in his chamber. Most of them HR related issues of Executives working in Civil Wing was resolved some of the issues to be resolve within time frame as assured by CE(Civil) during the meeting. The discussion was also done regarding performance of Civil Wing.

The following Office Bearers SNEA (I) Bihar Circle are participated in the meeting –

1. Com. Ratish Kumar ,Circle Secretary
2. Com. Ranjan Kumar,Circle President
3. Com. A K. Chourasia, Circle Vice-President
4. Com. Ramesh Kumar, CWC Member
5. Com.D.D.Singh, District Secretary,(Civil/Elect/Arch )Wing

18th Sep 2010

Circle Executive Committee (CEC) meeting of SNEA(I) Bihar Circle to be held on 5th Oct’2010 at Patna:
Circle Office Bearer Meeting was held on 18.09.2010 and  In this Meeting Circle Body has decided to conduct  Circle Executive Committee (CEC) meeting of SNEA(I) Bihar Circle on 5th Oct’2010 at Patna. 
All Circle Office Bearers, CWC Members, District / Branch Secretaries and CEC Members of SNEA(I) Bihar Circle are requested to get raedy for preparation of conducting CEC meeting and made appeal to all members of SNEA(I) extend their support to make grand success.
Our General Secretary and Asstt. General Secretaries CHQ New Delhi also attend the CEC meeting.
The details of Notification and Venue of Meeting will be uploaded soon.

18th Sep 2010

Circle Secretary write a letter to CGMT Bihar Circle for immediate review the present posting of CPRO, Bihar Telecom Circle due to members of SNEA(I) largest Association of Executives in BSNL, Bihar are feeling and suffering embarrassment due to outcome and reflection of the activities of present CPRO, who is more a Circle President of AIBSNLEA than really a CPRO of this Telecom Circle, Bihar.
SNEA (I) demands for re-examine the continuation of posting of present CPRO in the larger interest of BSNL Bihar, Our organization, Our members and neutral image of management.

17th Sep 2010

Joint Action Committee (JAC) of BSNL Associations/Unions submitted their Pointwise view’s on Sam Pitroda Committee Recommendations to Shri S.C. Misra , Member (Services), Telecom Commission.

Recommendations of Sam Pitroda Committee on BSNL


17th Sep 2010

House panel to probe BSNL's poor FY10 show: A Parliamentary panel that scrutinises the accounts of the government and state-owned companies has launched a probe into the dismal financial performance of BSNL, in search of answers to turn around the public sector telco’s fortunes.
The PAC has pointed out that the ‘single most important reason’ behind BSNL’s decline was failure of the tender, leading to non-supply of equipment, which eventually resulted in the state-owned operator losing market share.


16th Sep 2010

Congratulations!!! Regular STS promotion and Posting orders issued from Bihar Circle vide Memo No. ST/Regularisation of adhoc STS/2009 Dated16.09.2010 for 14 Adhoc STS with reference to BSNL Corporate Office vide No. 412-24/2010-Pers–I dated 16th August,2010 and even no. dated 24th August2010.

SNEA(I) Bihar Circle wishes to all Regular STS accommodated in same Place of posing after promotion from Adhoc STS.


16th Sep 2010

EPF interest rates recommended  9.5% from this year:  Central Board of Trustees(CBT) on yesterday recommended a one percentage point hike in the Interest rate on Employees provident Fund from 8.5 to 9.5% w.e.f. 2010-11 This hike makes the EPF the most lucrative risk free saving option available to salaried classes. The CBTs recommendation will now be forwarded to the finance ministry which is expected to accept it within few days. All the Direct Recruited employees of BSNL are going to get benefited from this order.

15th Sep 2010

District Secretary PTD write a letter to Principal General Manager PTD regarding unjustified decision taken in the case of Com. Ashok Kumar SDEP KBG and served recorded warning for that case in which one DSA has responsible and also accepted by DSA.
SNEA(I) PTD demand for exemption from recorded warning of Com. Ashok Kumar SDEP, KBG and also demand for providing minimum resources to SDEP, so that working condition may improve. Otherwise only loading of responsibilities and then fixing of responsibility in case of failure will de-motivate the dedicated and hard workers and ultimately will affecting the growth of BSNL.
SNEA(I) can’t see as a spectators against arbitrary, discriminatory and uncompromising way  for demoralizing  our dedicated and responsible members by management.


15th Sep 2010

BSNLMRS for Retired BSNL employees:  BSNL Board has revised the outdoor ceiling of retired BSNL employees, two categories has been formed one of those who retired after 01-01-2007 and another of those who retired before 01-01-2007.

15th Sep 2010

MTNL seeks nod to axe two-thirds staff - State-run telecoms company MTNL has sought government permission to reduce its staff strength by two-thirds as it attempts to arrest a massive decline in revenues and profits.

15th Sep 2010

Supreme Court issues notice to A Raja over alleged 2G scam.

13th Sep 2010 GS write a letter to CMD BSNL for standard E2 & E3 pay scales for JTOs and SDEs. CLICK HERE FOR LETTER......

Association takes up the issue of immediate resolution of standard E2 & E3 pay scales for JTOs and SDEs and also for placing the JTOs of 2007 & 2008 batches in pre-revised IDA scales of 9850-250-14600 till standard E2 & E3 pay scales are finalised. Assn also has urged upon the BSNL Management to look at other issues of faster career growth for JTOs and SDEs.

 Backbone of the Organization, JTO and SDE cadres, left rudderless and completely demoralized because of lack of application and interest on part of both management/DOT to resolve their burning HR issues like finalization of standard pay scales of E2 and E3 and streamlining their career growth to ensure their optimal motivational levels. 

Since time immemorial, cadre of JTO has been identified as the real source of strength in the erstwhile DOT and BSNL by leading consultants like NPC, Sarin & Aggarwal committees etc. This overwhelming conclusion of the premier consultants, National Productivity Council, classifying JTO cadre as the “Backbone of the Organization” is based on extensive study conducted by it to evaluate the job content of the JTO cadre and the critical areas of telecom growth and development that it has been closely and intensely associated with. This finding of the consultants goes back to an era of electromechanical and analog switching/transmission network and when digitalization had just commenced. In today’s challenging world of telecom to what extent and how much fundamental its role would be in turning around BSNL at this juncture is not difficult to comprehend provided one is keen and willing to have a closer look at the issues relating to revival of BSNL in a larger and broader perspective.

Nothing can be more counterproductive and disastrous for the growth of BSNL than keeping this highly young and talented folk in a state of highest demoralization that they are in at the moment. When equivalent intermediate replacement IDA scales E1A and E2A for JTOs and SDEs approved by BSNL board have been out rightly rejected by DOT long time before on the grounds that orders of DPE on the recommendations of 2nd PRC restrain CPSUs from introducing pay scales not envisaged by 2nd PRC, how come the management is fixing JTOs (2007 & 08) in pay scales lower than in which they have been appointed? What is the basis of such a highly irrational decision except to demoralize these young boys at the very start of their career? Can any professional management ever afford to play with the career of future managers of the Organization in such a manner? The result is inevitable and obvious - these boys which are the pride of the Company are fast losing their interest in and commitment towards the organization. What a waste of talent - these talented young boys entering the organization through such a rigorous screening and with hue expectations to groom their career through deliverance and contribution to build the Company, instead of exploiting the huge and huge potential they have and turning them into potential assets for the Company, are de motivated and demoralized to the core at the very beginning of their career.          The worst sufferers of the management’s apathy and indifference are the boys just in their teens, belonging to the 2007/08 batches. Having appointed them in the pre revised IDA scales of 9850-250—14600, these budding assets of the Company are strangulated at their entry level itself by not even fixing them in the pre-revised IDA scale of 9850-250-14600 in which they have been appointed, subjecting them to a monthly loss of Rs five thousand by arbitrarily fixing them at the minimum of revised E1 scale for just no reason whatsoever. Our persistent pleas to at least fix them in the pre-revised IDA scale of 9850-250-14600 till finalization of new IDA scales for JTOs/SDEs continues to fall on the deaf ears. These young lads, instead of wholeheartedly and committed way getting them involved in the all round growth of the Company at this critical juncture, are being virtually forced to knock the doors of the Courts, and tragically that too when they have just stepped into the organization with hug aspirations to contribute towards the growth of the Company. Which orders of the government restrain BSNL management from fixing them in 9850-14600 scale in which they are appointed is only known to the almighty.

Before the 2nd PRC, this Association pleaded vehemently for standard pay scales of E2 and E3 instead of intermediate pay scales of E1A and E2A with all justification. BSNL Management also supported this genuine demand before the 2nd PRC and pleaded for standard pay scales of E2, E3 etc. 2nd PRC also gave positive recommendation in this regard. Only lack of will of BSNL management is responsible for not settling his issue. 

 As regards financial implications of approving standard pay scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs and SDEs, instead of intermediate scales of E1A and E2A, it is virtually nil since all the existing JTOs and SDEs have already crossed the minimum of E2 and E3 as on 01.01.2007. Also by extending 30% fixation to about 2500 JTOs of 2005 batch, having joined after 1.1.2007, the implications are offset for this batch also. The only marginal rather insignificant implication is expected to be in respect of 2007 and 08 batches (Rs 1650/-) and future recruits. The Company has to bear this expenditure not only to retain the best talent but also attract the best one in future for sheer survival of the Company.        

The below mentioned chart demonstrates the facts:


Present Grade

Pre revised scale

Revised scale

Min pay on 30% fitment

Proposed Grade

Proposed scale


















































 It can be seen that the starting of standard scales E2 and E3 is even lower than that of the minimum of pay fixation with 30% fitment as on 01.01.07, i.e, even after getting standard scales of E2 and E3, there is absolutely no increase in the basic pay demonstrated in the following chart:

JTO/JAOs joined

Basic pay

DA 68.8 %

DA 78.2 %

On 01.01.2007 with 30% fitment

Rs. 21,620/-

Rs. 22,820/-

Proposed scale as on  01.01.2007 (E1A scale)

 Rs. 18,850/-

Rs. 18,850/-

Standard E2 scale

Rs. 20,600/-

Rs. 20,600/-

 The minimum of the proposed E1A scale is less than that of the pay and allowances received in the pre revised scale as on 01.01.2007.

 Thus, giving, even pay scale of E1A results in huge pay loss to JTOs of 2007/08, and the worst thing is they are fixed in revised E1, subjecting them to an incredibly recurring monthly loss of more than five thousand rupees than what they are legitimately entitled to get by fixing them in Rs 9850-250-14600 in which they have been appointed. Management is denying placing them in the scale clearly specified for them in the official notification for their appointment in BSNL as JTO. This is simply atrocious and not at all acceptable by any stretch of imagination.

Pay as on 01.01.2007 in Pre revised scale 9850-250-14600

Basic Pay


IDA (28.2%)


Rs. 9850.00

Rs. 4975.00

Rs. 4116.00

Rs. 18941.00

 We sincerely believe that, at least for the sake of retaining and attracting best talent in BSNL, Management will accord highest priority to the resolution of the crucial issue of putting in place standard IDA scales of E2 and E3 for JTOs/SDEs w.e.f 1.1.2007. Basically, the Management of the Company has to recognize and acknowledge the basic fact that it is only a matter of time before these young boys are undoubtedly going to be the chief drivers and leaders of the Company in an unbelievably competitive telecom world of tomorrow in which BSNL is yet to enter and it is absolutely essential to maintain their optimum motivational levels by getting not only standard pay scales E2 and E3 for JTOs/SDEs approved from DOT on top most priority but also comprehensively and objectively address their other key HR issues to ensure their faster career growth based on their outstanding performance. The Company will be surely able to extract more than its pound of flesh out of them in near future by way of first recognizing their enormous potential and then adequately in a professional manner harnessing and tapping their hitherto untapped and unexploited talent in diverse, competitive and ever expanding and challenging new areas of telecom business and growth, failing which the growth of the Company would be unquestionably, irretrievably and adversely impacted.

In case the issue is not resolved with in a reasonable timeframe, the Association is determined to launch country wide programmes of Trade Union actions to get the issues settled.

11th Sep 2010 FR 35 Clarifications & revision of Pay : BSNL Corporate office has decided to revise the ceiling of pay under FR 35 for pay fixation on Officiating promotion, now it will be 12.5 % of basic pay, maximum of  Rupees 2000/- for all employees having revised basic pay more than of Rupees 24900/- per month  and 15% of basic pay, maximum of  Rupees 2000/- for all employees having revised basic pay less than of Rupees 24900/- per month. These rules will be effective from 01-01-2007.  
11th Sep 2010

EiD Mubarak:  SNEA (I) Bihar Circle conveys best wishes to all SNEA (I) members, Senior officers, Staffs, Well wishers & their families/friends on the auspicious occasion of Eid-ul-fitr. We pray Allah to shower his kind blessings on BSNL and BSNL Executives/Staff and Customers.  

11th Sep 2010

II HAPPY GANESH CHATURTHI II"Vakra Tunda Mahakaya Surya Koti Samprabha Nirvighnam Kuru me deva sarva karyeshu sarvada" SNEA (I) Bihar Circle conveys best wishes to all SNEA (I) members, Senior officers, Staffs, Well wishers & their families/friends on the auspicious occasion of II GANESH CHATURTHI II We pray Lord Ganesha to shower his kind blessings on BSNL and BSNL Executives/Staff and Customers.

8th Sep 2010

Amendment to BSNL TA/DA Rules, 2002: BSNL has amended the BSNL TA/DA Rules, 2002, by incorporating the revised IDA scales equivalent to pre-revised IDA scales for the purpose of classifying entitlement for various categories of employees.

7th Sep 2010 CHQ NEWS UPDATE
It is reliably understood that Dept of Expenditure (DOE), Law Ministry and DOP&PW cleared the Cabinet note sent by DOT on IDA pension revision. The clearance from DPE is expected in a couple of days. By this, clearance from all the nodal Ministries on this crucial and long pending issue will be completed and Cabinet note will be finally sent to Cabinet for the approval.

GS and AGS met Member (S), DOT and held elaborate discussions on the viability of BSNL.

7th Sep 2010

Completely ignoring all the vital recommendations of the Pitroda Panel which has the real potential of reviving BSNL like completion of ITS absorption in a time bound manner, induction of about 50 high grade professionals from open market at market rates, exploring introduction of innovative procurement processes such as managed capacity for GSM, include only one ITS as member of the BSNL Board, introduce e-tendering, BSNL, at the behest of DOT, has invited Unions / Associations of BSNL to give their views on 6th September’10 only on following four issues which have virtually no relevance to bring BSNL out of the deep crisis that it is in. It is very reliably understood that DOT and BSNL Management are moving very fast in going ahead with the approval of the Union Cabinet to implement these four recommendations. Getting opinion of Unions/Associations appears to be a mere formality. Recommendations on which opinion is sought are:
1. Retire or transfer around 100K employees through best possible process like VRS. 
2.   Institute a performance driven culture to create a meritocratic organisation. 
3.   Disinvest 30% in stages at appropriate time through Indian strategic investor and at initial public offering (IPO) to return 10% to the government and use 20% for employee VRS, expansion and operation.
4.   Unbundle local loop for public and private companies to launch new services on non exclusive basis with care to prevent cannibalization.

Thus, comrades of SNEA(I) should fully understand the grave seriousness of the situation and where things stand and the sinister game plan of DOT and BSNL Management to eventually privatise BSNL.
We have very strongly opposed this arbitrary and dangerous move of DOT and BSNL Management to privatise BSNL.

7th Sep 2010 BSNL to scrap 5.5 mn GSM tender to include Chinese vendors. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS NEWS..........

What is Group Performance Management System (GPMS)? click here....

Presentation on here for details........
4th Sep 2010

Why do we need to participate and make the strike on 7th Sept,10 called by the Central trade unions a total success – what are the issues? 
Not having been influenced by political considerations of any kind at any point of time, this Association, having all along maintained apolitical line of thinking, is constrained to jump into the strike called by Central trade unions on 7th Sept, 10 for more reasons than one. 
Fundamental reason that we all have to recognize and accept is that this government is hell bent upon destroying the very foundations of CPSUs of which BSNL is an important national institution. The policies of the government of late do not leave anyone in any doubt that the government in order to bridge its huge fiscal deficit is determined to play havoc with CPSUs by offloading its equity in strategic CPSUs, core of Indian economy. Besides, the government is also pursuing policies to destabilize CPSUs to eventually privatize them. In this context, let us have a close and critical analysis of how the policies of the government have brought BSNL to a brink of disaster. 
A) Abolition of ADC: The commitment made by the government that BSNL would be adequately compensated through ADC by private operators for making huge investments to develop wide spread country wide telecom infrastructure in the remotest parts of the Country from which it has been getting negligible returns has not been fulfilled by abolishing this regime and giving huge benefits to private operators by allowing them to fully exploit this infrastructure at the cost of incredibly huge investments made by BSNL without any returns. 
B) Charging of penal interest on the notional loan given by Govt. to BSNL at the time of Corporatization: Government has imposed and realized penal interest from BSNL on notional loan of about Rs 6000 crores that it gave to BSNL at the time of Corporatization in the year 2000 to start its operations. The interest that government realized from BSNL is quite huge compared to what the banks would have charged from BSNL had it taken capital loan from them. 
C) Non payment of USO fund: BSNL is being consistently denied its legitimate share of USO funds. BSNL is highest contributor towards this fund which is now being distributed to private operators by amending the provisions of the Indian telegraph act. Government at the moment has about Rs 20,000 crores from USO fund out of which more than 15,000 crores are contributed by BSNL. This fund basically meant for growth of landline services is being lavishly distributed to the private operators to allow them flourish in mobile segment for which the fund was never meant by amending the Indian telegraph act. 
D) Paralyzing the growth of BSNL by scrapping tender for procurement of 45.5 m mobile lines in year 2007: BSNL which was running parallel to Airtel in mobile segment till 2006-07 started crumbling when its crucial tender for procurement of 45.5 m mobile lines was scrapped for no reasons. This was the beginning of losing of its market share due to non availability of equipment in potential Circles for more than three years and it never recovered the ground. Today, it has a market share of about less than 12% in wireless segment due to scrapping of the tender in year 2007. In fact, scrapping of the tender was the beginning of the grave for BSNL. Even today, BSNL has virtually no tender on which it can place orders for procurement of GSM equipment. 
E) Exhausting the reserves of BSNL by arbitrarily charging Rs 18,000 crores as 3G and BWA spectrum charges from it in complete violation of the provisions of NTP 1999: Provisions of NTP 1999 which clearly envisage that BSNL pay a nominal spectrum fees for entering 2G/3G/BWA segment were completely violated by forcing BSNL to pay highest bid charges for 3G/BWA spectrum and that too without giving it an opportunity to participate in the bidding process that was open to private operators. While private operators were given unbridled freedom to bid for Circles of their commercial choice, BSNL was strangulated by forcing it to pay Rs 18000 crores for highest pan India bid for 3G/BWA spectrum. This shameful act of government is nothing but to exhaust resources of BSNL to fill its coffers to reduce fiscal deficit regardless of how it impacts the reserves and growth of BSNL. 
F) Out rightly rejecting innovative reforms of Pitroda panel relating to equipment procurement and induction of new management structure for revival of BSNL: Not only have radical reforms of Pitroda panel for revival of BSNL been thrown to the dustbin by the government and the bureaucracy, but bureaucracy has finally succeeded in framing and finalizing the eligibility criterion for selection of CMD/BSNL in such a manner that gives a great scope for induction of a bureaucrat, even a retired one, to preside over the destiny of BSNL in such a precarious situation. Government has made a mockery of the efforts of Hon’ble PM to revive BSNL by consigning to flames the innovative reforms of the Pitroda panel constituted by Hon’ble PM that would have considerably helped in turning around BSNL. Bureaucracy is fast digging the grave of BSNL by framing such eligibility conditions for selection of CMD/BSNL. 
 G) Non resolution of crucial issue of ITS absorption: Non resolution of this vital issue deliberately by the government for the last more than five years has adversely affected the growth of BSNL. Government even today is not at all serious and interested to address this core and fundamental issue of growth of BSNL. On one pretext or the other, the issue is being dragged on for the last five years and today a situation has been created where ITS enjoying everything best of both the Govt. and BSNL has naturally no interest to get absorbed. This situation is created by indecisiveness and lack of will on part of the Government.             
H) Serious discrimination met out by DOT to BSNL while implementing telecom policies: While total freedom was given to private operators to procure GSM equipment from Chinese vendors at cheap rates, BSNL was deliberately restrained by DOT to procure equipment from Chinese vendors in the so called name of National security thus badly impacting the procurement process of BSNL and giving huge business advantage to private operators. It is only very recently when this Association strongly condemned this discriminatory attitude of DOT towards BSNL that this blatant discrimination is waived off. 
I) Unpardonable discrimination met out to BSNL by DOT in the matter of calculation of AGR and payment of license fees on spectrum: While huge concessions based on the judgments of TDSAT were doled out to one private operator after another by DOT to pay license fees on AGR excluding revenues earned from nine telecom activities and payment of license fess on spectrum at reduced rates, BSNL is even today being forced to pay license fees on higher AGR(inclusive of revenues earned from non telecom activities) and higher license fees on spectrum, thus deliberately depleting its replete resources. DOT has made complete mockery of level playing field. 
What else does the government need to do to completely finish the very existence of BSNL. Policies of the government have taken BSNL to a point of complete collapse and disaster. Only the policies of the government, if we carefully analyze, are instrumental in near total destabilization of BSNL. Since the strike call given by Central trade unions in addition to other demands also condemns the policies of the government to destabilize CPSUs/PSUs to eventually privatize them, of which BSNL is a glaring example, SNEA(I) cannot obviously be a mute spectator in not participating in condemnation of the govt. policies to destabilize CPSUs. That is the core issue. We are not at all going into the debate of whether the strike has political connotations or not. What we know that policies of government which have wrecked BSNL need to be vociferously and unequivocally condemned and since the strike call is given by all Central trade unions cutting across party affiliations, there is absolutely no justification in labeling the strike as politically motivated one. That is irrelevant and absurd as far as issues are concerned. Besides, Central trade unions are also raising a very significant demand of introducing a much more improvised and secure pensionary scheme for employees of Central govt., including CPSUs, inducted after 1995. 

Thus, Comrades, CHQ of SNEA(I) calls upon each and every Comrade in every nook and corner of the Country to AGGRESSIVELY AND  FULLY participate in the strike on 7th Sept, 10 to register their strongest disapproval and condemnation of the policies of the Central government to destabilize CPSUs in general and BSNL in particular. Make the strike a spectacular success to get total and committed support of Central trade unions for our own strike of three days in October, 2010 to address vital issues of revival of BSNL.
2nd Sep 2010

1st Sep 2010

Timely settlement of retirement benefits:  DOT & BSNL corporate office expressed serious concern over delay in settlement of pension cases to BSNL employees and had issued instructions to all CGMs/SSA heads for early settlement of all pending cases on top priority.

1st Sep 2010

BSNL Corporate Office issued clarification on the number of children is restricted to two for the children of BSNLMRS beneficries who are borne after the date of the order i.e. 16th April 2010.The restriction is not applicable to the children borne prior to 16th April 2010.


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